Reincarnated As a Fox With System
95 Chapter 95: Good and Obedient Child, Yaya!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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95 Chapter 95: Good and Obedient Child, Yaya!

'But I still can't keep her! I can't even eat until I am full every day so how could I raise her! It would be better if I give her back to her parents! By the way, where are both of her parents?! Please, take back your child now!'

While Tang Li Xue still thinking deeply, she did not notice that the tiny [Tempest Fairy] in front of her began to observe her every move.

 When Tang Li Xue's gaze wandered back to the [Tempest Fairy] their eyes met with each other and the bright smile started to bloom from [Tempest Fairy]'s extremely cute countenance.

"Yaya~~ Yayayaya~~!" The [Tempest Fairy] opened her tiny mouth and started to babble.

The [Tempest Fairy] unfurled her transparent two pairs of wings on her back and shakily fly to Tang Li Xue.

'Woah... be careful, little girl!' Tang Li Xue tried to catch the [Tempest Fairy] with both of her paws but [Tempest Fairy] accidentally landed on her snout.

"Ya! Yaya~~!" The [Tempest Fairy] intimately hugged Tang Li Xue's snout with her soft tiny hands and she also kept giggling full of happiness.

Tang Li Xue instantly captivated by the [Tempest Fairy] innocent look and pure smile. All the thought to push the [Tempest Fairy] back to her parent completely vanished from Tang Li Xue's mind.

'Oh, well... At least, she is not that bad... in fact, she is very cute! Hello, Little Lass! I am your master from now on! So you have to call me Queen from now on! Uwehehehe...' Tang Li Xue imitated how the fake dragon usually talked to her.


[Did you name your companion pet 'Queen'? Yes/No]

'NO! Did this system malfunctioning or something?! Since when I gave her that name?! Imagine if I forced to call her 'My Dear Queen' every day... Urgh... Since she can only say 'Yaya' let's just name her 'Yaya' then!'

Actually, Tang Li Xue was too lazy to think about a good name for [Tempest Fairy]. Tang Li Xue could not even talk right now so no matter how beautiful the name [Tempest Fairy] got, Tang Li Xue still could not call [Tempest Fairy]'s name with her fox's tongue anyway.

[Did you name your companion pet 'Yaya'? Yes/No]


[Companion pet's true name confirmed! Initializing connection with host... Connection Bridge established!]

After Tang Li Xue received the notification from her system, she could feel an extremely close connection between Yaya and herself.

This feeling was completely different from the master and slave's contract. It almost more like Tang Li Xue and Yaya were the twins and they could feel each other thought.

With a single thought, Yaya could understand what Tang Li Xue's mean and the opposite also applies, Tang Li Xue could immediately understand what Yaya's thought.

Tang Li Xue was extremely moved and she almost cried. Yaya would be the first person... err... pet that could understand her! She did not need to use any weird gestures to converse with Yaya!

'Little Yaya, hop on my head! Let's head outside together!'

Yaya hesitated for a bit, Tang Li Xue could feel Yaya thought that she wanted to eat her own eggshell.

Tang Li Xue put Yaya down and pushed her back toward the eggshell. Yaya happily hugged Tang Li Xue's paw for a moment then pounced to the eggshell and ate it greedily.

'Is it really delicious? It makes me really want to taste it too...' Tang Li Xue gulped her saliva when she saw Yaya eat.

Yaya could also understand Tang Li Xue's thought so she immediately stopped eating and pushed the rest of eggshell to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue could felt that Yaya was still very hungry but she still decided to give the rest of eggshell to Tang Li Xue sincerely without any unwillingness.

'For... for me? Wha... What a good child! Really different from that demonic fake dragon! No, no, no... How could I eat your food?! Just eat it all! I can still hunt for more demonic beasts outside later so you can finish it all!' Tang Li Xue gently patted Yaya's tiny head then puffed her own chest bravely.

Yaya was giggling happily when she received Tang Li Xue's gentle pat. Yaya nodded to Tang Li Xue and swiftly finished her eggshell. She did not want Tang Li Xue to wait for her too long and she also wanted to help Tang Li Xue to hunt later.

'This child... she wants to help me hunt for my food?! What a good child! But how could I do that?! Am I looks that greedy in your eyes?! We will divide it equally. I will take half and you can eat half.'

 Tang Li Xue grabbed Yaya with both of her paws after Yaya finished eating and she put Yaya on the top of her furry head.

Yaya obediently sat on Tang Li Xue's head and the two of them heading outside the cave together to meet back with Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard dropped its big jaw in shock the moment it saw the little green fairy on the top of Tang Li Xue's head.

Tang Li Xue raised her furry chest smugly then she pointed her paw at Yaya and knocked her own furry chest with her law as if she was trying to say: 'this green fairy is one of my people from now on!'

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard stunned expression turned paler as it quickly grabbed Tang Li Xue and Yaya with her giant claw then flapped its wide dragon-like wings furiously.

'Why are you getting so nervous for? I am still so hungry! I want to hunt more demonic beasts!'

Tang Li Xue stared at Red-Eyes Winged Lizard full of anger and doubt.

"Little lass, you are really tired of living, aren't you?! But please don't drag me into this! I still want to live for a few hundreds of thousand years more!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard gritted its teeth in anger too and it kept increasing its flying speed.

Tang Li Xue never saw the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard became this nervous before even when they faced against Mo Chonglin and his steel warship.

What kind of danger they are currently facing right now that it could make the creature as strong as Red-Eyes Winged Lizard become this afraid?

Tang Li Xue skeptically stared at Red-Eyes Winged Lizard and thought: 'This fake dragon becomes so nervous after it sees Yaya... Is it possible because of Yaya's species? Her parents are dangerous creatures?'

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard almost puked out a mouthful of blood in anger when it noticed Tang Li Xue's doubtful stare and it nervously complained: "Oh God, so this is what everyone's mean by 'the ignorance is bliss'... Dammit! If I know that egg is not a beast egg but an elemental spirit egg, I would not dare to touch it even if I have nine lives!"

"And you, Little Lass! I only told you to put that damn egg back into its nest and go back, aren't I?! Why are you... Sigh... Whatever... it's too late now! Let's just ran as fast and far as we can for now!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard flapped its wide wings faster and their surrounding scenery turned more and more blurry.

"You have a flame elemental spirit so I thought you have already some basic knowledge about it. Do you know that every mature elemental spirit could wield the power of nature?! They have the strength equal to mid-rank spirit beast or even higher!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard explained to Tang Li Xue patiently.

"Your flame elemental spirit is classified as a spirit-type elemental spirit. All spirit-type elemental spirits don't have any parents since they were born from nature itself and nurtured by the acc.u.mulation of spirit energy over a very long time. But that green thing on your head is different! It is an elf-type elemental spirit! IT HAS PARENTS! A PAIR OF MATURE ELEMENTAL SPIRITS with the prowess equal to mid-rank spirit beast or even higher!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard screamed in fear and horror.

"Do you know how strong the mid-rank spirit beast is? It would only need a single slap to turn that fatty Mo along with his broken ship to dust! No, no, no... With this elemental spirit wind power, a single snort from it should be more than enough to flip the entire Demonic Sect upside down!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's giant body shuddered slightly.

Tang Li Xue dropped her jaw in disbelief and she started to grinning as the excitement started to bubble up from her heart when she imagined how powerful Yaya would become when she had grown up later.

'Fatty uncle! Enjoy your peaceful day while you can! Be sure to wash your neck properly every day because my pet will beat your fatty ass until your own old father cannot recognize you anymore when she grows up later!' 

When Tang Li Xue still drowned in her own delusion...


An earth-shattering loud roar resounded somewhere far behind Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.

They should be already several hundred miles away from the strange valley but they could still clearly hear the loud roar. It was hard to imagine what happened if they still stay inside the valley when that terrifying loud roar out.

"Aaaiiiihhh... They come back so fast?! Sigh... Fortunately, we already ran quite far from that place. Hold on tight, kids! I will increase my speed to maximum!" Red-Eyes Winged Lizard warned Tang Li Xue and Yaya.

Tang Li Xue grabbed tightly on one of Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's claw while Yaya hugged Tang Li Xue's furry neck tightly with both of her tiny hands.

Just when Red-Eyes Winged Lizard wanted to increase its flying speed even more...


The horrifying giant cyclone towering tall from the ground to the sky completely erased the entire valley including all the surrounding forests and rivers in one swoop!


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