Reincarnated As a Fox With System
38 Chapter 38: Asking For the Fake Dragon’s Assistance!
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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38 Chapter 38: Asking For the Fake Dragon’s Assistance!

Tang Li Xue surprised that [Ethereal Form] could actually activate along with her [Sprint] now! Unlike her previous [Stealth] that would break if she activated [Sprint].

'So it's also mean I can move faster while still stay invisible and I can even pass through every solid object that obstructing my way! That is awesome! ..... But why do I feel I have entered the assassin's path deeper and deeper? Meh… Whatever! At least this OP divine ability would make me invulnerable to physical attack!'

With her current breakneck speed, Tang Li Xue arrived at the fake dragon's fortress in no time.

She intended to surprise the fake dragon with her arrival so she used her [Ethereal Form] and passed through the fortress wall only to see the fake dragon doing something disturbing…

Her lizard mommy was actually doing an aerobic dance while humming "Do-Di-Do-Di-Dum-Dum" sounds along with all of its chains clanking sounds, it actually makes something like proper music.

Tang Li Xue felt as if she was struck by lightning when she saw what happened in front of her.

'.......I… I did not see anything…. Let's enter from the front gate like usual…'

Tang Li Xue was still in her [Ethereal Form] so she could pass through the fortress wall once again easily to outside.

Tang Li Xue's [Ethereal Form] was a divine ability far surpass her previous [Stealth] along with her [Conceal] still toggled on, it was natural that the fake dragon did not feel any of her presence and she did not even open the front gate now so she did not make any sound like usual.

Tang Li Xue entered the fortress from the front gate like usual now with her [Ethereal Form] and [Conceal] turned off.

Unlike before, the fake dragon already put its usual cool majestic dragon's pose as if it saying 'I know you are coming' like usual.

"Little lass… it is only a few days but you already miss me hahaha… Alright, what do you want to ask from me today?"

Tang Li Xue's eyes twitched a bit when she saw that the fake dragon acted as if he was doing nothing other than waiting for her to come again…

'Sigh… Life is really full of drama… Well, I don't have much time. Let's ask it right away then!'

Like usual, Tang Li Xue tried to communicate with the fake dragon with her 'vague and hard to understand' gesture. It took much effort until the fake dragon understood what she wanted to ask.

"So you want to ask how to use the spatial ring?" The fake dragon put its giant claw on its chin and asked.

Tang Li Xue's eyes brightened up and she nodded enthusiastically.

She planned to borrow some of Xiao Hei's unused spatial rings in his room to take all the pills and the precious herbs in Elder Lin's place later!

"It's impossible… Forget about a savage beast like you, even a demonic beast like me cannot use it!" The fake dragon said nonchalantly but its words shattering Tang Li Xue's plan made her wanted to kill herself… Err… It was totally wrong, she always loves herself the most so 'she wanted to kill somebody else so badly' would be more precise.

'Wait a minute… I also have a dantian like humans now! Is it really no other way for me to use it?' Tang Li Xue stared at the fake dragon full of doubt and contempt.

"Hey… Hey… Hey… What do you mean with that stare? You don't believe in my words? Listen up, little lass! The way to open a spatial ring is by using Qi! And the species that could use Qi are only humans! A demonic beast like me uses vitality energy! Do you understand now?" The fake dragon was a little angry and explained more clearly this time.

'What a headache! So I need Qi to open the spatial ring and put some items inside it? To be able to use Qi I need to reach Qi Condensation Stage first! Sigh… If only system inventory could be used to store any items other than the items from the system then I don't need to be this anxious!'

Yes… Tang Li Xue already tried it several times before! She tried to store several items into her system inventory but it was futile! The system inventory could only be used to store the items from the system itself!

As for reaching the Qi Condensation Stage?

At first, Tang Li Xue was really happy when she gained her dantian and she also used deity coins to comprehend 'Body Tempering Stage Secret'.

Tang Li Xue already had everything she needed to start her cultivation path!

Unfortunately, cultivation was actually harder than everyone that read wuxia's novel could imagine! Each time Tang Li Xue cultivating and trying to use the energy of heaven and earth to temper her body, its difficulty was as if she was trying to solve 100 questions about Advanced Calculus and she cannot make any mistake or she would be injured as punishment!

She did not even manage to reach the first rank body tempering stage after cultivating 'Body Tempering Stage Secret' in these few days!

'Every wuxia novels and all of its OP protagonists that could advance their cultivation as easy as eating is bullsh*t!' Tang Li Xue cursed in her mind.

Tang Li Xue was still busy, tossing and turning her brain to think a new plan on how she could rob… errr… to take back Xiao Hei's resources from Elder Lin's place while bullying… I mean punishing him at the same time.

"Actually… Err… Are you really in dire need to use the spatial ring? What are you planning to use it for? Is it that important?" The fake dragon asked while still hesitant about something.

Tang Li Xue raised her furry head and stared at the fake dragon. She immediately detected the fake dragon's hesitation.

'Does this fake dragon have something similar like the spatial ring in its possession that can be used by even the beasts?'

Tang Li Xue's eyes squinted up as she waved her tiny paws upwards like a street thug asking for money from the passerby.

The fake dragon lowered its head and took out a tiny pouch from the back of its head with its giant claw. The fake dragon lowered its claw that held the tiny pouch slowly but it still clearly hesitant to give it to Tang Li Xue.

Tang Li Xue felt very annoyed with how this fake dragon's act so she jumped up and forcefully took the small pouch from it. Her smooth action was really like a female thug that took the money by force from the passerby now.

"That… That is my space pouch made from the demonic beast's skin that has space-type divine ability! It is countless times more expensive and rare than any human's spatial ring! I… I only have one so I only let you borrow it! Do not forget to give it back to me after you finish using it!" The fake dragon anxiously reminded Tang Li Xue again and again.

Tang Li Xue nonchalantly waved her paws then went out from the fortress, the fake dragon did not know if she tried to say 'go away', 'don't worry' or 'goodbye'. It could only hope that Tang Li Xue would give its precious space pouch back later.

Tang Li Xue put the small space pouch on her neck like a necklace then went back to Xiao Hei's courtyard to wait for the sky turned dark.

Tang Li Xue also experimented with her new space pouch and store several chairs and tables inside then pull it all out then store it again and again.

'Awesome! This pouch is like a spatial ring but I do not need to use any Qi to store any items inside it! This is more like the future cat robot's pouch nyahahaha~~'


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