Reincarnated As a Fox With System
96 Chapter 96: You Will Regret It!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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96 Chapter 96: You Will Regret It!

Tang Li Xue gasped in fear and shock when she saw the vast beautiful valley turned into a giant deep hole on the desolate ground. She could not even judge how deep that hole was from here.

At first, she still thought that this fake dragon was only exaggerating when it said the Yaya's parents could flip the entire Asura Demon Sect upside down with a single snort but now she saw the real proof in front of her own eyes!

Tang Li Xue nervously took Yaya with both of her paws and put Yaya down on the fake dragon's scaly palm.

"What are you doing? You want me to return that little thing back to its parents?" Red-Eyes The Winged Lizard puzzled and asked Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue immediately nodded anxiously and pushed the sitting Yaya with her paws closer to the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.

"It is futile now! Too late! Elf-type elemental spirit would only recognize the first creature it sees as their closest kin or their parent! And they would remain hostile to the rest unless the first creature it sees told them which one is harmless! Look at how it's staring at me!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard rolled its red eyes and explained to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue gazed at Yaya more closely and realized that she frowned while kept staring at the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard full of hostility and vexation.


[Yaya has learned Cyclone Slash!]

'Eh?! Did she learn something? Is this the skill used by her parent to flatten the entire valley?' Tang Li Xue decided to open Yaya's status window to check her new skill.

[True Name: Yaya] >

[Species: Tempest Fairy]

[Grade: Uncommon (Cub)]

[Type: Wind Elemental Spirit (Elf-Type)]

[Level 7]

Divine Ability: [Wind God's Endowment]

[HP: 6,700/6,700]

Strength: 250

Agility: 400

Toughness: 160

[Skill: Flight (Lv1), Wind Blade (Lv1), Cyclone Slash (Lv1)]

'Woah! She really learned that skill! And... She also leveled up to level 7 after eating her own eggshell? Woah... she can also level up with eating just like me? Or... is it because she also connected with the system through me? What is this > button anyway?'

When Tang Li Xue busily checked Yaya's status is her system window, the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was shouting anxiously with trembling voice: "It really came chasing for us! It should have some way to track its own child! Finished! We are really finished this time! Wind elemental spirit has the fastest speed among all elemental spirit... it can catch up with us in the blink of an eye!"

'Whaaaat?! It can track Yaya?! Oh My God!' Tang Li Xue also started to tremble in panic and fear.

Tang Li Xue took a deep breath to calm herself and started to think: 'Eh... Wait a minute... let's try this > button then! Hopefully, it can cover Yaya's track!'

Yaya's cute tiny figure vanished into thin air the moment Tang Li Xue pressed the > button in her status window and the > button in Yaya's status window also changed into > button now.

A half-second after Tang Li Xue pushed the > button, a beautiful woman dressed in the green leaf dress with four pairs of gorgeous crystal-like wings on her back floating silently in front of the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard and Tang Li Xue.

Unlike Yaya, this [Tempest Fairy Queen] have an average human size at 180 cm tall. Her jade skin, stunning face, and glass hour figure was so perfect that she could make any men drool in her beauty.

Her cold emerald green eyes were staring at where Tang Li Xue sat with an expressionless face as if she was searching for something.

Tang Li Xue was dumbfounded and she reflexively stared back at the green-haired beautiful woman.

[Species: Tempest Fairy Queen]

[Grade: ??????]

[Level: ???]

[HP: ???????/???????]

'Oh My God... just how many questions marks in her status?! I can only see her species!'

Even the usual majestic and overbearing Red-Eyes Winged Lizard did not dare to stare at this horribly strong elemental spirit in front of it and could only lower its giant head in servile. It did not even dare to open its mouth to ask.

The Tempest Fairy Queen frowned when she could not find her child here and even her child's presence was completely gone now.

The Tempest Fairy Queen could not pinpoint her child's whereabouts so precisely, she could only feel her child's presence coming from this direction before.

After the Tempest Fairy Queen circled around the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's giant body for a few times, she quickly went away and kept heading to the direction in front of Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.

With her unimaginable speed, not even Red-Eyes Winged Lizard and Tang Li Xue could see her movement, it was as if she teleported away from where she was floating before.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard started to breathe heavily after it saw the Tempest Fairy Queen was already gone.

Tang Li Xue also sighed in relief but she still did not dare to summon Yaya out.

"Little lass, I don't know what you do to hide that thing but please, you must tell me first if you have something like that next time! My heart almost cannot take it! I truly feel like my heart could jump out from my mouth at any moment when that terrifying being floating in front of me!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard explained with a trembling voice as it flew shakily.

It looks like Red-Eyes Winged Lizard still traumatized because of it.

"Little lass, I really don't care about that little thing you brought! That thing is almost killed us! I don't want to touch or get closer to that thing! So if you want to take care of it then you must raise it on your own! I don't want to know what it needs! You must feed and nurture it on your own!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard scolded Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue pouted as she puffed her cheek.

'You never gave me any food before except black tiger after we escape from the fatty uncle! Ok, fine! I will raise Yaya by myself! Who needs a lazy fake dragon as you?!' Tang Li Xue waved her paw to Red-Eyes Winged with a smug expression plastered on her face.

"Hehehe... I am very sure that soon you will regret it!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard sneered evilly at the smug Tang Li Xue.




After taking a detour for a few days to avoid the Tempest Fairy Queen, Tang Li Xue could finally summon Yaya out in the unknown forest.

'Ok, my companion sister, Yaya! The first lesson you must learn is how to hunt! You already level 7 and have 2 offense skills now so it should be enough for you to hunt your own food! Go now and find two demonic beasts for you and me!' Tang Li Xue put a solemn expression and ordered Yaya.

"Yaya~~!" Yaya nodded her tiny head cutely while bumped her little fist on her flat chest as if saying 'leave it to me'.

Yaya was flying higher to find her target. After turned her green-haired head a few times, she finally started to head toward the deeper part inside the forest.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] and silently followed Yaya from behind.

[Gale Wolf]

[Grade: Uncommon]

[Level: 23]

[HP: 21,600/21,600]

'Urgh... level 23 Gale Wolf... It's pretty strong! Yaya is only at level 7! Sigh... It looks like I must get closer to Yaya so I can protect her at the critical moment...' Tang Li Xue stood behind Yaya but with her [Ethereal Form], not even Yaya or the Gale Wolf could notice her presence.

Gale Wolf dashed to Yaya with amazing speed and pounced toward her but Yaya dodged it easily while she waved her tiny palm.

[Yaya has learned Gale Step!]

The sharp [Wind Blade] shot out and sliced one of Gale Wolf's feet.

When Gale Wolf landed back on the ground, it opened its sharp jaw and shot something to Yaya.

[Yaya has learned Air Bullet!]

Yaya immediately used her own [Air Bullet] to counter Gale Wolf's attack and they canceled each other.

However, when Gale Wolf wanted to continue its attacks, Yaya's tiny figure vanished from its sight at an instant.

Yaya used her own [Gale Step] and flew toward Gale Wolf's neck with the lighting speed!

Yaya used the skill she learned from the Tempest Fairy Queen before, the [Cyclone Slash]! She aimed her tiny palm at the Gale Wolf's neck!

Like a sharp blade cut the soft tofu, Yaya's [Cyclone Slash] easily sliced at Gale Wolf's neck.

The Gale Wolf's body dropped lifelessly to the ground as its head flew away from its neck.

Yaya expressionlessly stared at the Gale Wolf's dead body, there was no joy or excitement reflected from her eyes at all.

While the invisible Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in shock and disbelief from behind.

'St...Strong! She is super duper strong! Is she really only at level 7?! She finished that level 23 Gale Wolf in only a few seconds! The heck... she only used 3 attacks to slay that level 23 Gale Wolf!'

Tang Li Xue started to think if she was the one facing the Gale Wolf, could she really slay it as easily as Yaya?

'NO... NO... NO! How can I lose my confidence this easily?! If I used my Flame of Pride, I can kill that Gale Wolf in one single attack!' Tang Li Xue shook her furry head and regained her confidence.

When Tang Li Xue was still in her deep thinking mode, several Gale Wolves started to dash out from the deep forest and surrounded Yaya.

Three... Six... Ten... Fifteen... Nineteen of them!

After all, Wolf always hunting in the pack and never alone. The one Yaya defeated was only the scout to find their prey.

Even Tang Li Xue's expression started to turn solemn when she saw nineteen Gale Wolves surrounded her and Yaya.


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