Reincarnated As a Fox With System
94 Chapter 94: Weird Egg? Let“s Cook it!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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94 Chapter 94: Weird Egg? Let“s Cook it!

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's tail slammed hard onto the chest of the person that held the beast egg.

The person spurted out several mouthfuls of blood as all of his ribs shattered and his chest sank deeply.

The beast egg on his arm got thrown off high into the air!

'Oh... I... I got it! Leave it to me! Sigh... This reminds me of the baseball game on the hospital's TV!'

At that time Tang Li Xue really wanted to try to play baseball so badly but her body was too sickly and weak before.

Tang Li Xue used her [Sprint] skill and started to chase in the direction where the beast egg was thrown to.

When the beast egg almost hit the rock, Tang Li Xue immediately used her [High Jump] skill to catch it but that beast egg's size was as big as a basketball so it was a bit too big for her to hold.

Tang Li Xue activated her [Golden Body] and used her body to protect the beast egg from smashing onto the hard rock.

Her tiny body crashed onto the hard rock with a loud bang and she rolling over on the ground because of the great pain but at least she managed to catch the beast egg after so much effort.

'It hurts! That damn fake dragon! I will make sure to give it a good scold later!'

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard would probably pretend to not understand her gesture later if it could read what Tang Li Xue's thought right now.

Unfortunately, Red-Eyes Winged Lizard did not have that much time to care about what Tang Li Xue doing right now.

Among all the humans it faced now, some of them were the masters at Foundation Establishment Stage.

But even the Foundation Establishment Stage elders from Asura Demon Sect were not Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's match so how could these bunches of nobodies at Foundation Establishment Stage have any chance against it!


Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's loud roar made several Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators heavily wounded as they fell backward and spurted out several mouthfuls of blood.

The weaker ones had their body burst out like an exploded balloon and their blood splattered out everywhere.

This was also why the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard ordered Tang Li Xue to chase after the beast egg rather than stay here and watch it fight.

If it used this roar skill when Tang Li Xue was still nearby, she would probably die too because of it.

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard used its giant claw to easily finish the several heavily wounded Foundation Establishment Stage cultivators' lives.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard used its ferocious nirvana flames to burn all the dead bodies into ashes.

Actually, The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard could use its Nirvana Flames since the very start to massacre all the humans here but its flame would probably turn the beast egg into ashes too.

Tang Li Xue brought the beast egg back to the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard took the beast egg from Tang Li Xue and carefully examined it to find where this beast egg came from and from what creatures those vile humans took it from.

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard gave the beast egg back to Tang Li Xue and slowly muttered: "I don't know..."

'Who is the one that saying it wanted to give the beast egg back to its parents?!' Tang Li Xue kicked the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's foot in annoyance.

Of course, the idea to raise a powerful pet that can help her in battle was rather tempting but how could a random beast egg she got from these thieves or robbers be something powerful?!

Moreover, she could only barely hunted some demonic beasts every day to support herself so how could she keep a pet now. Just the thought that she needs to feed and nurture it every day already made her have a headache.

'Hum... Let's just cook it! Making the scrambled egg from the egg as big as this... it would surely become so delicious! Shhhh... I can't wait to taste it!'

Tang Li Xue almost drooled when she imagined a big delicious scrambled egg.

"NO!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard forcefully took the beast egg back from Tang Li Xue.

'Why the hell are you saying 'no'? I did not say anything yet, am I?' Tang Li Xue angrily stared at the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.

"What?! Your greedy stare and drool are already saying everything! NO! You can't cook or eat it!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard said stubbornly.

'Haha... Are your motherly instinct kicking in or something?! I don't care about that stupid egg! If you want to hatch and raise it then don't forget that you must feed it by yourself!'

Tang Li Xue pointed at the beast egg and shrugged her shoulder then she pointed at the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard.

"Humph! You just need to see it! I will bring this egg back to its nest by myself!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard turned its giant head away from Tang Li Xue smugly.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard used its [Beast King's Eyes] divine ability and peek from several nearby beasts' vision. 

After circled the valley several times and wasted almost half day for nothing, Tang Li Xue finally lost her patience and decided to help Red-Eyes Winged Lizard to track the beast egg's nest using her sharp sense of smell that already strengthened by her [Enhanced Sense of Sight] skill several times.

Tang Li Xue's sense of smell leads the two of them to the hidden deep cave inside the valley.

"Are you really sure this beast egg came from here? I doubt it though since there is no beast feces here. Little lass, you don't lie to me to snatch the egg from me and cook it, don't you?!" The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard frowned and asked Tang Li Xue skeptically.

Tang Li Xue rolled her eyes and pointed her paw to the nest made from beast fur. It looks like the beast egg was put on this warm nest before.

"Okay Little Lass, I will trust you this time... Here, put this beast egg back there for me! This cave's part is too narrow. I cannot enter deeper with my huge body." The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard gave the beast egg to Tang Li Xue.

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard knew that Tang Li Xue would complain nonstop to it so it quickly pushed Tang Li Xue deeper into the cave before she could refuse.

Tang Li Xue gritted her teeth in rage and complained in her mind: 'Damn fake dragon! It did not want to share any meat with me but always ordering me around!'

Tang Li Xue started to miss her day in the Asura Demon Sect, there was always delicious hot roasted meat waited for her in her room before.

'Eh... strange... I remember that someone would always cook the super delicious hot roasted meat in my room three times every day for me in that sect... But who cook it for me?'

Actually, all Tang Li Xue's memories in the Asura Demon Sect were rather blurry. She remembered that someone brought her into the Asura Demon Sect because she saved that person's life inside the Moonlight Forest.

However, she cannot remember his name and his face no matter how hard she tried. She thought this was the side effect from [Substitute Doll] and since she cannot remember him, that means he was not important for her anyway so she decided to ignore it.

But just now, she felt that she lost something important...

'Oh well... that chef's roasted meat is very delicious so of course, it is important! Forget it! The past is just past after all... I just need to think about the present and what I will do in the future!'

Tang Li Xue absentminded brought the beast egg into the deepest part of the cave and put it inside its war beast fur bed but she did not realize that the beast egg started to crack bit by bit when she held it.


[Congratulation! You got a companion pet!]

[Do you want to give it a new name? Yes/No]

Tang Li Xue: '?!'

'WUUUUUUUUUTTTTTT?! What the hell is happening? I... I swear I did not do anything, okay?!'

Tang Li Xue was too stunned and she accidentally dropped the beast egg that she brought on her paws.

The beast egg's shell shattered into tiny pieces revealed a tiny palm-sized girl inside it. The tiny girl was very cute and her body covered by leaf dress. It also has a long light-green colored hair that reached her shoulder.

When Tang Li Xue saw the cute palm-sized girl, the system showed the girl's data status to her.

[Species: Tempest Fairy]

[Grade: Uncommon (Cub)]

[Type: Wind Elemental Spirit (Elf-Type)]

[Level 1]

Divine Ability: [Wind God's Endowment]

[HP: 5,400/5,400]

Strength: 150 

Agility: 200 

Toughness: 100 

[Skill: Flight (Lv1), Wind Blade (Lv1)]

[Wind God's Endowment]: This creature is blessed by the Wind God itself made it able to learn any skills/martial arts/Divine Abilities with wind elemental easily.

Tang Li Xue dumbfounded for real this time... she dropped her jaw in shock and disbelief.

'What an OP divine ability! Almost on par with my [Mirror of Moon] but only for wind elemental!'

But different from her [Mirror of Moon] that can only copy one skill/martial art/Divine ability, with this [Wind God's Endowment], the [Tempest Fairy] could learn as many wind elemental skills/martial arts/Divine Abilities as she wants!

The [Tempest Fairy] long eyelashes fluttered slightly and she slowly opened its eyes. The color of her eyes was emerald green and she silently stared at Tang Li Xue.


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