Reincarnated As a Fox With System
98 Chapter 98: Another Glutton!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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98 Chapter 98: Another Glutton!

"That little thing can successfully perform Divine Possession to you because the two of you fully trusted each other. Your current bonds are extremely deep if not with only a tiny bit of rejection from one of you, the Divine Possession would certainly fail and the backlash the two of you received would be even more devastating than now!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard patiently explained.

Tang Li Xue nodded absentmindedly when she heard the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard explanation.

She did not need to be afraid that Divine Possession between Yaya and her failed because their bonds were forged by her system.

Tang Li Xue and Yaya could perfectly understand each other without any need to say anything.

Of course, Yaya's action when she was charging toward Tang Li Xue without any explanation so suddenly before was an exception since Yaya did it because of her jealousy with her Flame of Pride.

'Sigh... Fortunately, Divine Possession that time is successful!' Tang Li Xue sighed in relief.

After resting for two hours, Tang Li Xue and Yaya finally could move their body.

Yaya collected all the Gale Wolves' bodies and gave it all to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue's heart touched once again, she knew that Yaya was very starving right now but Yaya still prioritized Tang Li Xue over herself and she even pushed all of Gale Wolves to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue petted Yaya's tiny head with her paw and told Yaya to eat as many as she like since there were so many Gale Wolves' meat in front of them anyway and Tang Li Xue alone would not be able to finish all of those by herself.

However, after half an hour, Tang Li Xue realized that she looked down on Yaya too much and why Red-Eyes Winged Lizard said that she would regret it.

Tang Li Xue only managed to ate one Gale Wolf while Yaya already finished the rest eighteen Gale Wolves by herself!

Tang Li Xue dumbfounded and kept staring at Yaya full of disbelief.

'Where the hell is her tiny body storing that much meat?! Is there a big pocket dimension in her stomach or something?!'

"Pfffft... Bwahahahaha! Now you know it, right?! This is another difference between the spirit-type and the elf-type elemental spirit!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was rolling on the ground while laughing out loud and pointed its index claw to Tang Li Xue as if it was mocking her.

"The spirit-type elemental spirit would gradually get stronger with its master if it kept nurtured by its master Qi or vital energy every day. Of course, you can also feed it with something precious to make it stronger faster." Red-Eyes Winged Lizard said while taking Tang Li Xue and Yaya with its giant claws then spread its wide wings.

Since all of them already ate until they were full, so it was time for them to continue their journey.

"But the elf-type elemental spirit is different. You need to feed it daily for it to grow stronger and it eats A LOT! So you must hunt a lot of food for it every day to feed it! Of course, compared to the spirit-type, the elf-type elemental spirit could grow stronger at a much faster pace than the former! You can see your little thing as an example... can you feel it that it got a bit stronger than before she eats?" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard calmly explained while kept flying then pointed at Yaya with its chin in the end.

Tang Li Xue took a peek at Yaya's status and just like what Red-Eyes Winged has said, Yaya already reached level 10.

'So fast! Oh no... It would be not good if she got stronger than me! My pride as her master would be tarnished if it really happens!'

For the first time, Tang Li Xue finally felt a sense of urgency to get stronger faster!

She already has a huge Crystal Moon Gem as one of the requirements to evolve into [Royal Moon Fox] but she also needs to take moonlight bath for 99 days!

But she only took moonlight bath for more than thirty days, so she needs two more months before she could evolve into [Royal Moon Fox].

'Two months is too long! Are there some ways for me to speed up the process?'

Tang Li Xue was pondering for a while but she decided to give up for new in the end.

She already tried to ask Red-Eyes Winged Lizard before about this and even it also dumbfounded when it found out that Tang Li Xue just need to take moonlight bath for a few months to evolve.

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard never heard any species that need to take moonlight bath to evolve.

Tang Li Xue thought: 'It looks like I can only search for some ways after I arrived at the 'home of all foxes' this fake dragon told me about. Hopefully, I can find some useful information there since it must have records of all kinds of foxes.'

Moreover, her system was getting more and more picky lately. She already tried to trigger a quest before she was facing all of those Gale Wolves but her system did not give her any response or notification in the end.

It was clear that her system judged that all of those Gale Wolves were unworthy as her opponents with her current strength and high stats but she still had a hard time dealing with them all.

 'Sigh... I never even fight in my previous world and I wasted more than half of my life in the hospital with my sickly life. Then I was only born into this world for less than two months so it is natural that I still cannot fight properly, right?! What did you expect me to become?! I am not a super-assassin or S-ranked hunter in my previous life!'

Tang Li Xue decided to train her fighting skill harder and find a fighting style that suits her style later when she arrived at the Foxes Home.

She already observed how the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard fought but she cannot use it as her reference since it fought like a mix between rhinoceros, bull, and lizard.

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard always made use of its impenetrable defense as its weapon. It did not suit Tang Li Xue at all!

She also must learn some martial art techniques later since she already reached Qi Condensation Stage and she already condensed her own Qi in her Dantian. 

She could begin to train some martial art techniques as soon as possible but unfortunately, she did not have any [Cultivation Voucher] left right now so she could only hope to find some martial art manual in that Foxes Home later.

Tang Li Xue glanced Yaya and finds that Yaya was already fell asleep beside her so she decided to take a look at her own current status.

[Species: Moon Fox (Dantian)]

[Grade: Common]

[Level 21 (Samaritan)]

[Martial Soul: Flying Golden Fish (Lv1)]

[Elemental Spirit: Blue Phoenix of Pride (Embryo)]

[Companion Pet: Yaya (Lv10)]

Cultivation Level: Rank 3 Qi Condensation Stage

Cultivation Technique: Four Mythical Guardian Beast Art (Crimson Phoenix)

Martial Arts: None

Divine Ability: [Mirror of the Moon: Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)], [Innate: Strength], [Innate: Agility], [Innate: Toughness], [Ethereal Form], [Golden Body]


HP: 63,200/63,200

Strength: 300 (+900)

Agility: 300 (+900)

Toughness: 300 (+900)

[Skills: Rip (Lv5), Sharp Claws (Lv5), Sprint (Mastered), Identify (Mastered), Herbalism (Mastered), High Jump (Lv4), Night Vision (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Sight (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Hearing (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Smell (Mastered), Shared EXP (Mastered), Climb (Lv5), Mapping (LV5), Self-Healing (Lv5)]

[Special Skill: Fire Breath, Fire Bomb, Flame Arrow, Flame Cloak, Fire Dash, Fire Claw]

Stats Point: 852

Skill Point: 168

[Item: Immortal World's Newbie Guide, 1XGreater Lucky Sticker, 1XRestoration Elixir, 1XSub-Profession Package, 1XSilver Lottery Ticket, 3X2 Times EXP Card, 1XPremium Weapon Chest, 1XPremium Armor Chest, 2,176 Deity Coins, Level 20 Intermediate Gift Package]

Tang Li Xue nodded in satisfaction when she saw the massive growth in her overall stats.

She also decided to upgrade several of her skills since it already reach mastered level.

[Sprint skill already reached Mastered. Do you want to upgrade it to Blink with cost 10 Skill Points?]

'Hmm... The speed boost I get from Sprint skill is already not bad but it drains my stamina faster when I used it. After I upgrade it to Blink, it would surely drain my stamina even more rapidly! I must use it more carefully in the future... Yes!'

[Sprint ability upgraded to Blink ability!]

Tang Li Xue's dash ability in her status window disappeared and changed into [Blink (Lv1)].

When Tang Li Xue saw several of her enhanced sense abilities already reached mastery too, she started to recall the sensation where she could felt anything around her so perfectly when she was in her Divine Possession mode with Yaya.

She also began to consider whether she must upgrade all of her enhanced sense abilities to reach the same effect as that time.

'Eh... Enhanced sense of hearing, smell, and sight... What if I buy enhanced sense of touch and taste too? Could all of it combine into a powerful divine ability like my [Ethereal Form]? Let's try it!'

Tang Li Xue opened her skill list window and bought the rest of enhanced sense skills.

[You have gained Enhanced Sense of Touch ability!]

[You have gained Enhanced Sense of Taste ability!]


[Enhanced Sense of Hearing (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Smell (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Sight (Mastered), Enhanced Sense of Touch (Lv1), and Enhanced Sense of Taste (Lv1) can be combined into Divine Ability [Five Senses Enhancement] with cost 35 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]

'Woah! It these five enhancement abilities can really be combined into a divine ability! 35 Skill Points... It's quite expensive! And... [Five Senses Enhancement] don't sound so impressive at all... Humm... Should I combine all five into one or not?'


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