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Reborn Girl’s New Life

Author:Tian Can Xue Ling Zhi 天蚕雪灵芝

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UpdateTime:12/28/2019 3:22:49 AM

Updates:Chapter 148: Snake in Its Haunts

Gu Changge, a noble lady from a wealthy family, is a well-known business legend in Yuncheng, going into business at 15, taking over as President of Gu Group at 18 and becoming Chairman of the family business at 30.
She is murdered by her husband Shao Tianze, just to give his mistress Gu Changle a healthy heart. But a premeditated car accident makes Gu Changge revive in a new guise and settle ...
《Reborn Girl’s New Life》 Text
Chapter 1: He Wants Her Life
Chapter 2: Rebirth in Song Family
Chapter 3: Return to Song Family in Yuncheng
Chapter 4: Chu Mochen Returns Home.
Chapter 5: Gu Changge is Back
Chapter 6: Lend me a Hand
Chapter 7: Second Sister Song Yunying
Chapter 8: To Make the Joint-marriage Well in Hand
Chapter 9: Dirty Tricks
Chapter 10: Give XueTao a Lesson
Chapter 11: Do You Want me to Help You
Chapter 12: He Does it on Purpose
Chapter 13: Offer Yourself to Me
Chapter 14: Changge, Don't Be Afraid
Chapter 15: Changge, I Love You
Chapter 16: How Would You Reciprocate Me?
Chapter 17: Asking for a Reward
Chapter 18: Sacrificing Tools
Chapter 19: What are You Threatening Me with?
Chapter 20: I want to marry you
Chapter 21: Farewell, Shao Tianze
Chapter 22: Employment of Shao Xue
Chapter 23: Invite a Wolf into the House
Chapter 24: I Won't Get Married
Chapter 25: You are Not Qualified
Chapter 26: Zhang Xiao Hits People
Chapter 27: Confess
Chapter 28: Cosmetic Acciden
Chapter 29: A Night Visitor in the Bedroom
Chapter 30: Discharge Zhang Xia
Chapter 31: Visiting Gu Changle
Chapter 32: Revenge Begins
Chapter 33: Business Card
Chapter 34: Make You a Woman
Chapter 35: Incarnation of the Devil
Chapter 36: Gifts for Her
Chapter 37: Venus Salon
Chapter 38: Rivals in Love
Chapter 39: What Do You Want?
Chapter 40: Kill Her!
Chapter 41: Hatred
Chapter 42: Darry Ring
Chapter 43: Deposit to the Song family
Chapter 44: Venus' innocence
Chapter 45: Being Photographed
Chapter 46: Retrieving the Memory Card
Chapter 47: A Drama for Shao Tianze
Chapter 48: Sounding Out Song Yunxuan
Chapter 49: Song Yunxuan is Unusual
Chapter 50: Nurse Wang Goes Unconscious
Chapter 51: Who are You?
Chapter 52: Give Me a Reason to Help You
Chapter 53: I Want You Bear Me a Baby
Chapter 54: I’ve Been Waiting for You
Chapter 55: Retribution
Chapter 56: It's Just the Beginning
Chapter 57: Stockholder’s Denunciation
Chapter 58: Suspicion of Chu
Chapter 59: The Song Family Chooses Team
Chapter 60: Bodhisattva Face with a Snake and Scorpion Hear
Chapter 61 He kisses Gu Changle
Chapter 62 I Belong to You in the First Place
Chapter 63 Shao Xue Treats Co-Workers to Dinner
Chapter 64 Ruin Gu Changge’s reputation
Chapter 65 Father’s Partiality
Chapter 66 I Want You to Leave Him
Chapter 67 Xue Tao’s Parents
Chapter 68 Visiting Han Rujia
Chapter 69 Audio Evidence
Chapter 70 End of the First Round
Chapter 71 Why Seduce Him
Chapter 72 Shao Xue Was Bulled
Chapter 73 Xuri Construction
Chapter 74: A Blunt Knife
Chapter 75 Song Yunjia’s Love
Chapter 76 Birthday Noodles
Chapter 77 Yuncheng Private Primary School
Chapter 78 Favorite Daughter
Chapter 79 Can You Kiss Me Again?
Chapter 80 Birthday Wish
Chapter 81 Freedom of Giving Birth to a Baby
Chapter 82 Be Threatened
Chapter 83 A New Partner
Chapter 84 Take Back the Ring
Chapter 85 The Swimming Poor Has Been Filled in
Chapter 86 A Photo
Chapter 87 The Division of Estate
Chapter 88 the Outspoken Ning Yuan
Chapter 89 Seeing Her Father
Chapter 90: The Name of His Youngest Daughter
Chapter 91 the Purpose of Having the Song Family in Hand
Chapter 92 Su Youyu’s Invitation
Chapter 93 Hypocritical Answer
Chapter 94 Confession of Chu Mochen
Chapter 95 Overbearing and Scary Love
Chapter 96 Gu Changge’s Ghos
Chapter 97 Find a Boyfriend for Song Yunjia
Chapter 98 Becoming Homeless
Chapter 99 I’m Not Your “Thing”
Chapter 100 What is The Intention of Chu Mochen?
Chapter 101: Disclosure of Photos
Chapter 102: The Yellow Sparrow Behind
Chapter 103: Protecting the Elder Daughter
Chapter 104: Miaomiao Likes the Rising Sun
Chapter 105: Children Left by Gu Changge
Chapter 106: Making the News Ho
Chapter 107: The Model in the House
Chapter 108: A Heap of Loose Sand
Chapter 109: Xue Tao’s Flattering
Chapter 110: One Risky Step
Chapter 111: Kidnapping Song Yan.
Chapter 112: People’s Different Plans
Chapter 113: Killing Song Yunxuan
Chapter 114: Brother and Sister Will Come to Save Us
Chapter 115: One More Life
Chapter 116: Ask Dad to Revise the Will
Chapter 117: Sky-high Ransom
Chapter 118: Let Song Yunxuan Go
Chapter 119: Are You Crying?
Chapter 120: Out of Control
Chapter 121: Father Gu Cheng
Chapter 122: New Testamen
Chapter 123: Testament Is in My Hand
Chapter 124: Change of Ownership of the Song Family
Chapter 125: Slapping Brother.
Chapter 126: Brother’s Tricks
Chapter 127: Falsely Accuse
Chapter 128: Father-Daughter Confrontation
Chapter 129: Saying You Love Me
Chapter 130: Movie Queen Huo Jiahui
Chapter 131: Breaking into Conference Room
Chapter 132: Test Song Yunxuan
Chapter 133: Song Yunjia Leaves Home
Chapter 134: Drive Song Yunjia Away
Chapter 135: Expel Song Yunxuan from the Song Enterprise
Chapter 136: Big Mouth
Chapter 137: Which Side Song Yunying Takes
Chapter 138: Come Across Huo Ting
Chapter 139: Miss Song with Good Fortune and Short Life
Chapter 140: Yao Mimi Kneeling Down
Chapter 141: Forcing Yao Mimi Ou
Chapter 142: Go To Harbor City
Chapter 143: Punishing Song Yunxuan
Chapter 144: Mrs. Huo’s Embrace
Chapter 145: A Despicable Plo
Chapter 146: Video Shocking Harbor City
Chapter 147: An idio
Chapter 148: Snake in Its Haunts