Reincarnated As a Fox With System
37 Chapter 37: Ethereal Form !
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Reincarnated As a Fox With System
Author :godadi
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37 Chapter 37: Ethereal Form !


The table shattered into countless tiny powder under Mo Chonglin's palm along with all the plates and dishes on the top of that table.

"He ate the divine pills and recovered in one night!"

Dammit! I already thought that wound would not be enough to kill him but at the very least it should be enough to hinder his cultivation for a few years!"

Who knows that… sigh… Divine Pills! And he even makes a breakthrough because of it now! Why… why he always so lucky?!"

"It's as if God always bless and protect him from behind! It was also the same as before when he headed into that Moonlight Forest! He should be dead in there but he managed to come back unscathed! Why is God never fair with me?!" Mo Chonglin gnashed his teeth in anger and frustration.

He kept walking back and forth in his room and mumbling to himself in anxiety.

Unfortunately, he would never know that his nephew actually was not protected by any God but by a female fox behind his back.



While Mo Chonglin was still fuming in rage in his room, Tang Li Xue decided to walk back into Xiao Hei's courtyard instead of staying near that fatty uncle's house.

'Should I tell Xiao Hei about it? But… How? Sigh… Is this how the mermaid in the story feeling when she cannot talk to her prince? Wait a minute! That is wrong! Xiao Hei is my concubine, not my prince!'

'Well… Let's put it aside for now. Since I need to level up all of my infiltration skills to mastered level then I just need to stalk a few people for the next few days! Who knows that I will find several other spies or traitors and I can tell Xiao Hei all about them at once later!'

So in the next few days, Tang Li Xue trained all of her infiltration skills along with her [Stealth] ability to stalk a few people that close to Xiao Hei.

And like her guess before, there were several other spies and traitors that she managed to find!

Fortunately, that Feng San was still loyal to Xiao Hei. Tang Li Xue still did not catch him doing anything suspicious in these few days and along with his low IQ, Tang Li Xue concluded that this Feng San was not smart enough to betray Xiao Hei.

[Odorless has increased to Mastered]

[Stealth has increased to Lv3]

[Trail Cover has increased to Mastered]

[Silencer has increased to Mastered]

[Erasing Presence has increased to Mastered]

[Jump has increased to Mastered]

Surprisingly, her [Jump] skill also reached Mastered level along with all of her infiltration skills but her [Stealth] skill only level up once and Tang Li Xue concluded that if she upgraded the skill then it would become harder for her to level it up compared with un-upgraded one.

'It will take a longer time to grind [Stealth] to reach the Mastered level! I already waste four days! I cannot wait anymore and moreover, I also need some time to familiarize myself with [Ethereal Form] later! Let's just combine it now!'

[Stealth (Lv3), Odorless (Mastered), Trail Cover (Mastered), Silencer (Mastered), Erasing Presence (Mastered) can be combined into Divine Ability [Ethereal Form] with cost 20 Skill Points. Do you want to combine it now?]

'Fuuuuuh... Hopefully, this skill is as OP as its name or it would really screw up everything! YES!'

[You have gained Divine Ability (Ethereal Form)]

[Ethereal Form]: When activated, the user will turn invisible and the user can also pass through all solid materials or physical objects.

(Note 1: The damage caused by elemental object/attack would be doubled when the user in [Ethereal Form]. [Ethereal Form] would be canceled if the user touched any elemental object or attacked by the elemental attack!)

(Note 2: The user also gains passive ability [Conceal] can be toggled on/off according to user preference.)


'Other than turned invisible I can pass through all solid material now?! Woooooaaaaaahhhhh! What a crazy OP divine ability! So as long as I activate this [Ethereal Form] anyone can't touch me at all?!'

'And also what is this passive ability [Conceal]?'

Tang Li Xue tried to toggle [Conceal] on but she was a bit disappointed in its effect.

In short, this [Conceal] ability was [Odorless], [Trail Cover], [Silencer], and [Erasing Presence] combined into one passive ability. Well… at least this [Conceal] ability would not take any stamina from now on since it counts as passive ability now.

'Whatever! Now, Let's try how OP this [Ethereal Form] is?!'

Tang Li Xue activated her [Ethereal Form] and tried to touch the nearby vase with her tiny paw but it passed through it as if she was a ghost now!

'Awesome! Unfortunately, it also means that I cannot touch any solid material… Sigh… It also means that I cannot steal any items when I am still in this [Ethereal Form]…'

Tang Li Xue tried to jump on the top of the bed and she managed to land on the bed while still in her [Ethereal Form].

'Strange… Why I can stand on the top of bed if I can pass through all material objects?'

When she thought about that her body immediately sunk and passed through the bed then fell on the ground below the bed.

'Eeeeeh? Now I passed through the bed and drop down to the ground? Strange… then why I can stand on the ground? Aren't ground or floor also solid object?'

Again when she thought about why she can't pass through the ground, her body began to sink down in the ground as if she stood on the top of the mud.

Tang Li Xue quickly jumped to the top of the nearby bedside table while canceled her [Ethereal Form] in a panic!

'Damn! So I can control where I want to stand? If I think I want to pass this table and stood on the ground then my [Ethereal Form] would let me pass through the table and stand on the ground…'

Tang Li Xue became quite afraid with this [Ethereal Form] when she thought: 'What if I failed to control this [Ethereal Form]? Isn't it mean that I will continue to sink deeper inside the ground without any place to stand?! And what will happen if I cancel my [Ethereal Form] when I am still inside the ground or wall? Will I turn into mincemeat?'

Tang Li Xue's tiny body shuddered in fear and horror when she thought about all the consequences!

'It looks like I will need more time to familiarize myself with this [Ethereal Form] then learn how to control and use it properly since I don't want something bad happened when I use it!'

For the first time Tang Li Xue learned that the stronger the divine ability was, the harder it would be to control it, and the higher the risk to use it too! Well… actually, this law was not only applicable for divine ability but any kind of power!

Tang Li Xue also concluded that elemental object or attack that the system said should be about fire, water/ice, thunder, wind, and earth but since earth usually about stone or metal then it was not included, she could also use [Ethereal Form] to pass through water.

While in [Ethereal Form] Tang Li Xue still could feel cold or hot so her weakness was more like heat or cold rather than some kind of object or attack… and when that heat or cold reaches a certain threshold it would capable of breaking her [Ethereal Form] and make her injured.

After using one and a half days to familiarize and train on how to use the [Ethereal Form] properly, Tang Li Xue barely able to control where she would stand, and at least she would not sink into the ground or floor like before. She also tried to use the same method and touch something while in [Ethereal Form] but it still did not bear any result.

Counting today, Tang Li Xue was already using five and a half-day! She only has one and a half-day to finish her quest according to the system!

Since tomorrow was the last day, Tang Li Xue decided to go and visit that Elder Lin's place tonight!

But before that, she needed to ask some questions that always nagging her mind until now… and the one that she could ask was only her lizard mommy! So she activated her [Sprint] and dashed toward that lizard fortress as fast as she can before the sky turned dark!


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