Reborn as a Dragon!?
30 First Ques
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Reborn as a Dragon!?
Author :Jax_Wolf4
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30 First Ques


Hmm, they say luck can't kill a dragon. I beg to differ you 'head knight of the kingdom'. I can abuse my cheat to get strong enough to take out that dragon by myself! I don't need damn classmates to defeat the evil dragon of this world. I better get strong quick because you will never know when he will attack next. He might even come to destroy the kingdom tomorrow...

*Demon Cave*

(Alderam) - "I need to practice somehow. I only have a few weeks before Hikari lays her eggs. Hey author, how the hell am I going to be a father!?"



*Drurin Empire 3rd P.O.V.*

Many teenagers can be seen training for their upcoming battle with the new menace known as Alderam. Some are stronger than others with the dice roll that they received since coming to this new world.

(Random Student) - "Nice job Daisuke, you shot an arrow straight through another arrow like it was some movie!"

Daisuke is developing nicely and is one of the best students there. Ranger wise, he is the best while some others outshine them with their flashy moves.

(Head Knight) - "Excellent job, Hina! I would go as far as to say that you rival some of our top mages, but you still have a far way to go before you can stand up to the beast."

(Hina) - "I don't know about that just yet, I've only been at this for a few weeks now. It feels like I've been cheating since I have more talent when it comes to being a mage."

(Head Knight) - "Your abilities say otherwise!"



[Race: Teenage Human]

[Age: 17]

[Level 32]


HP: 12000

Attack: 2000

Speed: 1500

Defense: 900 (+100)

Magic: 6000 (+1000)

Intelligence: 1500

Luck: 300

Skills: [Appraisal](C) [Conceal Status](C) [Fireball](A) [Fly](A) [Light Arrow](B) [Chain Lightning](B) [Magic Shield](S) [Ice Lance](A)

Special Skills: [Meteor Shower](S) [Magic Wall](A)

Passive Skills: [Magic Resistance](C) [Accelerated Growth](A) [Pain Nullification](C)

Equipment: Leather Outfit (Defense +100), Enchanted Staff (Magic +1000)

Titles: High School Student, High Mage, Hero


(Random Student) - "What he is saying is true Hina, you really are amazing!"

Hina was getting constant praise while one student was annoyed that the spotlight was taken off of him. This student believed that he was the strongest out of them all with his ranger skills. This student is none other than Daisuke.

The praise stops when the king comes out from the balcony. Looking over his new army of children, the king couldn't help but be satisfied with the developments of the heroes that were summoned.

(A/N - Why tf do Isekai Novels Always Summon Teenagers?)

(Arthur) - "Oh heroes, we have a mission for you all! To get you combat experience, we will be assigning you all to fight the numerous undead resting in a tomb outside of the city to retrieve an artifact that will be needed to stop the dragon! Head Knight, please explain to them the details of the mission."

(Head Knight) - "Very well, I will give the heroes everything we know and the weaknesses of the undead that we will be facing."

Daisuke ignores the Head Knight as he thinks to himself.

(*Daisuke*) - "Why do people only care about Hina? Hina this and Hina that. I should be the one in the class that people should be praising. Just because her moves are more flashy than mine makes her better somehow."

A low booming voice is heard in his head.

(????) - "Do you wish to receive power? I can let you outshine those extras."

(*Daisuke*) - "Who the hell are you!?"

*Our 'Protagonists' P.O.V."

I had just registered at the adventurers guild and received my first rank which is bronze. You get certain plates based on what rank you are. It goes from F - S while the plates are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Adamantite, Atlarus.

It looks like the adventurer that I 'took out' ended up being a B ranked adventurer which is some big deal as it shows that he had a lot of experience. To me, the standards have to be pretty low to have a higher ranked adventurer get knocked out by hitting his head on a windowsill.

I just took the first bronze ranked quest I could find because they are the less dangerous quests that are just there to improve your experience with the adventurer lifestyle I guess.

It is a herb gathering job which shouldn't be too dangerous but it is near a tomb said to house undead but they said that if I was to not enter, then I would be fine.

I exit the guild and receive no more stares because I didn't bother to change my high school clothes out as I just tried to walk out of the castle like a G when I was kicked out. That probably ruined my first impression with the few people I had interacted with.

I then decided to head out of the city to complete my first quest. After getting approved by the guards at the front, I was on my way to the tomb which was fairly close to the gathering place of the medicinal herbs.

It takes me about 3 hours to arrive on a trip that should've taken half the time, but I have problems when it comes to my stamina. Hey, give me the benefit of the doubt though, I am carrying a 2kg sword on my side so it makes me slower!

It isn't too hard to find the medicinal herbs considering I have the skill [Appraisal]. It's nice that it doesn't consume magic because I don't have any. It is at (F) rank so maybe the cost is so low that it doesn't need any magic. However, it only shows the shape of the plant which is a letdown.

Holy macaroni, I'll just pick up all the weird-looking plants randomly! With my type of luck, I could pick up the rarest herbs in this world just by blindly picking some of them up. This luck thing might be a burden down the line though.

I start to run around and gather as many herbs as I can randomly to finish the job as fast as possible so I can get back before anything crazy happens. My luck seems to attract trouble wherever I go. *Sigh* just raised a flag didn--


I hear some rattling noises next to me and I turn around to see a group of skeletons crawling out of the tomb. Isn't luck supposed to prevent these things from happening? Wait a minute, I can win!

I draw my sword and it wobbles around in my hand. I run at the group with my sword in hand.

(Charlie) - "AHHH, DIE... AGAIN!"

I slash at them but I completely miss while one of the skeletons punch me right in the face sending me flying back a few meters.

Shit, it hurts, I thought my cheat could come in clutch with that attack but it seems that my cheat won't even help me when it comes to my strength.

Author - No, ur just an idiot

My sword drops and a skeleton with a mace sprints at me and jumps at me aiming to bash my skull in.

Is this how I die? As the protagonist of this world I couldn't die here, could I? I close my eyes and hear loud winds behind me. I hear a giant crashing noise with a miniature earthquake throwing me back.

I'm not dead? I slowly open my eyes to see the skeletons dead in front of me.

(Charlie) - "WOOO, I'M NOT DEAD!"

I turn a little bit to see a beast that I would never forget for the rest of my life.






Are you sure that luck is a good thing in this world?

*The Demon Cave Alderam P.O.V.*

Man has it been a crazy few weeks. Our eggs are laying down in the middle of the nest and it will be tedious because they will hatch in approximately 10-100 years which is a huge gap and a long time to wait.

To be completely honest with you, it will be quite boring waiting that long but I put up with a 5-year wait with Hikari on her floor in the dungeon.

It would be nice to get out of the cave for a little while and I don't need to worry because Hikari is being very, VERY, protective, and won't let Parthenia in a 50-meter radius like some type of restraining order. I think that she is the one who needs the restraining order from me considering that I am young still.

(Alderam) - "Hikari, I will be going out of the cave for a little bit to stretch my wings. It's been a while since I got to enjoy flying."

(Hikari) - "Very well, but if you don't come back by nightfall, I will go destroy the portion of your treasure in the insect's stash."

(Parthenia) - "Thou will suffer before thou touches mine treasure!"

I sweatdrop as I sneak out of the cave while they argue. They can never get along even though their pasts' are behind them.

I exit the cave then stretch out my wings to then fly around some. Man, it has been so long since I was able to enjoy the experience of flight since I didn't get to use it with the invasion when Hikari threw me at the castle and I didn't get to enjoy it when we flew to Parthenia's mountain.

After flying around for 20 or so minutes, I come across a scene of a human getting overrun by a bunch of skeletons. Might as well help out, I got nothing better to do. I'd rather not get on the bad side of humans more than I am currently because they might summon heroes or something to attempt to deal with me.

I jump down to destroy the group of skeletons with the weight of my claws alone. Hopefully, this human can be thankful and see me in a good light rather than be terrified of me.

*Charlie P.O.V.*

Oh. Fuck. I'm. So. Dead.



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