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The last piece of equipment was an item called [Death Singer]

When Lin Jie saw that piece of equipment, his heartbeat sped up. Other than giving a large number of materials, Devils•Varvis had even dropped a few special items. This was one of them!

[Death Singer] (Dark Gold, Accessory)

All Attributes: +1

Special skill: Army of the Dead! You summon at least 10 Flesh Eaters to fight for you. For every corpse around you, an additional Flesh Eater will be summoned.

[Flesh Eater] (Weakened Creature): Level 20 Undead

Health Points: 100

Skills: Taunt, Self-Destruct.

The Death Singer was in the shape of a white skull with faintly glowing green eyes. It looked mysterious, and howling of spirits could be heard coming from it.

Lin Jie held it in his hands, full of excitement. If it was used well, it would be a divine piece of equipment!

\"I want this!\" Lin Jie pondered for a while and spoke. \"As for the materials dropped by the Devil, I won't be taking them. What do you all think?\"

\"What are you saying, Boss? If you want it, just take it.\"

\"That's right.\"

Everyone agreed.

Inksnow knew that Lin Jie's words were directed at her. To be frank, at the very last moment, if Dumb Fox and Heaven Plume had not screwed up and gotten themselves killed, Lin Jie would have a higher chance of succeeding! Although they had still managed to clear the dungeon, the Brotherhood had done most of the work. The three guild leaders' performance was mediocre, and they did not have any rights to fight for the item-drops.

Now, it was all up to her if she wanted the equipment.

\"I have a condition.\" Inksnow pointed with her beautiful fingers and said gently, \"I heard that you guys will have a gathering? Let me join too.\"

Initially, Lin Jie was frowning. Could this rumored MT really not know any better? However, after hearing her conditions, his face relaxed. He had heard that Inksnow was also a beauty in the real world, so it would be great for her to come.

After discussing, Lin Jie obtain the Death Singer. This was another special accessory after the Feather Drop Gem.

The three guild leaders mostly acted as onlookers from the beginning to the end. Although they were all elite players, they were far from the top ranks. In actual fact, most guild leaders were not as powerful as the top rankers. After all, the accomplishments of guild leaders were not judged by their individual strength, but rather the way they managed their guilds and the number of powerful members they had. For example, Dumb Fox had Inksnow and Midnight under him, while Ghost Eyes had Great Precision and many more under him. But in the end, they had gotten an abundance of rewards too. Other than the rewards from the first clear of each Boss, they had even received an additional Skill Point, which was priceless.

\"Let's go to the Sky Provisions Shop later and forge equipment with all these materials.\" Lin Jie smiled. \"I'll treat everybody to drinks too. This time I'll splurge and let you all try some Wings of Heaven.\"

Wings of Heaven cost 500 gold coins a cup. Only merchants in the black market and smugglers were able to get their hands on stocks. It was an extremely rare item and one of the most luxurious kinds of alcohol. It could increase the stats of players permanently. Of course, the ingredients of Wings of Heaven was Angel's blood. There were some evil underground organizations that killed Angels and extracted their blood to make alcohol.

This was similar to the Tiger's Bone Wine and Snake's Gallbladder Wine in the real world.

Baili Changcheng grinned. \"It'll be your treat in the game. Everyone, prepare for our gathering in the real world. We'll hold it at my place. With our technology now, we can travel around the Earth in just 12 hours. No matter how far you are, you'll be able to come.\"

Domestic Fat Cattle asked skeptically, \"There are over dozens of us here. If we really go, we'll even bring a few friends with us. There's going to be at least 100 people! Can you manage it?\"

Baili Changcheng waved his hand and said confidently, \"Relax, that's not a problem. Everybody's food and accommodation will be free. My treat!\" At that moment, he was exuding the noble aura as Jiang City's Outstanding One. \"Those who are attending, send me a message so we can estimate the numbers. Let's have a good gathering.\"

Lin Jie smiled and said, \"Okay, okay, we'll put this on the schedule. It'll take some time for everyone to confirm, so let's talk about it again. Let's go to the Sky Provisions Shop first. I'll be visiting the Raid Commander to handle some important matters.\"


Everyone was laughing with joy as they teleported to the City of Light with scrolls, all preparing to forge equipment. The materials from the Devil were middle-grade ones. Compared to the materials from the Frost Dragon, they were much more accepted and suited to be forged by the professional Living job gamers in the Sky Provisions Shop. After today, 1/10 of the hundreds of Armory Technicians, Enchantment Masters, and Blacksmiths would be advancing to middle-grade!

Lin Jie left the dungeon alone.

There was already a person waiting for him.

\"I thought you would still squabble with me before finally handing over the money without any other choice.\" Lin Jie teased. The person he was talking to was none other than the unrestrained gambler, Character Z! Although this guild leader here looked calm and indifferent, the slight twitching in the corner of his mouth exposed him. His heart must be bleeding now.

Character Z took in a deep breath and said, \"I've brought the 10,000 gold coins you wanted. I'll hand over them now—\"

\"300,000,\" interrupted Lin Jie.

He coldly said, \"Character Z, do you take me for an idiot? Didn't you post that sort of notice about the wager on the game's official website so that you could pressure us into joining Twilight Transmigration after you succeeded? Even if we didn't work for you, Twilight Transmigration would have gained a lot of reputation from us, isn't that right?\"

\"No, I wanted to conceal our betting terms. Initially, we agreed that if I were to win, I'd take over your name as Codename Lone Wolf. Do you think I could've blatantly posted this online?\" retorted Character Z sarcastically. He said persuasively, \"I did it to hide our true wager. Anyway, the 300,000 gold coins as wager helped to increase the Brotherhood's presence as well, isn't that right?\"

Lin Jie snickered. \"No point in arguing. Either you give me the money, or I'll spend a few cents and send the Water Army to the forum. The last time they dissed An Xiaoran wasn't enough. It would definitely be much more meaningful to expose Twilight Transmigration's guild leader, who is in the limelight now.\"

Character Z grimaced. He had heard that Codename Lone Wolf was working with the famous reporter Junior Mo. However, Codename Lone Wolf had been keeping a low profile and was never exposed. As such, nobody was able to catch him on the hip.


—\"Character Z requests to trade with you.\"

Lin Jie opened the trade interface. He watched as Character Z typed in slowly, and entered 300,000 gold coins! He watched as Character Z's hand trembled with every zero keyed in. Although he was supposed to be over the moon, Lin Jie, who had won both fame and fortune, could not help but frown.

What kind of person was Character Z? He was the Twilight Transmigration's guild leader, a huge businessman in the real world, a martial artist, as well as a swordsman. Putting aside the loss of 30,000,000 dollars in cash, which would have affected him, he was a martial artist with strong mental fortitude. He had remained calm throughout the dungeon, but he was actually trembling now because of the money. Did that make any sense?

Of course not! Unless he was stalling for time!

Only after ten whole seconds, did Character Z finally enter the full amount onto the trading interface. He took in a deep breath and smiled bitterly. \"Lone Wolf, you must have known that I had a mole in your team, right? That's how you used the fourth and fifth Bosses to screw me over.\"

Lin Jie clicked his tongue and exclaimed, \"You're still trying to sow discord in my team until now? Yes, not only do I know who the mole is, I also know that you are not the one who put him inside. You don't have that capability. Okay, now that I have the money, I'll be leaving first. Chairman Z, remember to call me if you have free money to give out again.\"

Lin Jie's finger bent as he began to activate the random teleportation scroll.

\"You! Hold it!\" Character Z's pupils constricted. He did not expect Lin Jie to actually just leave like that. He attacked with his blade and sent out a spinning tornado, which hit Lin Jie. While teleportation was being cast, if the user was attacked, the teleportation would be canceled.

At that moment!


A large crack suddenly appeared on the ground. It resembled a huge mouth that looked extremely intimidating.

A deep roar traveled from the abyss, directed towards the sky! A large black Devil descended from the sky. This Devil was unlike Varvis, it was a Boss that originated from Devils' Fork. It was a Level 60 Dark Gold Highlord that resided deep in Devils' Fork. Normally, people would not provoke this Highlord since its aggro range was too big! Unless one left Devils' Fork and all the other dungeons, it would chase them till the end.

Beneath the crack on the ground, hundreds of corpses were lying in it! Clearly, they had sacrificed many heads in order to summon the Dark Gold Highlord from underground. This was the price they had to pay in order to destroy Lone Wolf!


A silhouette that was barely visible called out. It was Shadower Chaos In The Sky! He pulled the aggro of the Devil Highlord and then scoffed, before scattering phosphorus powder and entering Forced Invisibility in an instant.


Seeing that the little ant before it had disappeared out of nowhere, its rage grew out of humiliation from losing its target. It immediately changed its target and locked onto the closest person, Lin Jie.

Locked on!

—Battle prompt message: You have been locked on by the Dreadlord, unable to leave battle mode. When the Dreadlord moves towards you, its speed will be increased by 25%.

'Darn it, no wonder that fellow was stalling for time.' Lin Jie immediately understood Character Z's train of thoughts. After losing the dungeon, that fellow was unhappy and wanted Lin Jie to die right in front of the dungeon! Either that or Character Z already knew that he could not beat Lone Wolf, so he had prepared this scheme way beforehand.

'That piece of trash, how sinister!'

What Lin Jie did not know was that Character Z's originally planned to obtain the dungeon's first clear and then block it. He would then make anyone that had joined Twilight Transmigration to act as obstacles and allow the Devil to kill Lin Jie. He wanted Codename Lone Wolf to suffer!