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Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms

Author:Young Leader

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In a world of shallow-minded, materialistic mortals, what would one from humble beginnings – whose face had been stomped on, spat on, oppressed for the longest while by the arrogant, pampered upper echelons of society – do, when a mysterious application pops up on a brand new phone that was meant to be the birthday gift of an ungrateful girlfriend? What if the application takes the form of a chatroom where its occupants, bearing the names of mythical, fictional beings, start giving out ‘Red Packets’, all the while spouting nonsense? 三界红包群
《Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms》 Text
Chapter 1: I Snatched Three Magical Furs
Chapter 2: Is That Actual Shit Coming Out From Your Mouth?
Chapter 3: Divine Foresight
Chapter 4: Second Brother Is Looking For Me
Chapter 5: The Meeting Of Enemies
Chapter 6: The Powerful Ms Lan
Chapter 7: Five Words That Came Straight From The Sky
Chapter 8: Bad Things Are Going To Happen
Chapter 9: Potion of Hundred Herbs
Chapter 10: Safe In The West Side Of The City
Chapter 11: My Palms Hurt From Slapping Something
Chapter 12: Super Delicious Food
Chapter 13: Borrowing Strength From Xiangyu, The King!
Chapter 14: The Terms and Conditions of Borrowing Power
Chapter 15: It’s You! My Goddess!
Chapter 16: Such Power!
Chapter 17: Super Red Envelope
Chapter 18: Training! Breakthrough!
Chapter 19: Did I Just Crush a Hand?
Chapter 20: Becoming a Super Hunk
Chapter 21: Antique Dealership
Chapter 22: The Climax! The Enemies Meet Again!
Chapter 23: There Are Always Bigger Fish In The Ocean!
Chapter 24: Riiiiip!
Chapter 25: I Will Pay For Your Loss… Two Thousand Yuan!
Chapter 26: Another Two Hundred Million!
Chapter 27: Divine Dog Food
Chapter 28: Four Golden Flowers
Chapter 29: Hell On Earth
Chapter 30: Mission Accomplished
Chapter 31: The Unsolvable Criminal Case
Chapter 32: Tycoon Chen
Chapter 33: Whatever The Price Is, Makes No Difference to Me
Chapter 34: If You Can’t Afford It, Get Out.
Chapter 35: Police From The Six Doors Organization
Chapter 36: Let’s Have Fun Together Slowly
Chapter 37: The Most Handsome Man In Green Vine City
Chapter 38: A Scary Discovery
Chapter 39: Demonic Possession!
Chapter 40: Killing The Evil Spirit!
Chapter 41: Breaking Off The Couple
Chapter 42: This Is What I Call Crazy!
Chapter 43: Strawberry Flavour
Chapter 44: Call Me Boss Chen!
Chapter 45: I’m Not Afraid! I Will Do It!
Chapter 46: Goodbye, My Son!
Chapter 47: Breakthrough!
Chapter 48: Win Five Hundred Thousand Yuan with Fifty Yuan!
Chapter 49: Golden Gaze Fiery Eyes
Chapter 50: Who Wrote This Off As ‘Useless’?
Chapter 51: Why Are You So Shameless?
Chapter 52: The Real Inside Story
Chapter 53: Thirty Thousand Merit Points
Chapter 54: Rich People Are the Most Merciless People
Chapter 55: The Reincarnation of Xiangyu
Chapter 56: It’s My Duty To Help a Brother!
Chapter 57: No More “Ball-Aches”!
Chapter 58: Unlimited Gay Love!
Chapter 59: I Am Her Boyfriend
Chapter 60: The Ultimate Revelation
Chapter 61: You Know It!
Chapter 62: It Rolled Down the Drain!
Chapter 63: What Are You Going To Do About It?
Chapter 64: I Did It On Purpose!
Chapter 65: Good Job! He Deserves It!
Chapter 66: Most Valuable Player
Chapter 67: Breaking Your Kirin Arm!
Chapter 68: Couplet-Off!
Chapter 69: The Champion Gets The Prize!
Chapter 70: Flame of Transmogrification!
Chapter 71: Chaos Sword Essence
Chapter 72: I Want To Eat Barbeque Food!
Chapter 73: It’s Chicken Wings’ Fault!
Chapter 74: I Didn’t See That Coming…
Chapter 75: Flying Sword, Kill Him!
Chapter 76: Sports Day Kicks Off
Chapter 77: You Call That Crawl a Sprint?
Chapter 78: The Moment All Have Been Waiting For!
Chapter 79: I Miss My Yuji
Chapter 80: The Vicious Landlady
Chapter 81: Let Me Show You A Better Way
Chapter 82: My Lucky Star
Chapter 83: Straight to The Dragon Nest
Chapter 84: I Will Summarize Eight Thousand Words Here
Chapter 85: Undying Chen
Chapter 86: Learn The Art of Poison
Chapter 87: Look! It’s a Saucer Plate!
Chapter 88: Super Itchy Powder
Chapter 89: The Internet Sensation, Chen Xiaobei
Chapter 90: Only 998!
Chapter 91: The Humiliation is Real
Chapter 92: Don’t Get Over Your Head!
Chapter 93: Low Profile! Low Profile!
Chapter 94: King’s Aura
Chapter 95: Get Ready to Pick the Bar of Soap Up!
Chapter 96: Even More Profitable Than Oil Drilling!
Chapter 97: Primordial Blood!
Chapter 98: What Great Luck!
Chapter 99: Free Advertising
Chapter 100: Here! Have a Big Red Packet!
Chapter 101: Jade Crafting Artisan
Chapter 102: A Black Dragon! And… Sword Qi?
Chapter 103: I’ll Return This Favor to Them Tenfold!
Chapter 104: The One That Defeats Ten
Chapter 105: I am a Martial Arts Master!
Chapter 106: Have a Taste of Me!
Chapter 107: I'll Follow You Home!
Chapter 108: Land Rover Chase!
Chapter 109: The Village Tyrant!
Chapter 110: The Perfect Daughter-in-Law
Chapter 111: Chen Dad’s Grave Condition
Chapter 112: The One who Knows Me the Best is My Mom!
Chapter 113: I Will Avenge My Father!
Chapter 114: Karma!
Chapter 115: You Got The Wrong Guy
Chapter 116: Two of You, Please, Continue!
Chapter 117: Puti Guides Me In The Bed!
Chapter 118: Bad Things Will Never Happen To Good People!
Chapter 119: Arguments In Weibo
Chapter 120: Total Victory!
Chapter 121: The Business Savvy Parents!
Chapter 122: Enter Wei Xiaobao!
Chapter 123: A Whole New Level of WTF!
Chapter 124: Lin Nan the Real Man!
Chapter 125: Attack on Pegasus Bar
Chapter 126: Change Your Name To Dongfang Bubai!
Chapter 127: I Don't Like The Name!
Chapter 128: All Under Control!
Chapter 129: An Uninvited Guest!
Chapter 130: I'm a Simple Man!
Chapter 131: So What If I'm A Perv?
Chapter 132: A Hidden Illness Attacks!
Chapter 133: Nine Dragons Acupuncture Technique!
Chapter 134: The Evil Spirit's Identity!
Chapter 135: Fight It Out!
Chapter 136: Xiangyu Fights!
Chapter 137: Kicking Wen Tiandou!
Chapter 138: Number One Swindler of the Three Realms!
Chapter 139: Nobody Messes with the Prime!
Chapter 140: Young Spirit Beast!
Chapter 141: God of War's Body Strengthening Pill!
Chapter 142: Surprise After Surprise After Surprise!
Chapter 143: Green Jade Safety Pendant Acquired!
Chapter 144: Am I invisible To You?
Chapter 145: Not Leaving? More Slapping!
Chapter 146: A Bold Decision!
Chapter 147: Adding Some Props!
Chapter 148: Cold Hard Evidence!
Chapter 149: Life Is A Play!
Chapter 150: One Kick To Heaven!
Chapter 151: Let Me Teach You How To Train A Dog!
Chapter 152: Xiaobai Changed!
Chapter 153: The Dictionary of Zoolingualism
Chapter 154: Order To Castrate Someone!
Chapter 155: I’ve Been Pushed
Chapter 156: You Have Been Slapped!
Chapter 157: Slap Your Own Face!
Chapter 158: My Poop Is Coming Out
Chapter 159: Sales Finished In One Hour!
Chapter 160: All I Have Is Money!
Chapter 161: Talk Of The Town!
Chapter 162: The Level of Spirit Beast
Chapter 163: Sending Over Some Mooncakes To Chang’e
Chapter 164: Getting Ready For The Final Battle
Chapter 165: Is It Really Cooling?
Chapter 166: One Punch!
Chapter 167: Jianghu Ceases To Know Xiao Tianma!
Chapter 168: Let’s Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival Together!
Chapter 169: Things Get Interesting When Someone Is Drunk
Chapter 170: It’s Useless, Even If You Beg Me!
Chapter 171: Overly Attached Elf
Chapter 172: The Best Man of The Century!
Chapter 173: Xiaoyao’s Foundation
Chapter 174: Guess How Sm I Going To Strike You?
Chapter 175: A Grown Man Grows A New Tail!
Chapter 176: Eat And Shit At The Same Time!
Chapter 177: Murong Xiaoyao Is Completely Stunned!
Chapter 178: The Loser Has To Warm The Bed!
Chapter 179: Even The Orthopedic Prodigy Can’t Cure Your Son!
Chapter 180: I’m Not Going To Cure Him!
Chapter 181: Jewellery Shop Crisis!
Chapter 182: The Person Behind The Evil Plan!
Chapter 183: One-Star Spirit!
Chapter 184: Clear The Place Immediately!
Chapter 185: The Enemy Will Build It For Us!
Chapter 186: It’s A Setup!
Chapter 187: Real Life Dog Eat Dog Scene!
Chapter 188: A Foreboding Situation!
Chapter 189: Target Locked!
Chapter 190: Won’t Stop Until I Die!
Chapter 191: Have You Ever Seen A Chinese Sword?
Chapter 192: Vengeance Best Served Hot!
Chapter 193: Weird Request From Mengpo
Chapter 194: The Secret Dance!
Chapter 195: A Red Envelope From Granny Rong!
Chapter 196: Have You Watched My Fair Princess Before?
Chapter 197: A Lustful Kitty That Is Beyond Salvation!
Chapter 198: The Best Helper!
Chapter 199: It’s So Big That You Are Going To Be Scared To Death!
Chapter 200: Ten Million VS Ten Million
Chapter 201: Kende Ji Maidang Lao (Kentucky McDonald)
Chapter 202: The True Gay Love
Chapter 203: Pressure From Higher Power And Temptation From Money!
Chapter 204: Damn! Good stuff!
Chapter 205: I Have Balls Of Steel!
Chapter 206: I’m A Prodigy At Art Of Healing!
Chapter 207: There’s Surprise!
Chapter 208: Xiaobai, The King!
Chapter 209: One Kick And Two Pairs Of Balls Are Gone!
Chapter 210: A Fruitful Ending!
Chapter 211: A Mysterious Competition!
Chapter 212: The Mysterious Competition Begins!
Chapter 213: The Epic One!
Chapter 214: Things Took A Great Turn!
Chapter 215: The Pill of True Sound!
Chapter 216: Hanging A Board In Front Of The Chest
Chapter 217: Spoiled Little Girl!
Chapter 218: Sold In Five Seconds!
Chapter 219: Let’s Go Now!
Chapter 220: Reason Behind The Name Of The Charity Foundation!
Chapter 221: Terrifying!
Chapter 222: My Singing Is Really Not That Great!
Chapter 223: When Dream Became Lightning!
Chapter 224: The Taste Of First Love!
Chapter 225: Mysterious Uninvited Guests!
Chapter 226: Jianghu Internal Affairs!
Chapter 227: The Forbidden Item!
Chapter 228: A Hidden Wave Is Moving!
Chapter 229: The Mother Of All Assholes!
Chapter 230: Please Heal Me!
Chapter 231: Kneel Down!
Chapter 232: He Is Your Great-grandfather!
Chapter 233: Where Is NeZha?
Chapter 234: Helping Laotzu To Clear His Cloud Of Worries
Chapter 235: You Are An Animal!
Chapter 236: Victory Of The First Fight!
Chapter 237: Despicable! Shameless!
Chapter 238: I Can’t Understand What You Said!
Chapter 239: Daxiong Meizhi!
Chapter 240: I Want To Fight Ten People At The Same Time!
Chapter 241: Who Is Instantly Defeating Who?
Chapter 242: Complete Victory!
Chapter 243: Call Me a Good Brother Three Times First!
Chapter 244: Do I Look An Idiot To You?
Chapter 245: Failure To Have Fun with Xiang Xiang!
Chapter 246: Turn Them Into Metal Scraps!
Chapter 247: Everyone, Let’s Snatch Some Red Envelope With Dragon Parts Inside!
Chapter 248: I’ve Received A Dragon’s Private Part
Chapter 249: Small Time Celebrity!
Chapter 250: Yap Liangchen finally acts on it!
Chapter 251: Can’t Touch This!
Chapter 252: Incoming Bad Luck!
Chapter 253: Being Treated Like A Superstar!
Chapter 254: Hello! I Don’t Think She Can Take It Anymore!
Chapter 255: A Bunch Of Retarded Spirits!
Chapter 256: Yes! You Are God Damn Suspicious!
Chapter 257: Ghost Toad!
Chapter 258: Hundred Ghosts Formation
Chapter 259: Even The King Has To Die!
Chapter 260: I Got A Treasure! (Thank You Yijie Alliance Leader!)
Chapter 261: The Jade Emperor Is Alerted!
Chapter 262: My Sifu Is Giving Something Big To Me
Chapter 263: More Surprises
Chapter 264: A Special Call
Chapter 265: My Hero
Chapter 266: A Man Can’t Say No
Chapter 267: Blood On The Bed
Chapter 268: I’ve Been A Professional At Losing In Soccer For The Past Thirty Years!
Chapter 269: Why Did You Stay?
Chapter 270: The Evolution Of A Football Newbie
Chapter 271: One Big, Embarrassing Moment!
Chapter 272: 11-0? We Need To Score More
Chapter 273: A Sad Birdie
Chapter 274: 66666666
Chapter 275: Siphoning Spell To Command The Ghost Soldiers!
Chapter 276: I’m Building My Secret Base
Chapter 277: Don’t Even Try To Run Away From Me!
Chapter 278: Killing The Enemy Like Cutting Grass
Chapter 279: I’m Fooling You!
Chapter 280: Don’t Be Overconfident! If Not, You Will Be Buried In Shame
Chapter 281: Monkey Moonshine And Money Tree
Chapter 282: Awesome Effect
Chapter 283: The Vanished Merit Points
Chapter 284: Dead People? Conspiracy!
Chapter 285: Someone Is Waiting Behind You!
Chapter 286: The Coming Of The Divine Armies
Chapter 287: You Don’t Have To Thank Me. Call Me Lei Feng
Chapter 288: Chen’s Plan
Chapter 289: Gatecrashing Baole Club Alone
Chapter 290: Witty? Retard!
Chapter 291: You Can Never Know The Thing That I Am Going To Do To You
Chapter 292: The Coming Of A Chaotic Era
Chapter 293: Chat Group Members Are Asking For My Moonshine
Chapter 294: I’m A Doctor With A Traditional Approach
Chapter 295: Waiting To Be Face Slapped
Chapter 296: You Are Going To Be Blinded By my Awesomeness!
Chapter 297: One Kick Wonder
Chapter 298: Who Is More Handsome?
Chapter 299: Wu Junfan Dies On The Battlefield
Chapter 300: Do You have the Right To Choose?
Chapter 301: I Have Been Tricked
Chapter 302: Girl, You Are Too Na?ve
Chapter 303: Secret Weapon
Chapter 304: Pure Yin Spiritual Item
Chapter 305: Fatal Eavesdrop
Chapter 306: Luo Puti; The Brainiac
Chapter 307: I Have The Power
Chapter 308: Betting My Life On Acting Cool
Chapter 309: The Shocking Move
Chapter 310: I Will Only Die On the Battlefield!
Chapter 311: I Need More Petrol Before I Can Get Into A Drag Race!
Chapter 312: Chen Xiaobei! You Trick Me Again!
Chapter 313: I Don’t Want To Defeat You
Chapter 314: Please Don’t Save Your Strength
Chapter 315: I’m Specialized At Beating Up Traitors!
Chapter 316: The True Power Of Luo Puti
Chapter 317: Ambush!
Chapter 318: Undefeatable Health
Chapter 319: One Slash And You Are In Half
Chapter 320: Tierce Tear the Katana
Chapter 321: It’s So Painful!
Chapter 322: You May be Strong, You're Still Going Down!
Chapter 323: The Most Powerful Saber!
Chapter 324: He Has Already Won
Chapter 325: Surrender?
Chapter 326: Six Doors Organization is at work!
Chapter 327: I’m Scared
Chapter 328: Crush the Worm
Chapter 329: End! Not happy!
Chapter 330: Eight Hundred Copper Soldiers
Chapter 331: Eight Doors Golden Lock Formation
Chapter 332: I will Die Fighting
Chapter 333: Turning the Tide Around
Chapter 334: Unpredictable Moves
Chapter 335: Run After Acting Tough
Chapter 336: Mountains Of Jewelry
Chapter 337: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 338: He Is Going To Face Some Real Bad Luck
Chapter 339: Emperor Yan’s Unwavering Body Fortifying Skill
Chapter 340: There’s No Retreat In This War
Chapter 341: Time For You To Die
Chapter 342: This Slash can Annihilate the Whole of Humanity
Chapter 343: Is There Going To Be A Miracle?
Chapter 344: A Present From Emperor Yan
Chapter 345: Let Me Mourn For You For Three Minutes
Chapter 346: Conflict!
Chapter 347: I’m Not A Faggot
Chapter 348: Too Damn Weak!
Chapter 349: Are You Worthy To Call My Name; Chen Xiaobei?
Chapter 350: Third Elder Is Going To Die
Chapter 351: Face Slapping Moment
Chapter 352: A Man Without A Spine Is No Different From Traitor
Chapter 353: There Is No One Else Will Do It Other Than Me
Chapter 354: Waiting For The Final Battle
Chapter 355: Three Realms Mission
Chapter 356: Let The Storm Comes Harder At Us!
Chapter 357: I Don’t Think You Can Take It
Chapter 358: Ultra Fast Improvement
Chapter 359: Super Experienced Dirty Minded Guy
Chapter 360: The Road in the Village is Slippery
Chapter 361: I’m Going To Slap You To Death!
Chapter 362: My Backup Is Really Good
Chapter 363: My Backup Is More Powerful than Your Backup
Chapter 364: White Vengeance
Chapter 365: Levels of Colossal Differences
Chapter 366: Secret Weapon
Chapter 367: You Guys Are Not Allowed To Bully An Honest Man
Chapter 368: Betting Like A Boss!
Chapter 369: Everyone Is Garbage!
Chapter 370: You Guys Are Not My Sons
Chapter 371: Damn The Primeval Lord of Heaven
Chapter 372: I Want To Act Cool, Too
Chapter 373: The Primeval Lord Of Heaven Storms Out in Anger
Chapter 374: It's not the Enemies are Dumb, but...
Chapter 375: I Fished A Big Fish
Chapter 376: How Dare You?
Chapter 377: Who is Going to Help Me Scratch My Itchy Spot?
Chapter 378: I have People that I can Call as Well
Chapter 379: The Powerful King
Chapter 380: Five-Star Shaman
Chapter 381: Master Chen is Almighty
Chapter 382: Everybody Gets What They Deserve
Chapter 383: Are You Coming?
Chapter 384: Lan Mengchen’s Change of Character
Chapter 385: Zhuang Bifan; The Fiancé
Chapter 386: The Strength of a King
Chapter 387: Thunder Kirin Special Force
Chapter 388: One Slap Wonder
Chapter 389: Xiangyu’s Decision
Chapter 390: He is My Man
Chapter 391: Here Comes Wu Jiechao
Chapter 392: Kick Your Face
Chapter 393: Last Move
Chapter 394: Taking Advantage When He’s in a Bad Shape
Chapter 395: Eating is an Enjoyment
Chapter 396: SOS from Lan Mengcheng
Chapter 397: Members Of Red Envelope Group Are Helping Me Out
Chapter 398: One Big Slap
Chapter 399: A One-Year Period
Chapter 400: The Ultimate Fangirl
Chapter 401: Unique Treatment
Chapter 402: What Have I Missed?
Chapter 403: A Test For Dirty Minded People
Chapter 404: Rule The World Of Dirty Minds
Chapter 405: Little Fire Boss, Please Come Here For A While
Chapter 406: I Can’t Chat Here
Chapter 407: A Living Legend
Chapter 408: One Last Breath For You
Chapter 409: He Is a Eunuch!
Chapter 410: The Wife's Inspection
Chapter 411: Shall We Put Up A Fight Against Each Other?
Chapter 412: I’m Telling Lies
Chapter 413: The Second Shixiong Is An Asshole
Chapter 414: Target Locked
Chapter 415: Slap Your Own Face
Chapter 416: A Super Elite
Chapter 417: Surrender! Surrender! Surrender!
Chapter 418: A Hidden Dragon
Chapter 419: Who is Taking The initiative?
Chapter 420: The Manipulative Zhu Bajie
Chapter 421: Poseidon's Plan Commences
Chapter 422: I Just Want to Slap Your Face
Chapter 423: A Pile of Shit
Chapter 424: Kill!
Chapter 425: Sword! Come!
Chapter 426: The Prime Minister and the Emperor
Chapter 427: Coquette
Chapter 428: A Small Foot
Chapter 429: Sanshi Martial Art Competition
Chapter 430: Who’s the First
Chapter 431: Chen Xiaobei Vomits Blood
Chapter 432: Three Incidents of Incredible Misfortune!
Chapter 433: Mouth of Curses
Chapter 434: Such Manners?
Chapter 435: Bro Bei From Green Vine City
Chapter 436: The Rewards for the Martial Arts Competition
Chapter 437: The Cockblocker
Chapter 438: Have a Taste of the Elixir of Obedience
Chapter 439: My Eyes are Defiled
Chapter 440: Deathbane Vampire
Chapter 441: One Punch
Chapter 442: Golden Dragon Temple
Chapter 443: You’re Powerful? I’m More Powerful than You!
Chapter 444: Master, Please Show Me The Way!
Chapter 445: Demonic Icy Old Man
Chapter 446: The Cocky Ye Linlong
Chapter 447: The Crowd is Shocked
Chapter 448: The Fist that Shook the World
Chapter 449: The Smile That Trembles the Arena
Chapter 450: Dominate Three Cities
Chapter 451: The World Begins to Stir
Chapter 452: Daughters Leave Fathers Eventually
Chapter 453: Jiang Ziya’s Punishment
Chapter 454: Time To Rebel
Chapter 455: A Big Gamble
Chapter 456: The Defining Moment!
Chapter 457: Master Wang’s Mouth of Prediction
Chapter 458: Are You Both Going to Squat and Pee?
Chapter 459: Huge Rewards
Chapter 460: Thunder Pool Tesseract
Chapter 461: I Have the Guts to Belittle Deities
Chapter 462: The Grandmaster of Acupuncture
Chapter 463: Body with a Special Pulse
Chapter 464: You’ve Contracted Venereal Disease
Chapter 465: Accomplishment in Medicine Maketh the Man
Chapter 466: My Dear Grandson-in-law
Chapter 467: The Four Young Masters of Dragon City
Chapter 468: Turf War
Chapter 469: Please, Take a Number and Get in Line!
Chapter 470: Impenetrable King Kong Skin
Chapter 471: It’s Time for You to Die!
Chapter 472: Yamato no Orochi
Chapter 473: The Second Candidate
Chapter 474: The Best Kind of Luck
Chapter 475: Lin Xiang’s Beautiful Picture
Chapter 476: A Fight Between Two Love Rivals
Chapter 477: A Cheap Trick
Chapter 478: Family Heirloom
Chapter 479: Vomiting Blood From Rage
Chapter 480: Dangerous Battle
Chapter 481: The Young Master of Iron Gut Faction
Chapter 482: Time To Win
Chapter 483: Something Unexpected Happened
Chapter 484: It Hurts To Look At It
Chapter 485: How Many Unborn Have You Killed?
Chapter 486: I am Little Luo
Chapter 487: 10 Days Limit
Chapter 488: The Plan
Chapter 489: Awesome Alchemist
Chapter 490: Is that Real Or Fake Chinese Knotweed?
Chapter 491: Professional Hustler
Chapter 492: A Slap Worth Watching
Chapter 493: Unreasonable Hostility
Chapter 494: Half The Punishment
Chapter 495: The Curtain Rises Tomorrow Night
Chapter 496: The Great Cherry-popping Adventure
Chapter 497: A Well-thought-out Plan
Chapter 498: Stupid Teammates Are The Worst
Chapter 499: Chemical Bomb
Chapter 500: Red-Haired Assassin
Chapter 501: Don’t Dream of Having a Good Life
Chapter 502: An Eye for an Eye
Chapter 503: The Goddess
Chapter 504: The Beast is Unleashed
Chapter 505: Super Fated
Chapter 506: Random Side Character
Chapter 507: An Invitation
Chapter 508: I’m Going To Do Some Acting
Chapter 509: Blessing From Above
Chapter 510: Side Character Kicking the Main Character’s Ass
Chapter 511: Fighting For No Reason
Chapter 512: Two Little Cuties Are Finally Here
Chapter 513: This Is No Difference From Salted Fish
Chapter 514: Deep And Vicious Planning
Chapter 515: Crush The Champion
Chapter 516: Country’s Big Man
Chapter 517: Respect Me Like I Am Your Master
Chapter 518: Competing Pill Concocting Skill
Chapter 519: A Big Shock To The Crowd
Chapter 520: An Expensive Price Tag
Chapter 521: Money Earning Machine
Chapter 522: Live Long Enough To Become A Demon
Chapter 523: A New Way Out
Chapter 524: Visited by a Peculiar Person
Chapter 525: Wu Zetian Reincarnated
Chapter 526: I Only Know How To Slap Others’ Face
Chapter 527: Threaten To Ban You
Chapter 528: A Successful Turnaround
Chapter 529: Rejected Zhang Wen
Chapter 530: I’m Going To Act Tough And Show You
Chapter 531: This Name Really Suits You
Chapter 532: Formation Is Done!
Chapter 533: Thunder Roars!
Chapter 534: Blouse That Is Fair as Snow
Chapter 535: Could It Be Her?
Chapter 536: Heading To Xuanjian Faction
Chapter 537: Despicable Person
Chapter 538: Master Of Kissing Ass
Chapter 539: Speechless
Chapter 540: Secret
Chapter 541: The Prime of Tongtian Appeared in My Dream
Chapter 542: Journey To Look For Su Daji
Chapter 543: Is There Anyone Who Dares to Say No to Me?
Chapter 544: Idiotic Meanie
Chapter 545: Slap One’s Face With Might
Chapter 546: Challenge Hu Haifeng Alone
Chapter 547: Should I Kill You Instead?
Chapter 548: Doing It Without Hesitation
Chapter 549: The Might of the Jōnin
Chapter 550: Li Xiang Takes Matters into His Own Hands
Chapter 551: Wind and Lightning, Come to My Aid!
Chapter 552: Anyone Else Not Happy With Me?
Chapter 553: Such Fate
Chapter 554: Fruitful Reward
Chapter 555: Just Kill
Chapter 556: Waiting for the Big Fish to Take the Bait
Chapter 557: Get Lost from Here
Chapter 558: Crimson Voodoo Worm
Chapter 559: I Have Decided Not to Go
Chapter 560: I Want Him Dead
Chapter 561: Another Bet
Chapter 562: All Were Shocked
Chapter 563: A Terrible Tragedy
Chapter 564: The Secret of Yamata-no-worochi’s Scales
Chapter 565: Hidden Ancient Faction
Chapter 566: Taiyin True Deity
Chapter 567: The Swarming of Hundreds of Thousands of Deities
Chapter 568: Medicinal Formula Makes Me a Shareholder
Chapter 569: Bet Everything You Have
Chapter 570: Only Three Seconds
Chapter 571: CEO, Please Sign This Contract
Chapter 572: Jianghu’s Bounty
Chapter 573: Entering The Ancient Jungle
Chapter 574: Thick Skinned
Chapter 575: You Have Chosen Death
Chapter 576: Killing Nine People with One Single Slash
Chapter 577: Miaojiang Poison King
Chapter 578: More Than A Slap
Chapter 579: The Chess Piece Is in Place
Chapter 580: A Mighty Kick
Chapter 581: I Will Not Yield
Chapter 582: A Crushing Kill
Chapter 583: Beaded Blood Amber Bracelet
Chapter 584: Good Things Are Messed Up
Chapter 585: The Pride of Chanism
Chapter 586: Shi Haoxiang Acting Tough
Chapter 587: Turning the Tide Around
Chapter 588: Ceo Chen's the Best
Chapter 589: Huge Earnings
Chapter 590: A Shocking Discovery
Chapter 591: Puzzle Solved
Chapter 592: Smog In The Airport
Chapter 593: Situ Hengfeng
Chapter 594: Shameless
Chapter 595: Beg Me
Chapter 596: A Gale Rose
Chapter 597: The Demigod
Chapter 598: When the Wind Does Not Stop, Do Not Stop Slapping Either
Chapter 599: It’s Nothing At All
Chapter 600: Little Bastard
Chapter 601: Strange SOS
Chapter 602: The Palace Of The Dead
Chapter 603: Framed
Chapter 604: Taking Pleasure in the Misfortune of Others
Chapter 605: Below True Nirvana
Chapter 606: Fight to the End
Chapter 607: The Infernal Voodoo
Chapter 608: Mysterious Flames in the Sky
Chapter 609: Conquering the Infernal Flying Beetles
Chapter 610: Carcass Horde Formation
Chapter 611: Bull-Headed Demon
Chapter 612: Do You Dare to Take This Slash from Me?
Chapter 613: Kill with One Slash
Chapter 614: Voodoo Poison Triggered
Chapter 615: Key to Salvation
Chapter 616: Dominating Kill
Chapter 617: Special Corpse
Chapter 618: What Do You Want?
Chapter 619: Will Not Change Forever
Chapter 620: New Member Coming into the Group
Chapter 621: A Hero
Chapter 622: Best Feeling Ever
Chapter 623: Fame and Money are Coming In
Chapter 624: He is Already Dead
Chapter 625: Beat the Dog Before the Lion
Chapter 626: Filming Difficulties
Chapter 627: The Light of Hope
Chapter 628: The Rise of Haters
Chapter 629: A Huge Crisis
Chapter 630: The Most Incredible Extra
Chapter 631: God Level News-Stirring Skill
Chapter 632: Playing Nice and Mean
Chapter 633: Huangfu Mumin
Chapter 634: Are You Lacking in Calcium?
Chapter 635: Slapping Face
Chapter 636: Green Jade Gourd
Chapter 637: Giant Serpent
Chapter 638: Good at Guessing One’s Marital Life
Chapter 639: I’m Impressed
Chapter 640: Buying All the Mini Lobsters
Chapter 641: Chant for Eating the Spicy Mini Lobsters
Chapter 642: Activate the Thunder Catalyst
Chapter 643: Invite from Wenyuan
Chapter 644: Looking Down on the Wrong Person
Chapter 645: I’m Not Interested
Chapter 646: A Bet About Hunting
Chapter 647: Kill the King of Wild Boars Within a Second
Chapter 648: Hundred Beasts Formation
Chapter 649: Less Than Three Seconds
Chapter 650: Thunderbolt Combat Spear
Chapter 651: Bring Me with You When You Ascend to Heaven
Chapter 652: You Are Not Even Qualified!
Chapter 653: The Real Dragon Unveiled
Chapter 654: Heroes Of War Leaderboard
Chapter 655: Something Weird About Liu Chunyi
Chapter 656: Ban You with a Single Sentence
Chapter 657: I Will Not Let This off the Hook
Chapter 658: Loud Slap
Chapter 659: The Storm Is Coming
Chapter 660: Jing Ke Assassin Emperor Qin
Chapter 661: Penetrate The Skull With The Dagger
Chapter 662: One Versus Fifty
Chapter 663: Sit and Wait for the Big Boss
Chapter 664: Call Me Your Great Ancestor
Chapter 665: Kowtow till You Die
Chapter 666: Kneel Down and Apologize
Chapter 667: A Great Big Lie
Chapter 668: Here Comes the Living God
Chapter 669: Important Scene
Chapter 670: Auction on Paradise Island
Chapter 671: Great Acting
Chapter 672: Scheme to Kill Chen Xiaobei
Chapter 673: In Search of the Real Murderer
Chapter 674: Death is Coming
Chapter 675: Decapitate One’s Head with a Strand of Thread
Chapter 676: Chopped into Pieces
Chapter 677: Depart to Paradise Island
Chapter 678: The Number One Genius in the Entire Universe
Chapter 679: I Will Marry You If You Can Do It
Chapter 680: The Arrogant European Woman
Chapter 681: Terrifying Ocean
Chapter 682: Number One Doctor
Chapter 683: Sea Monster Is Messing with Us
Chapter 684: Taking Charge Fully
Chapter 685: Keep it Rolling! Blondie!
Chapter 686: Threat by Niya
Chapter 687: Sea Monster Appears
Chapter 688: Dancing at One's Grave
Chapter 689: The Sea Messenger Has Full Control over Your Life
Chapter 690: Potty Mouth Deserves to Be Slapped
Chapter 691: The World’s Most Powerful Family
Chapter 692: Crawl over Here
Chapter 693: Apologize Personally
Chapter 694: Killing Someone with Another’s Knife
Chapter 695: Returning to the Devil’s Den
Chapter 696: Ruyi Jingu Bang
Chapter 697: All of You Wish to Die?
Chapter 698: Hundreds of Thousands of Fishes at My Command
Chapter 699: I’m Going to Bring You a Glorious Win!
Chapter 700: The Power from One Single Rod Swing
Chapter 701: Destroy Them with a Single Hit from Jingu Bang
Chapter 702: Perish!
Chapter 703: Surprise Reward
Chapter 704: Ten Thousand Years Old Ambergris
Chapter 705: Luo Puti’s Dream
Chapter 706: You Made Niya Cheat on the US President
Chapter 707: Setting a Trap to Test Something Out
Chapter 708: A Mysterious Teenager
Chapter 709: I Will Grant Your Wish
Chapter 710: The Descendant of the Witch Tribe
Chapter 711: Willingly Surrender
Chapter 712: I Will Take Full Responsibility
Chapter 713: The Bits and Pieces of the Foreworld
Chapter 714: The Prime of Tongtian's Calculation
Chapter 715: Achieve True Nirvana Cultivation
Chapter 716: None of My Business
Chapter 717: Killing Four Birds with One Stone
Chapter 718: Execute the Plan at Night
Chapter 719: Solid Evidence
Chapter 720: Mystical Yin Holy Hexworm
Chapter 721: One Hit K.O
Chapter 722: Snatch and Go
Chapter 723: Surrounded by Ten Thousand People
Chapter 724: You Are Late
Chapter 725: Ancestral Invocation: Myriad Swords
Chapter 726: The Dragon Head Is Destroyed
Chapter 727: It’s for Your Own Good
Chapter 728: Killing the Dragon with a Combat Axe
Chapter 729: Liu Xuanxin’s Cautiousness
Chapter 730: Encouraging Me to Do Something Unlawful
Chapter 731: Found Something by Accident
Chapter 732: Like a Frog at the Bottom of the Well
Chapter 733: Be Its Master with a Drop of Blood
Chapter 734: Cell Phone in Water
Chapter 735: Lucky Goddess
Chapter 736: Streamer Old Wang
Chapter 737: Infinite Space Ring
Chapter 738: Lin Nan Asking for Help
Chapter 739: Jade Kirin
Chapter 740: You are Going to Die with Me
Chapter 741: Gold Member
Chapter 742: Diamond Member
Chapter 743: Fight the Battle with Pride
Chapter 744: God of Dice
Chapter 745: Only Guess Two Points
Chapter 746: I Can Still Fight
Chapter 747: Fool You with My Hands of God
Chapter 748: The Beating is not Enough
Chapter 749: Super Diamond Member
Chapter 750: I'm Willing to Risk my Life
Chapter 751: Mamba Island
Chapter 752: The King Shakes the Mountain and Rivers
Chapter 753: One Word from the King Is Enough to Bring the World to Destruction
Chapter 754: Everyone Died on the Island
Chapter 755: A Gift
Chapter 756: Another Face Slapping Moment
Chapter 757: Strange Silhouette
Chapter 758: Break the Cage!
Chapter 759: I Will Not Die
Chapter 760: Breakthrough Celestial Cultivation
Chapter 761: Celestial War Dragon
Chapter 762: Drop the Bomb on Mamba Island
Chapter 763: Xiangyu is Jealous
Chapter 764: Super Auction