Reincarnated As a Fox With System
90 Chapter 90: Life or Death Duel!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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90 Chapter 90: Life or Death Duel!

Mo Chonglin raised his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade toward the sky and the thick purple lightning started to concentrate on the tip of its blade.

Mo Chonglin used all of his strength to pull the chain on his right hand and his body flew forward to where Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was.

He twisted his fat body on the mid-air skillfully while spinning his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade. The purple lightning on his weapon getting more and more concentrated, it even made a terrifying loud crackling sound.

Purple Thunder Wrath!

Mo Chonglin descended on Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's back and he swung his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade toward Xiao Hei!

Xiao Hei calmly gripped his blood-red sword with both of his hands and put it in front of him to defend Mo Chonglin's attack. He also activated one of his martial soul unique skills right before Mo Chonglin's attack hit him!

Blood Devour!


Mo Chonglin's Purple Thunder Crescent Blade clashed hard with Xiao Hei's blood-red sword!

The purple thunder packed full with destructive power mowing down toward Xiao Hei but it quickly swallowed by an intense crimson light emitted by Xiao Hei's blood-red sword!

Xiao Hei's martial soul was stronger and rank higher than Mo Chonglin but unfortunately, Xiao Hei's cultivation was far lower than Mo Chonglin.

The peak of the Core Formation Stage versus the peak of the Foundation Establishment Stage!

 The result can be easily predicted...

Under Mo Chonglin's heavy strike, Xiao Hei slammed hard downward onto Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's back and his body kept sliding a few meters backward.

Mo Chonglin did not give Xiao Hei any time to take a breath as he thrust his Thunder Crescent Blade forward to chase after Xiao Hei.

Xiao Hei spun his body on the ground and kicked Thunder Crescent Blade upward!

Mo Chonglin removed his right hand from his Thunder Crescent Blade and threw his right palm toward Xiao Hei that still lying down on the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's back.

Xiao Hei could feel that his situation was not looking good so he quickly kicked the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's back and reverse somersault backward!

7th layer of Heaven Splitting Wave!

Mo Chonglin's palm fiercely stomped on Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's back!


Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's giant body dropped down suddenly as if it was tugged down by something heavy.

With Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's thick defense, it was impossible for Mo Chonglin to hurt it even if he used his 7th layer of Heaven Splitting Wave but it did not mean his heavy attack would not affect its course!

This sudden turn of event threw the unprepared Xiao Hei off from Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's back.

Xiao Hei quickly took his flying sword out from his spatial ring. He twisted his body in mid-air and gracefully landed on his flying sword.


The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard's heavy body actually landed on something among the cloud!

"Activate it now!" Mo Chonglin shouted to his communication talisman.

Red-Eyes Winged Lizard: '?!'

Xiao Hei: '?!'

Tang Li Xue: '?!'

The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard actually landed on Mo Chonglin steel warship's deck that hid among the cloud!


The Red-Eyes Winged Lizard was really shocked when it saw a huge teleportation array shone under its feet!

"YOU..." Before the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard could finish its words, his majestic gigantic body instantly vanished in front of everyone's eyes like an illusion.

This was Mo Chonglin's 'Plan B' since he and his people cannot defeat the Red-Eyes Winged Lizard so they could only forcefully teleport it tens of miles away from here.

Mo Chonglin did not need to kill Red-Eyes Winged Lizard anyway, he only needs to kill the previous patriarch, Xiao Hei so he could be crowned as a new patriarch!

'What the hell is happening here? It disappeared just like that?!' Tang Li Xue peeked out her furry head from Xiao Hei's chest and widened her eyes in disbelief.

When Xiao Hei and Mo Chonglin locked in an intense fight, Xiao Hei protected Tang Li Xue's tiny body really well so she did not receive any damage from it.

Several elders flew out of Mo Chonglin's steel warship and started to surround Xiao Hei.

Actually, Xiao Hei did not run, he only silently floating on his flying sword. He already knew that he cannot flee anymore since Mo Chonglin's steel warship was far faster than his flying sword's speed.

When several elders raised their weapon wanted to attack Xiao Hei, Mo Chonglin raised his palm signaled them to stop.

"I, Mo Chonglin, the new patriarch of Asura Demon Sect challenge the previous patriarch of Asura Demon Sect in life or death duel!" Mo Chonglin raised his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade and pointed it to Xiao Hei.

This duel was the last honor that Mo Chonglin could give to Xiao Hei as the patriarch of the same sect.

Mo Chonglin could catch Xiao Hei right now and slowly torture him to death but Mo Chonglin did not do it in the end.

This was the last respect that Mo Chonglin gave to Xiao Hei as his relative.

Although, it was a bit shameless for the peak of Core Formation Stage to challenge the peak of Foundation Establishment Stage in life or death duel but at least, it was still one on one duel.

Xiao Hei also knew that he did not have any other choice other than accepting this life or death duel so he slowly raised his blood-red sword and pointed it toward Mo Chonglin too.

"Xiao Bai... keep on living! Forget about revenge... just keep living your life to the fullest like before!" Xiao Hei whispered softly while inserted his right hand into his clothes and grabbed Tang Li Xue then threw her down.

'Xiao Hei! What are you...' Before Tang Li Xue could finish her thinking, she saw Xiao Hei's gallant silhouette kept getting farther and farther from her sight as her furry tiny body fell down.

Mo Chonglin always kept his eyes on Xiao Hei so he could see that Xiao Hei threw a tiny white silver fox away while charging fiercely toward him to prevent him from moving!

Mo Chonglin: '?!'

'Xiao Hei swung his blood-red sword while activating another unique skill, Blood Cover!

This skill was Xiao Hei's Nine-Petal Blood Lotus defensive-type unique skill but he used it to limit Mo Chonglin's move now.

But how could Mo Chonglin be restrained so easily?!

Purple Thunder Slash!

'Xiao Hei's Blood Cover easily shattered like a piece of fragile glass under Mo Chonglin's Purple Thunder Slash and it kept heading toward Xiao Hei's shoulder.

Xiao Hei raised his blood-red sword to defend Mo Chonglin's slash while used his right palm to attack Mo Chonglin's Dantian!

4th layer of Heaven Splitting Wave!

Unfortunately, Mo Chonglin was faster than Xiao Hei so before Xiao Hei's martial art skill could hit Mo Chonglin, he swiftly kicked Xiao Hei's stomach made him flew backward like a bullet.

Xiao Hei could only stabilize his footing after a few meters away while coughing out several mouthfuls of blood.

"GO! TWIN HORNED THUNDER PYTHON! Kill that little fox for me!" Mo Chonglin threw his Purple Thunder Crescent Blade downward too to chase after Tang Li Xue.

"Xiao Bai!" Xiao Hei shouted anxiously and flew downward too. He was trying to stop Mo Chonglin's martial soul.

However, Mo Chonglin surely would not let Xiao Hei do as he pleased! Mo Chonglin jumped forward to Xiao Hei as swiftly as lightning. He raised his palm aimed at Xiao Hei's defenseless back.

7th layer of Heaven Splitting Wave!

Xiao Hei has no other choice other than twisted his body and raised his blood-red sword to defend against his uncle's attack!


Mo Chonglin's Heaven Splitting Wave not only destroyed Xiao Hei's defense but its penetrative power also crushed Xiao Hei's bone in his chest and assaulting his internal organ.

Xiao Hei spurted out several mouthfuls of blood from his mouth again but this time, he cleverly aimed it toward Mo Chonglin's face.

Xiao Hei quickly turned back to chase after Tang Li Xue but unfortunately, it was already too late.

'Dammit! That fatty bast*rd! Is killing me that addictive?! He wants to kill me for the second time!'

Tang Li Xue quickly activated her [Golden Body] since Mo Chonglin's Twin Horned Thunder Python was thunder element so she cannot evade its attack using [Ethereal Form]!

However, Tang Li Xue's current cultivation and level were still far too low compared to Mo Chonglin and his martial soul. His Twin Horned Thunder Python's sharp fangs easily penetrated its tiny furry body. It injected its destructive thunder power and fried her body from inside out!

One of the [Substitute Doll] inside Tang Li Xue's system inventory was exploded when her body turned into ashes.

"XIAO BAI!!!" Xiao Hei shouted as a few drops of tear flowing out from his eyes.

Twin Horned Thunder Python flew back to Mo Chonglin's hand after doing its job and turned back into Purple Thunder Crescent Blade.

"MO... CHONG...LIN...!!!" Xiao Hei shouted. He gnashed his teeth as his intense anger and hatred replaced his sadness.

"If I must die today then I would make sure to drag you with me! Nine-Petal Blood Lotus: Blood... Berserk...!!!" Xiao Hei raised his blood-red sword above his head.

Xiao Hei's blood-red sword started to emit a blinding crimson light once again and it began to crazily drink Xiao Hei's own blood!

Xiao Hei's strength began to soar rapidly!!!






Xiao Hei's eyes turned completely red as the grotesque crimson veins started to appear on his smooth skin!

Even Mo Chonglin's expression turned solemn when he saw Xiao Hei's transformation and the pressure emitting out from his current body could even threaten Mo Chonglin!


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