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Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress

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Originally born from a wealthy family, she ends up leading a vagrant life for fifteen years. However, when she is eventually found by her family, she falls into another devious plot and eventually dies tragically.
《Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress》 Volume 1
1 Death
2 Rebirth
3 Stepmother
4 Grandpa
5 Family Part 1
6 Family Part 2
7 Nemesis
8 Where Did That Smell Come From? Did You Brush Your Teeth?
9 How Dare You Challenge Me? — Umm?
10 The Mysterious Man
11 Sorry, I Don't Really Know How to Use Cutlery and Nearly Hurt You
12 One Hundred and Sixty-Five Million
13 Breeze by the Pillow
14 Are You Jealous of—Me?
15 Send Her Abroad
16 Xinya, Would You Like to Go Abroad?
17 I Will Be Back, There Are Plenty of Opportunities
18 Grampy
19 Harem
20 Acknowledgemen
21 Warmth
22 Plans for Learning
23 Prestige Medical Practitioner
24 Grampy's Gues
25 Crossing Paths with the Enemy
26 Who Dares to Grab It Away from Me?
27 Xia Ruya, Are You Really That Kind?
28 The Previous Person Who Tried to Molest Me Had His Hand Broken
29 The Financial Genius Ouyang Feng
30 Throw Yourself into My Arms — Hmm?
31 How Can You Cheat!!
32 Starting an Investment Company
33 The Well Known and Sought After Attorney, Cheng Ziyi
34 Grinding on the Ink Slab Requires Proper Techniques and a Proper Posture
35 Young Xu Zhenyu
36 Wealthy People Are Naive
37 What Kind of Boys Do Girls Like?
38 A Dramatic Change
39 Affixing a Seal to Declare What Belongs to Me
40 Ruo Ruo from the Du Family
41 You Are Behaving like a Furious Cute Little Wildca
42 You Are Not Even Worthy to Be Her Sidekick
43 Why Pretend to Be a Non-Drinker?
44 Those Who Are Brought up in a Sheltered Environment Behave Differently
45 Xu-Er, Are You Courting Death?!
46 I Asked You to Let Go of Me, Did You Hear Me?
47 The Power of the Media
48 I Want to Totally Ruin Her Reputation and Let Her Suffer the Greatest Humiliation
49 Are You... Are You Jealous?
50 I Must Teach These Sons of Bitches a Lesson
51 Have You No Shame Coming Back to the Wen Family?
52 Here Comes Miss Ruya
53 Stories of the Pas
54 Don't Look at Me like That, I Won't Be Able to Hold Back...
55 I Heard Oyster Is a Treasure for Man's Kidneys
56 Try It, You Might Find It to Be a Pleasant Surprise!
57 It’s Unreasonable for You to Keep Coming Back to the Wen Family
58 I’m Definitely Going to Send Xinya Abroad
59 Black Sunday
60 Were You Secretly Following Me?
61 Nightmare
62 The Death of Yang Chongguang
63 You’re Looking down on Flower Buds!
64 Mysterious Man
65 Are You Threatening Me?
66 For Those Who Have Offended Me, I Will Avenge a Hundred Times
67 The Verdict Has Been Passed
68 If You Continue to Spout Nonsense, I'll Sue You for Slander!
69 Do I Really Look Silly?
70 I Will Join the Military
71 About 34D
72 Personal Assistan
73 The Zither's Music Could Enhance One's Pleasure and His Aura of Elegance
74 The Birthday Party
75 The Big Four
76 Next Time Don't Blame Me for Being Unkind
77 The Landlady's Mouth Is Cleaner Than Yours
78 Could It Be That She Was Locked in the Cloakroom?
《Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress》 Volume 2
79 I Was Framed...
80 It’s a Fitting Punishment to Suffer the Consequence of One's Own Actions
81 Wen Xinya, You Shall Die a Horrible Death!
82 Beat the Teeth and Blood out of Them!
83 Mother Will Avenge You
84 A Bad Chess Temperamen
85 A Beautiful Lady with a 34D Cup
86 She’s Not My Girlfriend!
87 Who Asked Her to be a 34D Beauty?
88 Sister, You Look so Pretty in This Outfi
89 Inheritance
90 Property Planning
91 Kidnapping
92 Something Has Happened
93 Premonition of a Kidnapping
94 Call for Help
95 Miss Wen Kidnapped, Unconfirmed If Dead or Alive
96 Bitch, You Have Ruined My Family and Destroyed My Life
97 One Dose of It Will Bring You Paradise
98 A Hysterical Momen
99 Xu Zhenyu and Si Yiyan Crossed Swords
100 Wen Xinya Met Her Demise
101 The After-Effects of Quitting a Drug Addiction
102 To Crumble and to Weep
103 Xinya, Why Don't You Move Back to the Wen Family!
104 Who Was the Man Who Saved You?
105 At Death's Door
106 Peel off Their Masks, Layer by Layer
107 The Weasel Goes to Pay Respects to the Hen—Not with the Best Intentions
108 The Mysterious Si Yiyan
109 Greedy Calculations
110 Grampy, Do You Know Who Si Yiyan Is?
111 If Buddha Doesn't Let You Cross to Nirvana, I Will Enlighten You
112 Birthday Banque
113 The Exquisite Zhong Rufeng
114 Enemies Really Do Cross Paths Often
115 Wen Xinya Stole My Watch
116 Indeed, You Stole My Watch
117 Ruya Gave Me This Watch as a Gif
118 Wen Xinya, Don't Push Me Too Far
119 Bitches Gonna Bitch
120 Brilliant... That's Brilliant!
121 Aunt Ning, Regarding my Homecoming Party...
122 The Epitome of Elegance—Zhou Huiyan
123 A Platinum Member?!
124 An Insurmountable Disparity
125 Pursuit of the Green-Eyed Monster
126 The Grandiose Homecoming Party
127 5% Shareholdings of the Wen Corporation
128 Foster Parents
129 An Illegitimate Child
130 A Wild Pheasant Can Never Become a Phoenix
131 The Wen Family Will Fight Till the End!
132 A Magnificent Transformation—The Butterfly Emerges from Its Cocoon
133 A Violent and Vulgar Shrew
134 A Bright, Luminous Pearl
135 Locked in the Bathroom
136 Accidentally tricked
137 The nightmare of her previous life
138 Nine-day Phoenix
139 For example... Marrying you!
140 Gentle spoiling 1
141 Gentle spoiling 2
142 I Don't Have Such Disgraceful Daughter
143 Calculating Shares
《Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress》 Volume 3
144 The amazing transformation into a butterfly!!!
145 Visiting mother
146 Turning rich in one second
147 Agreement of the Share Transfer
148 Knockoffs will always be copycats only
149 These skanks are worse than beasts!
150 What are you! Continuation to abuse
151 Sister, why must you frame me child abuse
152 You are no longer the adopted daughter of the Wen Family
153 Nothing in the Wen Family Belongs to You
154 Father Would Not Let Me Get Driven Out of the Wen Family
155 Causing Enmity Between Father and Son
156 Father, Why Did You Hit Me?
157 Heartless
158 Wen Xinya! There Are Many Days Ahead of Us!
159 Everyone is hiding the acting God within them
160 You have to learn from your stepmother
161 Wen Xinya, just you wait, I will return
162 One Who Stands Above Others Has a Target on His Back
163 It’s Hard to Be a Stepmother
164 I Will Bleed You Dry
165 Will You Attend Aunt Ning's Birthday Party?
166 Wen Xinya, Give Me a Hug!
167 The Grand Birthday Cocktail Party
168 Wen Xinya! You Cursed B*tch!
169 Thoroughly Embarrassed
170 The Stark Contrast Between Heaven and Hell
171 Adding Insult to Injury
172 Not That I Mind Your Saliva
173 Xu-er, You're Xinya's Sidekick
174 Only Backstabbers and Women Are Hard to Handle
175 Xu-er! You're So Phony!
176 Just How Hated By Everyone Was Si Yiyan
177 Si Yiyan, Who Exactly Are You?
178 A Guy Bunning a Girl's Hair up Means Intention for Courtship
179 Master Xiasi Has His Way with Women
180 Wen Xinya, I Said That You're Mine
181 Ugly Wife Meets In-Laws
182 Is There Something Wrong with Grampy's Health
183 The Grand Charity Auction
184 A Chance Encounter
185 How Does It Taste to Fail to Get What You Wan
186 Xia Ruya, Isn't the Star of the Sea Beautiful?"
187 The Homewrecker Who Stole the Position at the Fron
188 A Diamond Lasts Forever
189 Don't Do Something That's Beyond Your Ability
190 Green Gragon Is Nothing
191 Hero Saves the Beauty, Pledging Devotion with a Kiss—How's That?
192 Kissing Techniques Get Better with Practice
193 Someday I'll Pay You Back Double!
194 A Centipede Doesn't Topple Over Even When Dead
195 That's My Hard-Earned Money
196 The Call from Xia Ruya's Family
197 Car Acciden
198 80% Ambiguous, Not Yet Lovers
199 Xiao Jingnan—Someone She Used to Love Deeply
200 Reporting to School
201 Better Get the Hell Out of Lan Feng!
202 A Graceful Gentleman—Chu Jingnan
203 Dear Miss Xia, We're Not That Close
204 A Man Must Despise Himself Before Others Will
205 Exaggerated Hatred
206 Killing Two Birds with One Stone!
207 Xia Ruya, We're Really Not Close
208 Bad Memory? Drink NBJ Melatonin !
209 A Jerk & a Slut—a Match Made in Heaven
210 What's Your Relationship with Zhong Rufeng?
211 To Dump the Jerk into the Mud, Never to Rise Again
212 Conceptualizing the Traditional Chinese Medicine Skincare Brand
213 Discussing the Traditional Chinese Medicine Skincare Partnership
214 The Road to Greatness
215 All Set and Waiting for the Opportunity
216 No Poor Soldiers Under an Able General
217 Yes, I'm Jealous!
218 I Swear on my Parents' Names
219 The Silly Wen Xinya
220 Wen Xinya, You're So Silly, You Can Bang the Wall
221 Is the Honorable President Chu Asking Me for Lunch?
222 School Forum Craze
223 A Storm in the Canteen
224 A Slut's Gotta Be Fake
225 The Preparations for Lanya Cosmetics Company
226 A Rat on the Street, Cursed by Everyone
227 "The Wretched Burglar"
228 Angry? Seriously Angry?
229 The Discussion Forums Upvote—Drive Miss Vicious Out of Lan Feng
230 The Wen Family Responds to Everyone's Attacks
231 Stopping the Wen Corporation's Entrance into the Xia Family's Mall
232 I'd Rather Fail the World than Fail You
233 Resolution of the Discussion Forums Storm
234 Get Closer Some More and You'll Die
235 Strip Myself Clean For Your Pleasure
236 Wen Xinya Won't Dare to Do Anything to You
237 When Love Rivals Meet, Their Eyes Blaze with Hatred
238 Actually Two Gluttons!
239 Jiang Ruoyin, Please Apologize to Wen Xinya
240 Filthy Mouth—Deserves to be Slapped!!!
241 A Man Comparable to the Sun
242 This Is the Way of the Virgin Mary!
243 Openly Confronting the President of the Student Union
244 Si Yiyan vs Chu Jingnan
245 I Want an Injury Analysis to Sue Her
246 Dedicated to Attacking the Finest Prince Charming
247 Resource of Handsome Men Should Be Exclusive!!
248 Bird of Paradise
249 Drugged Cocktail!!!
250 Someone Reported Bird of Paradise
251 Daughters from Aristocratic Families Taking Drugs!!
252 Even If You Want to Die, Don't Drag Me to the Grave with You
253 Pack Your Things Now and Scram
254 Su Jinshan, Madam of the Jiang Family
255 Refuse to Change Despite Being Taught, Deserves to be Slapped!!!
256 Laughing Like a Lamenting Cuckoo
257 Heavily Abused and Bleeding
258 The Wen Family Doesn't Tolerate Anyone Challenging Our Powers
259 Retaliate Ruthlessly When Bullied, Whoever They Are
260 Sharing the Same Bed
261 Assaulting Wen Haowen Out of Anger
262 Enchanted by the Warmth & Fragrance of a Beauty in Arms
263 Violently Assaulted for the Second Time
264 Jiang Ruoyin Dropped Out Voluntarily
265 Are you Dumb?!
266 The Honorable President Chu, There's Little Common Ground for Understanding Between People of Differing Principles
267 Shen Mengting Is Madam X's Niece
268 As the Saying Goes: There's Always One Thing to Conquer Another
269 Actually Injury Recuperation, Not Childbirth Confinemen
270 Proving My Innocence with Death
271 Emergency Room
272 Strip Away Her Disguise
273 The Ancient Imperial Skincare Secret Hype
274 The Police Suspects That You're Connected to the Drug Possession Case
275 To Make You Wear My Mark at All Times
276 A Whopping 8.5 Million Yuan
277 Managing the Cooperation with the Floral Lingo Pavilion for Traditional Chinese Medicine Skincare
278 Ning Shuqian's Reputation Is Completely Wrecked
279 Surrounded by a Few Hooligans
280 Say It! Who Sent You Guys?
281 An Eye for an Eye, a Tooth for a Tooth
282 I Will Destroy You If You Try to Hurt Me Again
283 It's Proven—Men Are All Jerks
284 A Full Vegetarian Thank-You Banque
285 Surrounded by Reporters
286 Xia Ruya, So What If I Hit You?
287 I Said, Stop Snapping!
288 Addicted to Raising Others' Daughters
《Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress》 Volume 4
289 Plot Falling Through As Tables Turned
290 Self-Humiliation
291 Useless, Imbecile, Idiot, Moron...
292 Bumping Into the Jerk & Slu
293 Xia Ruya's Evil Plans & Plots
294 Reborn from the Storm, the Phoenix Soars the Celestial Skies
295 Overcrowded with the Finest Goods
296 Commencement of the School's Anniversary Celebrations
297 Have I Really Maligned You?
298 Totally Reduced to Wen Xinya's Supporting Role!
299 Violent Dispute of the Year in Lan Feng Institute
300 How Does it Feel to be Publicly Shamed?
301 Wen Xinya... You're Bringing Suit to Your Victim
302 The Administrative Office of the Institute
303 You Were Merely Exploited by Wen Xinya
304 Okay, Wen Xinya—You Win!
305 Voting for the Four Belles on the Discussion Forums
306 Seventh in Running for the Queen of Lan Feng
307 How Much Is Your Pride Worth?
308 I've Belittled This Shameless Wretch
309 You're the Man Whom I Fancy
310 Even Confucius Says That Appetite and Lust Are Only Natural!
311 Xinya, Why Are You Having a Nosebleed?
312 Are You Sure She's Fit Enough to Be Your Woman?
313 Wen Xinya Is So Evil!
314 A Hundred Million Dollars for the Life of the Xiasi Group's Leader
315 The Ninth Floor of Ninth-Heaven
316 Does Buddha Have Sexual Needs Too?
317 A Well-Thought Packaging Design
318 The Evil Boss Who Abuses His Employees
319 Lust Is Just an Empty Shell
320 Finding Fault On Purpose
321 I'm Going to Kill You for Causing Me so Much Harm
322 I Don't Have a Niece!
323 Bringing Trouble Upon Oneself
324 Ning Shuqian, This Is Only the Beginning of Your Agony
325 You Were Actually Chased by a Dog
326 Are You Getting Jealous of a Dog?
327 What Do My Affairs Have to Do with You?
328 Why Should I Be Jealous of You?
329 Xinya, Why Are You Having a Nosebleed?
330 Rushing to Hold Yourself Cheap
331 You're the Best Man I've Ever Me
332 She Had Other Intentions
333 Xinya, You've Landed Yourself in Hot Soup This Time
334 You're Just Pretending to Be Innocent After Receiving a Benefi
335 Becoming a Member of the Zhishan Club
336 Saving a Ton on Advertising and Publicity
337 You're Just an Evil Person!
338 Patek Phillipe
339 Arrested and Brought to the Police Station
340 There's More to Jiang Ruoyin's Abduction!
341 You Can't Even Save Yourself Now
342 Jaw-Jaw Is Better Than War-War
343 Qiu Yifan Intervenes and Shows His Authority
344 Si Yiyan Has Been Alarmed
345 You Have to Apologize to Miss Wen on the Spo
346 Let's Just Wait and See
347 It Was Just a Slip of the Tongue
348 If You Promise to Be Loyal, I Promise to Never Leave You!
349 Wen Xinya Is Being a Tyran
350 Too Bad, the Person Whom You Offended Is Wen Xinya
351 Gotta Punish That Ungrateful Child!
352 Chaos Has Broken Out in the Wen Family!
353 Your Speech Is Redundan
354 Your Real Motive Is to Send Xinya Abroad
355 Like Swallowing a Fly Live
356 Exposing the Hypocritical Xia Ruya's True Colors
357 You Don't Even Have the Intention of Bearing Children for Haowen
358 How Can One Tolerate Others Encroaching on One's Preserve?
359 Don't Harbor Designs on Things That Don't Belong to You
360 Thrown out of the Jiang Corporation Office Tower
361 Have You Learned the Art of Seduction?
362 Calling You a Dimwit Is an Understatemen
363 The Arising Issues That Surfaced During the Acquiremen
364 It's Your Time to Shine, Ninth Young Master of Xiasi Group
365 The Despicable Backstabber
366 The Xiao Corporation Fails to Acquire Ai Shang Group
367 Wen Xinya, Why Are You So Lovable?
368 Making a Bridal Gown for the Wen Corporation
369 We Still Have to Work Hard Towards the Revolution
370 The Wen Corporation Will Belong to Wen Xinya One Day
371 Every Man for Himself
372 Tit for Tat!
373 Aunt Ning, I'll Take You in Hand If You Can't Stay in Your Lane
374 You've Got Such a Foul Mouth
375 Si Yiyan, Did We Know Each Other in Our Previous Lifetime?
376 Wen Xinya Is Related to Shen Mengting Injuring You?
377 The More Beautiful Something Was, the More Poisonous It Was!
378 I Prefer a Kiss
379 Your Aunt Ning Is Kindhearted
380 Old Mr. Wen Faints
381 I Must Make Her Die a Horrible Death
382 The Emergency Rescue Room
383 Xinya, Do You Resent Your Father?
384 Wen Xinya, Just What Intentions Are You Harboring?
385 I'll Ask You for Candy!
386 That Little Shrew Wen Xinya Is Detestable
387 You're Nothing But a Jinx
388 Has Old Sir Ever Mentioned Anything About His Will?
389 This Is the Real Affirmation
390 Assassinated Right Outside the Hospital
391 His Arm Almost Became Crippled
392 An Eye for an Eye
393 You'd Better Pray That You Can Sleep in Peace from Now On
394 You Must Give Up the Rights to Succeeding the Wen Corporation
395 Don't You Find Me Very Capable?
396 A Person from the Gray Area
397 Pretending to Be Sentimental yet Ambiguous
398 Zhong Rufeng, Who Leads a Resplendent yet Simple Life
399 I'll Take the Pain and Hardship While You Enjoy the Bliss
400 Wen Xinya Is Far More Intimidating Than She Had Imagined
401 Only a Fool Wouldn't Take Advantage When He Can
402 Becoming a Slave for Love and a Devil for Lus
403 Love Made Me Become a Demon
404 The Official Opening of Lanxin Cosmetics Store
405 Celebrating the Official Opening
406 The Nine Qualities Required of the Head of the Xiasi Group
407 Capital City's Underground King
408 The Bloodbaths Hidden in the Dark
409 Reshuffling of Power
410 The Kingpin
411 What If They Really Kill Us?
412 Mr. Si, Please Save Me, I'm Xia Ruya!
413 Complete Wipeout of the Triads
414 The Outcome Will Be Finalized Come Tomorrow
415 The Dead... Have the Right to Know the Truth Too
416 You're the Real Mastermind
417 Si Yiyan, You Can't Change Fate
418 Si Yiyan, It's Hard to Serve Me
419 Ninth Young Master of Xiasi Brews Some Ginger Soup
420 Huo Qiuzhen Is Perhaps Just a Scapegoa
421 Those Who Cross the Line Should Be Killed and Destroyed
422 Keep Talking and I'll Scratch Your Face
423 The Pure and Innocent Girl Turns out to Be a Liberal and Loose One
424 You're Just an Illegitimate Daughter
425 Men Value Women's Satisfaction in Bed the Mos
426 The Two Adoptive Daughters of the Wen Family
427 Her Relationship With Si Yiyan Gets Exposed
428 How Are You Going to Make Up for Breaking My Window?
429 What Do You Mean by Passing Through Heaven and Hell Rapidly?
430 What Happened With Ruya's Scandal?
431 You Were the One Who Plotted Ruya's Scandal
432 You Can't Depend on Anyone but Yourself
433 The Characteristics of a Pretentious Bitch
《Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress》 Volume 5
434 Xia Ruya Is Labeled as a Shameless Bitch
435 Adding Fuel to the Fire
436 Why Don't You Play With Me?
437 Officer, She's the One Who Seduced Me Firs
438 Si Yiyan Recites a Romantic Poem
439 Xia Ruya Is Holding a Press Conference
440 What Is Xia Ruya Doing in a Forensic Hospital?
441 The Real Motive Behind the Virginity Test Repor
442 The Press Conference
443 Announcing the Virginity Test Reports
444 Those Who Have Sinned Deserve to Die
445 Shameless Lecher!
446 Wen Xinya, It's Still Unknown Who'll Win
447 No, I Don't Wanna Go Abroad...
448 A Centipede Doesn't Topple Over Even When Dead
449 Xia Ruya's Fightback Part 1
450 Xia Ruya's Fightback Part 2
451 Xia Ruya's Fightback Part 3
452 Why Did Xia Ruya Show up at the Wen Family Home?
453 Wen Xinya's Menacing Retaliation
454 You Have Your Own Ways, So Do I
455 Cinderella Who Turned into a Bumpkin Again
456 The Illegitimate Son and the Illegitimate Daughter Make the Perfect Match
457 The Battle Between Rationality and Emotion
458 Ning Shuqian Has Lost Her Greatest Backer
459 She's the Incarnate of Your Rival in the Previous Lifetime
460 Wen Xinya Is Being a Tyran
461 You're Not Even Worthy to Be a Concubine
462 Just Making the Last Effor
463 All the Meticulous Plans Have Gone in Vain
464 Over My Dead Body, Will I Let You Return to the Wen Family
465 A Sudden Call From Xu Zhenyu
466 My Girl, Has Finally Grown Up
467 Building My Own Business Empire
468 The Floral Language of Cornflower Is Meeting Happiness
469 The Auction on the Cruise Ship
470 The Leader of the Xu Family, Xu Qingqiu
471 Lucifer, Monarch, Xiasi Group
472 The Unspoken Rules of the Casino on the Yach
473 The Seductive Si Yiyan
474 Flirting with Si Yiyan in the Restaurant of the Cruise
475 Young Master Anatoli
476 The Ivanov Family
477 The Consideration of Wisdom When Devising a Scheme
478 Who'd Vie with Me?
479 He Was Cunning and Ruthless While She Was Bent on Seeking Revenge
480 Lust Is Empty
481 Trying to Toy with My Woman...
482 This Amazing Time, This Lifetime
483 Pay for Your Debts with Your Body
484 Untitled
485 How Ning Shuqian Had Changed Over Two Years
486 How Xia Ruya Had Changed Over Two Years
487 Xia Ruya's Great Comeback
488 An Utterly Shameless Person Will Have No Foe
489 Treating Her as a Whetstone for Growth
490 Truth Or Dare
491 Are You Still a Virgin Or Not?
492 Wen Xinya Is Getting Proud
493 The Wen Corporation Annual Gala
494 Xia Ruya Shows up at the Annual Wen Corporation Gala
495 The Elegant and Noble Princess-like Xia Ruya
496 Coincidentally Dressed in the Same Outfit as a Lowly Actress
497 Xiao Zhiyuan from the Xiao Family
498 Jiang Shaofeng and Jiang Ruoyin
499 Xia Ruya Invites Old Mr. Wen to a Dance
500 The First Dance of the Gala
501 Ning Shuqian Who Kept an Exceptionally Low Profile
502 Is Ning Shuqian Really Pregnant?
503 Testing Her Pulse
504 You Bastard, How Dare You Touch Me
505 Vicious and Treacherous
506 I Recognize Xinya!
507 Father, You're Being Unfair to Me and Shuqian
508 A Call from Grampy
509 Si Yiyan, Are You Angry?
510 The So-Called Privilege!
511 Come Here, I'll Apply Some Medicine on Your Wounds!
512 Untitled
513 The Double Headlines on the Cover Page
514 Aunt Ning, It's Time Yuya Comes Home
515 Troublemaker
516 Ninth Young Master, You Were Being Violated!
517 Long Time No See, Senior Chu
518 Ning Shuqian Is Moving Back to the Wen Family Home!
519 Taking the Chance to Show Her Prowess
520 The Coming-Of-Age Ceremony Is to Be Extravagant!
521 Coming-Of-Age Ceremony Theme Planning!
522 I Want to Enroll in the Design Course of the Capital University
523 Sowing Discord
524 To Go for Wool and Come Home Shorn
525 I Want to Give You a Surprise
526 Taking the Chance to Plant a Snitch in the Wen Family Home
527 All Her Plans Have Been Foiled
528 Your Pregnancy Won't Pose a Threat to My Status
529 Once You Belong to Me, I'll Ask for It Back
530 On the Same Day as Xia Ruya's Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
531 Xinya, You Do Have Lots of Medicinal Recipes, Don't You?
532 Are You Just Faking Your Pregnancy?
533 Ning Shuqian Shot Herself in the Foo
534 I'm Not Going to Let Du Ruo Take My Pulse
535 Untitled
536 Ning Shuqian Is an Ant Beneath Your Fee
537 Ning Shuqian Is Stuck
538 Traditional Chinese Medicine Master Luo Le
539 Will Excessive Nourishment Cause a Slippery Pulse Too?
540 Si Yiyan Gets Jealous of Cleopatra
541 Xia Ruya Is Moving in with the Wen Family for a Long Term Stay
542 Xia Ruya Has Set Her Sights on Something That Belongs to Her
543 Wen Xinya Learns Russian
544 The Arrangements of Xia Ruya's Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
545 An Unresolved Case from Three Years Ago
546 Xia Ruya Has Fallen Ill!
547 Si Yiyan Must Be Heaven's Illegitimate Son
548 Grandpa's Atonemen
549 Thinking That Others Are as Scheming as You
550 Xia Ruya Gets the Runs
551 A Person of Noble Character Will Not Be Obsessed with Love
552 Old Mr. Wen Alters the Will
553 The Wen Corporation Belongs to Me and Only Me
554 The Situation in the Wen Family... Is Changing
555 When Will Everything Come to Fruition?
556 Untitled
557 Father, How Does It Feel to Have Your Wrist Dislocated?
558 I, Wen Xinya, Have Never Been a Sain
559 The Escalation of the Scandal
560 Xinya, You're a Flower That Blooms in Adversity
561 The Jiang Family and the Xiao Family Are at It Again
562 Wen Haowen Fools Around
563 Wen Haowen Surrounded By Reporters
564 The Scandal Comes to Ligh
565 Cartier Blood Diamond
566 Women Conquer the World by Conquering Men
567 Attending to One Thing and Losing Sight of Another
568 The Exposure of Xia Ruya's Shameful Videos
569 Wen Xinya, You're the One Who Harmed Me!
570 Wen Xinya Is Just Out to Ruin Me!
571 The Arrangements for the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
572 The Zhishan Club’s Reaction
573 You're Not Wen Xinya, Who Exactly Are You?
574 Manipulating Others
575 The Mannerisms of a Winner
576 The Venue of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
577 Grandpa's Opinion of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
《Reborn Aristocrat: Return of the Vicious Heiress》 Volume 6
578 The Day of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
579 The Grand Transfer of Shares
580 Everything Is Ruined
581 Old Mr. Mo's Plans
582 The Tailgating Inciden
583 Extreme Feminine Scen
584 Raising a Fair and Beautiful Pig Before Slaughtering and Eating It!
585 Si Yiyan, Calling You Shameless Is an Understatemen
586 Ninth Young Master, You've Lost Your Chastity
587 Ning Yuya Has Returned!
588 The Prelude of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
589 The Official Commencement of the Coming-Of-Age Ceremony
590 The True Meaning of Words
591 History Repeats Itself
592 The Poor Accessory
593 Si Yiyan's Flirting Skills
594 Xu-er, You're a Military Major!
595 Jealousy? What's That?