Reincarnated As a Fox With System
55 Chapter 55: Dangerous Situation!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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55 Chapter 55: Dangerous Situation!

Tang Li Xue put the pill bottles one by one on the shelves into her space pouch while humming happily.

Sometimes she would uncork one of the pill bottles and popped one pill into her mouth to taste it.

'The taste is not bad! It is a bit bland but the cool feeling that spreading in my body each time I ate one is really addictive! But it would be better if the alchemist adds some sugar and flavoring like cocoa or vanilla…'

Despite her complaint, Tang Li Xue still smiled brightly when she saw her system's notification each time she swallowed some pills.

[EXP gained!] [Strength +1]

[EXP gained!] [Strength +1]

[EXP gained!] [Strength +1]

'Muahahahaha… Mine! All these pills are mine!'

Driven by her greed, Tang Li Xue moved her paws even faster and shoved all the pill bottles on the multilevel shelf very swiftly into her space pouch.

In only a half an hour, she almost emptied the entire huge storage room full of pill bottles. She only needs ten minutes or so to completely cleared all of the pills stored inside this room!

'But really… just how big is this fake dragon's space pouch?! I stuffed almost the entire pill bottles inside this room but it still has some space left inside this pouch! It really makes me so reluctant to return it back to the fake dragon later… maybe I should just…'

Before Tang Li Xue finished her thought, her sensitive ears that already augmented by [Enhanced Sense of Hearing] skills caught something!


It was actually the sound of someone trying to open the locked door!

'CRAP! I still haven't finished taking them all! What a pity…'

Tang Li Xue stared full of aggrieved and unwillingness at the several multilevel shelves full of pill bottles that she has not touched yet.

However, Tang Li Xue still decided to activate her [Ethereal Form] and wait for the time being! He could still pick them up later after all the guards that came to check this room went back to report to their superior.

After all, the most pill bottles inside this room already went inside her space pouch. The guards would probably be shocked to death the moment they found out about this and they would need to report to their superior for further instruction.

Unfortunately, she would never guess that the one coming into this room was not the normal guards but...


Tang Li Xue was so shocked. The moment she activated her [Ethereal Form], the person in front of the door actually was not opened the door with a key like normal guards but forcefully destroy the door!

It was really lucky for her that she activated her [Ethereal Form] the moment she heard the door's sound if not she would already be spotted by the person in front of the door.

However, Tang Li Xue's heart almost leaped out from her throat the moment she saw the fat person entered the Pill Storage Room.



Moreover, the moment Mo Chonglin entered the Pill Storage Room. He was immediately staring at the invisible Tang Li Xue that was still in her [Ethereal Form]!

Tang Li Xue shuddered in fear and terror the moment Mo Chonglin staring back at her. It was as if she was looking at the dark bottomless abyss and it also looking back at her!

There was only one word in Tang Li Xue's mind right now!


But before Tang Li Xue could turn her body and retreat, Mo Chonglin already raised his palm first.

His violent Qi burst out from his body as he waved his palm toward Tang Li Xue.

The three meters giant palm made from Mo Chonglin pure Qi slammed down on the multi-level shelf where Tang Li Xue stood.

Tang Li Xue scared out of her wits, she really wanted to jump backward to dodge it but the giant palm made from the pure QI coming too fast toward her!


The shelf under her feet along with all the shelves surrounding her reduced into dust.

Mo Chonglin's attack was also leaving a deep crater on the solid ceramic tiles in the Pill Storage Room.

Luckily, Mo Chonglin's super powerful attack classified as a physical attack and it was not able to hurt Tang Li Xue in her [Ethereal Form]!

Mo Chonglin's giant palm actually passed through Tang Li Xue's transparent body and only struck at the place where she stood up.

Of course, she was not spared out from the violent shockwave created by Mo Chonglin's strike!

Her tiny transparent body flew backward with an amazing speed like a bullet.

With her [Ethereal Form] still activated, she passed through several walls and rooms inside the Elder Lin's residence.

After a few seconds and her speed started to slow down, Tang Li Xue twisted her body and somersault a few times then landed gracefully on the ground.

On the contrary to everyone's expectations, she did not feel any trauma or shock. She even laughed in disbelief.

'I… I can't believe it… Muahahahahaha… I really did it! Not only I dodged it… I even manage to copy it!'

Copy start!

Name: [Heaven Splitting Wave (7th layer)]

Type: Martial Art Skill

Copy Completed!

Yes, the moment Tang Li Xue felt she cannot dodge it anymore; she started to focus on her [Ethereal Form] to let Mo Chonglin's strike passed through her body while she used her [Mirror of the Moon] to copy his martial art skill!

'It actually the same martial art used by Xiao Hei before? No… although it feels the same but their level of mastery differ too far like heaven and earth. This fatty uncle mastery is clearly higher than Xiao Hei! This time I really hit a jackpot! Uwehehehehe…'

Tang Li Xue's guess was not that far off from the truth this time.

Heaven Splitting Wave was one of the secret martial arts in Asura Demon Sect. Only someone with high-status like Xiao Hei or Mo Chonglin can learn it.

Heaven Splitting Wave moves divided into nine layers in total.

The first layer would double the user's strength and will hit the opponent once in one move.

The second layer would triple the user's strength and will hit the opponent twice in one move.

The third layer would quadruple the user's strength and will hit the opponent three times in one move and so on.

Moreover, each layer could bypass the opponents' defense by one more layer and attack their inner organ directly.

For example, the third layer means that this martial art could bypass three layers of defense like armor, barrier, Qi protection, skin, or muscles and strike the inner organ directly.

Xiao Hei only reached the 3rd layer when fighting in the Moonlight Forest before and it was already enough for him to slaughter several powerhouse elders easily. He only managed to reach the 4th layer recently.

Mo Chonglin already reached the 7th layer long ago and he was only one step away from the 8th layer!

She was able to copy such an OP martial art skill in that kind of dangerous situation, really a blessing in disguise! It was not wrong for Tang Li Xue to say that she got a jackpot.

Tang Li Xue's heart still palpitated in fear though.

'It was such a close call! If he attacked me with an elemental attack back then… I would really be turned into a meat paste! Sigh… It looks like the situation is not looking good! To be exact, it already worsened so badly! Should I retreat first or keep pushing forward to find Elder Lin's room?'

But she also realized if she retreated today, she would not have any more chance to complete her quest anymore since Xiao Hei's uncle would probably move Elder Lin to the secret safer place.

In the end, Tang Li Xue could only grit her teeth and decided to find Elder Lin.

She did not know what kind of punishment she would get if her quest failed and she also did not want to try it!

What if the punishment was the system would be taken back from her! It would be too late even if she cried later!

'Let's find Elder Lin's room and finish this mission as soon as possible before the situation turned even worse!'

It was a gamble!

Whether the Xiao Hei's uncle finds her first or she finds the Elder Lin first!


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