Reincarnated As a Fox With System
91 Chapter 91: Half Inch Away!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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91 Chapter 91: Half Inch Away!

For the first time, Mo Chonglin saw Xiao Hei as someone worthy to be his opponent and as someone that held the same strength as him.

He slanted his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade in front of him and held on to it tightly with both of his hands.

"COME!" Mo Chonglin shouted after he put his battle stance. His eyes shone full of fighting spirit.

Both of them stood up straight on their flying sword, floating above the cloud, with several tens of elders from Asura Demon Sect as witnesses for their life or death duel under the morning sun.

If Xiao Hei still had a sliver chance for survival, he would never use this Blood Berserk unique skill from his Nine-Petal Blood Lotus martial soul because 10 minutes after he used this unique skill, he would definitely die!

In other words, Xiao Hei exchanged his life to gain the strength equal to Mo Chonglin even though it was only just for 10 minutes!

Xiao Hei did not have much time so he was the first one to make the move!

He injected his Qi into his flying sword and his figure immediately vanished from Mo Chonglin's sight.

'So fast!' Mo Chonglin thought as he focused his mind and sharpened his divine sense more. He was trying to catch Xiao Hei's movement with it.

Mo Chonglin spun his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade swiftly to protect his spine!


Mo Chonglin successfully defended Xiao Hei's first attack but Xiao Hei's assault only just beginning.

The deafening sounds of metal meet with metal kept repeating hundreds of times in only a few seconds.

Xiao Hei barraged attacks after attacks non-stop with unbelievable speed, faster than even the sound speed!

Moreover, each of the Xiao Hei attacks had a tricky angle and very difficult to defend.

Torso... wrist... knee... neck... heart... back... shoulder...

Unfortunately, his opponent was Mo Chonglin, a cold-blooded veteran fighter who has been baptized by the blood of countless strong opponents.

Mo Chonglin calmly judged all Xiao Hei's attacks trajectory and easily blocked or parried it.

All the elders that watched from the distance thought Xiao Hei was so strong now and he managed to push Mo Chonglin until Mo Chonglin did not have any chance to attack back but the truth was far from that.

Mo Chonglin knew the unique skill Xiao Hei used should have a limited duration and the reason Xiao Hei abandoned his defense to crazily attacked him because Xiao Hei wanted to goad him to attack back so he would reveal some opening.

Mo Chonglin knew what exactly was in Xiao Hei's mind!

Xiao Hei wanted to trade blow after blow with him... something like you can take my limb but I will take your limb too!

However, someone like Mo Chonglin would never take any risk or fall for Xiao Hei's plan.

1 minute...

3 minutes...

5 minutes...

Mo Chonglin's fingers, wrists, and arms began to felt numb and his thumb also bleeding but he still persisting on defending!

Xiao Hei also started hesitating... should he continue like this until Mo Chonglin's solid defense broke and reveal some openings or should he risk everything in one strongest big move to kill Mo Chonglin?

In 8-9 minutes, Mo Chonglin almost could not felt his fingers anymore. If this situation continues, Xiao Hei would definitely break his defense sooner or later so he immediately forcefully spun his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade.

The destructive purple thunder started to discharge from his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade meet with Xiao Hei's blood-red sword!

But Xiao Hei sneered coldly as the direction of his blood-red sword changed slightly before it touched Mo Chonglin's Purple Thunder Crescent Blade!


Mo Chonglin's Purple Thunder Crescent Blade sunk deeply into Xiao Hei's right shoulder while Xiao Hei's blood-red sword slashed into Mo Chonglin's left shoulder.

"YOU!!!" Mo Chonglin was fuming with rage. He could not believe that even with his intelligence and prediction, he could still fell for his nephew's plot in the end.

"Cough... Cough... GUUUUOOOOOOOHHHH!!!" Xiao Hei coughed several mouthfuls of blood but he immediately shouted out loud as his eyes shone full of madness and insanity.

Xiao Hei kept pushing his blood-red sword down deeper into Mo Chonglin's left shoulder. It was clear that Xiao Hei wanted to split Mo Chonglin's heart in two!

7th layer of Heaven Splitting Wave!

Mo Chonglin's penetrative palm attack merciless struck Xiao Hei's left chest. Mo Chonglin aimed to destroy Xiao Hei's heart and kill him instantly.

Because Xiao Hei did not put any of his Qi to defend, Mo Chonglin's attack managed to create a palm-sized hole at Xiao Hei's left chest but unfortunately, Mo Chonglin did not know that Xiao Hei's heart actually located at his right chest!

'CHANCE!' Xiao Hei thought as he pushed his blood-red sword deeper and deeper into Mo Chonglin's left shoulder, sliced Mo Chonglin's collarbone and arteries!



But Xiao Hei's blood-red sword stopped at a half-inch from Mo Chonglin's heart and all of his strength started to leave his body...

Mo Chonglin vomited out several mouthfuls of blood, he thought he would really die now but his nephew's hand loosened and let go of his blood-red sword.

Xiao Hei felt all parts of his body turned to mush, even his knees turned limp, and unwillingly kneeled in front of Mo Chonglin. If not for his flying sword supporting him, Xiao Hei would already fell down.

10 minutes duration was already up... and Xiao Hei was only a half-inch away from killing Mo Chonglin... 

Mo Chonglin stared pitifully at his nephew's eyes that devoid of any hope.

"That was a good fight! You are very strong... Farewell, my nephew..." Mo Chonglin was breathing heavily as thick blood kept flowing out from his mouth but he still forced himself to say his final farewell to his last relative other than his father.

Mo Chonglin swung his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade onto Xiao Hei's defenseless neck and PUUUUFFFF...

Xiao Hei's head flew away from his body as Mo Chonglin's Purple Thunder Crescent Blade cut his neck...




Several miles away, inside the lush forest full of tall trees and thick bush.

An ugly straw doll teleported out from the void, it started to crack after it appeared and shattered in a few seconds.

With a tiny bang sound, the ugly straw doll exploded the tiny furry figure was coming out from the ugly straw doll!

The tiny furry figure twitched a bit when she slowly regained her consciousness and she slowly opened her topaz blue eyes.

'Cough... Cough... Oerrrkkkhhhh...' Tang Li Xue wanted to puke out again but she cannot vomit anything out since her stomach already completely empty.

'Dammit! Dammit! That fatty bast*rd! I swore that I will kill ten times more than he kills me! Since he killed me twice then I must kill him twenty times in the future!' Tang Li Xue gnashed her teeth in anger.

After cursing Mo Chonglin so many times and calmed her anger for a few minutes, Tang Li Xue took out Xiao Hei's [Substitute Doll] and started to think deeply.

'After Xiao Hei protected me from that whatever cannon's attack, he coughed out blood each time he received any damage from that fatty uncle's attack... why?! This [Substitute Doll] should be protecting him from any harm, right? Sigh... but this [Substitute Doll] is only half left... Is it still working? But I got killed twice and this ugly doll managed to save my life twice...'

When Tang Li Xue observing the half [Substitute Doll] on her paws, it vanished so suddenly from Tang Li Xue's grip.

'Eh... it disappears?! Xiao Hei must have died too in his fatty uncle's hands! So this ugly doll still works! Sigh... what a relief!'


[Quest Completed!]

[Gained: Level +4(+1), Stat Point +120(+30), Skill Point +24(+6), 200(+50) Deity Coins, 1XSilver Lottery Ticket, 3X2 Times EXP Card, 1XPremium Armor Chest]

[Congratulation! You achieved level 18! Stat Point +30, Skill Point +6]

[Congratulation! You achieved level 19! Stat Point +30, Skill Point +6]

[Congratulation! You achieved level 20! Stat Point +30, Skill Point +6]

[Congratulation! You achieved level 21! Stat Point +30, Skill Point +6]

[Your level reached maximum cap! +1 level will be put in your cultivation!]

[Congratulation! Your cultivation level achieved Rank 2 Qi Condensation Stage! All Stats +200]

[Congratulation! You have reached level 21! 2nd evolution menu available!]

Tang Li Xue sighed in relief when she finally received the notification from her system. It means she and Xiao Hei had finally escaped from Mo Chonglin's grasp!

'I understand how [Substitute Doll] works now! It seems [Substitute Doll] are really protecting Xiao Hei and me but after we receive too much damage, half of it would shatter. We will receive any damage like usual after that but when we died it would instantly teleport us away while completely restored our body!'

If it was in the RPG game, the [Substitute Doll] would grant us two HP bars. The [Substitute Doll] would block all the damage for the user in the first HP bar but after the first bar depleted, the user would receive any damage like normal. When the second bar depleted too, it would teleport the user to the safe place while healing the user's HP bar to full...

But Tang Li Xue did not know that the [Substitute Doll] also had another hidden use. Not only it would teleport the user away randomly to the safe place, but it would also leave behind the fake dead body as a decoy so the enemy would think his target truly died and not realize that the user actually still alive somewhere a few miles away from them like in Xiao Hei's case!

Currently, even with Mo Chonglin's high intelligence, he still had not realized that Xiao Hei's dead body in front of him was actually a fake one!


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