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428 Berserker“s 100 Consecutive Strikes

'Combo Attack, Combo Attack… Attacking consecutively is what Combo Attack is! All skills, all actions are the parts that make up the Combo Attack.' Lin Jie realized something at that moment. With immense concentration and high intensity, he slashed his sword consecutively—the Devil's Rain of Spears had actually become his training grounds!

Star Kill's eyes were filled with shock and amazement. \"OMG… I am a Bandit, and even with half a year of honing my skills, my Combo Attack is still stuck at 59, and I'm trying to use this Devil's Rain of Spear to breakthrough my limit. Boss' Combo Attack is already nearing 50! But, he is a Berserker!\"

Lin Jie swung his Broken Blade while rejoicing, it was like an idiot had received enlightenment, and all problems were solved.

In Lin Jie's previous life, his combo technique had been his fatal flaw. If it hadn't been for his superb techniques and powerful equipment, it would have been difficult, even for him, to obtain the title of Battle Emperor. However, now, he had grasped the essence of the Combo Attack: The connection of skills and normal attacks to the enemy's body movements, immediately everything was clear and even swinging his blade seemed much smoother.

'If I continue like this, will I reach the legendary realm of Berserker's 100 Consecutive Strikes?' Lin Jie's heart thumped as memories from the past flooded his mind.

In Lin Jie's previous life, he had once met a top-tier Bandit, an expert. Lin Jie had swung his sword up to a hundred times, but every attack had only hit the air. Each slash had seemed to be able to merely keep up with the Bandit's shadows, forever unable to touch the real body.

Finally, in the heat of the moment, Lin Jie had activated Blood Soul and used brute strength to overcome technique, directly killing him. However, Lin Jie remembered the words that the Bandit had left even until now: \"Your strength is potent enough, but your technique is too weak. Even if you attack for a hundred years, you won't be able to hit me who has grasped one of the Nine Great Techniques of Bandits—Phantom Step. Such people like you most probably can't even begin to fathom the Berserkers' top-tier technique! Even if it were the simplest Berserker's 100 Consecutive Strikes, you wouldn't be able to do it, hahaha…\"

The Nine Great Techniques!

Berserker's 100 Consecutive Strikes!

That was a skill that Lin Jie had never heard before. Only after probing further afterward did Lin Jie understand that all jobs had their so-called top-tier techniques, which could also be called as ability, move, but were extremely obscure. It seemed like only the \"God\" that each job believed in would be able to know it. Meanwhile, within the Berserker's Nine Great Techniques, there was \"Berserker's 100 Consecutive Strikes\".

As the name stated, the number of Combo Attacks would reach 100.


Just when Lin Jie was submersed in using Combo Attacks, the Devil's Rain of Spear suddenly disappeared.

Half an hour had passed, and the Boss' health points had been reduced by 500,000!

\"Everyone, be careful, beware of the next stage,\" reminded Lin Jie.


Everyone's line of sight turned pitch black as they were enveloped by a layer of darkness. In the fourth stage, each player would enter an individual Willpower Space.

In front of Lin Jie was a zombie full of tears, staggering as it moved towards Lin Jie.

The system prompt message also appeared.

—'Kill the Sad Zombie, deal 10,000 points of Magic Damage.'

In that stage, the players would randomly face Undeads that were a gathering of all kinds of different negative emotions. According to the system prompt message, by fulfilling the condition, they could eliminate the Undead and deal 10,000 points of damage to the Boss. What was worth mentioning was that the Attack of each Undead, which was a gathering of negative emotions, was quite high. Basically, one would die if bitten three times.

\"Flame Boost!\"

10,000 points of damage were simple to Lin Jie, so he activated Flame Boost and directly killed it! 10,000 points of damage also popped up from the top of the Devil's head. Every time a negative emotion was killed, the Boss would receive 10,000 points of damage.

Immediately after, a Furious Undead, Fearful Undead, and Happy Undead were formed.

System prompt message: Combine Happy and Fearful, then successfully escape for 2 minutes. The Furious Undead will explode by itself.

\"Army Obliteration!\"

After Lin Jie combined both Undeads, he instantly used Army Obliteration. The Movement Speed enhancement of the Mad Dog's Boots was triggered, and he instantly dashed away. The Furious Undead would chase the player for 2 minutes, and in that period of time, its speed would gradually increase. If Lin Jie did not activate the Mad Dog's Boots' effect, it would be impossible for Lin Jie to outrun it.

After two minutes, the three Undeads died. The next one that appeared right after, and it was the Depressed Undead.

This time the requirement was to endure 10 attacks by the Depressed Undead and stay alive.



Lin Jie took the hit head-on, and his whole body trembled. He instantly used the combo of Shield Cut and Army Obliteration to activate Life-Steal, then he gulped down a health potion. Afterward, he retreated as the Undead's Attack was too high.

The good thing was that its Movement Speed was slow, so once Lin Jie's health points decreased, he would run to one side to regen and then take the next hit. However, when the Depressed Undead made its last attack, its claws reached out for Lin Jie ferociously! Lin Jie was slightly shocked and subconsciously activated Dark Chaotic Hole!

MISS! (10,192 points of damage are immuned)

'F*ck, it was actually Weak Point Damage + Armor Ignore!'

Lin Jie heaved a sigh of relief before he was teleported out.

—'You have successfully cleared the Negative Space, you received 1,000,000 EXP. Your Resistance has increased by 3 points.\"

\"You're out too,\" said Baili Changcheng as he smiled. \"Looks like I was slightly faster than you.\"

Lin Jie had a solemn face on as he looked at the various black fogs. \"I hope that everyone has good luck, the negative emotions inside rely too heavily on luck.\"

\"We can only silently pray for them here now,\" replied Baili Changcheng, solemnly.

The damage values still continued popping up from the Boss' head, which proved that there were people continuously defeating Undeads with negative emotions from the inside. However, Lin Jie could only wait now, which made him extremely uncomfortable.

Half a minute later, Bu Yi came out. All the monsters she had met compared healing powers with her, so she had won easily.

However… the next one was bad news.

—'Your teammate Inksnow has died.\"

MT Inksnow died!

\"Ahhhhhh, you're actually demanding me to have 5 consecutive Critical Hits, son of a b*tch! I'm a Shield Specialist!\" cursed Inksnow in a fit. She was obviously rendered speechless about her luck.

The bad news continued coming: Star Kill, I'm No. 1, Lost Camel, they had all died.

The Boss still had 600,000 health points left!

\"Come on, come on!\" Lin Jie held his fists tightly, the only thing he could do now was to cheer on the comrades inside!

It was the hardest for the Savage Blade team members to face such battles where teamwork was not needed at all. A total of half the members died in this stage. The only fortunate thing was that within the players who survived, there were Shield Specialists, Healers, and Damage Dealers, so the team was still quite complete.

\"Kiakiakiakiakia…\" The Boss let out a strange peal of laughter and entered the last stage! The Boss extended his right hand, and a giant purplish-black hand grabbed towards Lin Jie.

Death Grip!

Lin Jie also stretched out his right hand, and with the effects of his skill, Death Grip, the Boss' skill was nullified. The Boss was slightly stunned, but immediately after, he let out ferocious roars and flew up into the sky. He then dove rapidly with his Long Spear piercing towards Lin Jie!

Forward Charge!

Lin Jie locked onto his teammate and dodged the Boss' dive. He used his Broken Blade and slashed the Devil's wing, dealing 500+ damage. The Devil's diving attack failed, so he waved his Long Spear, and the spear shone, turning into ten fast rays of light!

Besides The Heavenly Shield, the others would be instantly killed the moment that attack touched them!

The Boss in the last stage only had two skills: Mid-Air Dive, which dealt 5 times the damage to a single unit, directly killing the target instantly. He would shoot out light rays after flying into mid-air, and there would be at least 10 rays, the number of which would increase by 1 every time. His Movement Speed was very fast, and he would also be in an Invincible state!

The only time when they could deal damage was the instant when the Boss was diving.

To kill the Boss, the key was at the fourth stage where everyone had to deal enough damage while in the Willpower Space. After coming out, if the Boss had a few health points left, then it would be easy to kill him!


The Devil dove yet again, he was as fast as lightning. In the blink of an eye, he brought Dumb Fox into the sky and killed the poor fellow with a pierce of his spear! Meanwhile, besides Lin Jie, who had grasped the chance to slash the Devil's wings once, the others' attacks all missed.

There were only 0.5 seconds to attack when the Devil was diving, and it was simply impossible to react!

\"Damn it!\" Dumb Fox's corpse fell to the ground, and Heaven Plume could not help but shoot daggers with his eyes at the Devil.

Just at that moment, the Boss reshot rays of spears and 11 light rays just nicely surrounded Heaven Plume, directly killing him!

—\"'Your teammates, Heaven Plume and Dumb Fox have died.'

Lin Jie's heart turned cold. 'Not good, really not good!'

\"Be careful!\"

In the half-second where Lin Jie blanked out, the Boss aimed Lin Jie and was about to kill him instantly! Just at that moment, Baili Changcheng activated Icicle Armor and rushed towards Lin Jie, but the spear pierced straight through him, and he became a corpse! The Boss' Devil's Spear could ignore Invincible-type skills.

Lin Jie's pupils constricted. \"Baili!\"

\"Yes, that's right, protect Lone Wolf!\" Bu Yi's eyes lit up as she opened her small arms and hurriedly said, \"We can't attack the Boss, only he can, so we will all protect Lone Wolf by staying beside him.\"


As Bu Yi ran towards Lin Jie, suddenly, her surroundings went dark. A shadow flew past, and Bu Yi's chest was pierced through!



Bu Yi's corpse landed on the ground heavily. Before she died, she had enhanced Power Word Shield on Lin Jie. Although there was not much use by doing so, she still used her own way to encourage Lin Jie to keep going.

Lin Jie's eyes turned red as he let out a deep roar, like a wild beast. He poured all his health points into the Sea King Scaly Armor as it was already the situation where one would die instantly.

'F*ck it!'

Death Rage, Heart of Enrage, Blood Power!

Lin Jie charged towards the Boss as though he was a crazed beast! The instant the Boss dove, Lin Jie jumped up high like a gorilla, and his Broken Blade violently stabbed into the Devil's wing. Lin Jie pulled his blade back fiercely, and a small bit of the wing was torn off! The Boss also received 5,898 points of Critical Hit Damage!

The huge damage enhancement allowed Lin Jie to injure the Boss heavily!

However, The Heavenly Shield had replaced Lin Jie to become the target of the dive, and with the spear stabbing through his body, he died!

Lin Jie had completely gone into a frenzy. He did not dodge at all as each time the Boss dove, the death of one of his comrades followed. However, Lin Jie also dealt huge damage figures to him, the Boss' wings were already torn into shreds!

\"Fall to the ground!\"


The Boss dove yet again and stabbed Netherblue to death. Lin Jie took the chance and grabbed the wings of the Devil, with a brutal slice, he chopped off the whole Devil's wings! The Boss dropped to the ground with a thud!

However, how was it possible that the final Boss' skill was so simple? He raised his Long Spear, and light rays were shot out once again—there was a total of 20 of them! There was only half the ankle's length of space to stand on!

\"Dragon Armor Removal! Clomaros' Kill!\"

Lin Jie let out a fierce roar, and he lightly tapped his feet onto the ground as if it were like a dragonfly skimming the surface of the water. The instant his thick and heavy boots touched the ground, he instantly jumped up. His eyes were burning with fury as though he was in a crazed state, he looked terrifying and hideous. Aura gathered to form a long dragon, which blasted the Boss' body—the fearsome power of the Clomaros' Kill had finally shown itself!



Even the Boss could not take the powerful impact, and his body was knocked backward!

However, Death Rage had ended, and Lin Jie's super high explosive damage output had also disappeared.

\"Combo Attack Technique, I'm going all out!\" roared Lin Jie. He had completely stimulated the craziness of a Berserker.

He kept the Boss' body in the air as his Blood Explosion brutally sliced open the Devil's stomach like a butcher's knife and pitch-black blood splurged out!

Lin Jie's mind actually became clearer and clearer in his crazed state, each slash accurately slicing open the Devil's body as though it were during the Devil's Rain of Spear, each strike accurately hitting the spear's tip!

Just when normal attacks could not deal enough damage, he swung his Broken Blade and activated Army Obliteration! The combo was connected yet again, and countless blood droplets entered Lin Jie's body.




The Devil's body kept on flying backward, receiving Lin Jie's attack in which he had pressed forward with an indomitable will. The Devil finally collided against the wall fiercely!


Lin Jie roared at the sky and slashed his Broken Blade towards the Devil's neck, wanting to chop off the Devil's head! However, his Broken Blade was stuck at the throat and was unable to move.

Lin Jie, who was enraged, finally realized that the Boss still had 30,000 health points! Meanwhile, chopping off the head was the sign that the Boss died, but the Boss was still alive!

\"Light of Devil!\"

The Boss raised its Devil's Spear, and the 20 light rays gathered to form a long dragon made of light and attacked Lin Jie!



Lin Jie's chest was instantly pierced through by the light ray, and a huge damage figure popped up. His whole chest was completely torn open!