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The earth sunk, and the mountain trembled. This was even more powerful than a Restricted Curse! Lin Jie was like a real Elemental Overlord, controlling everything on earth.

Eighteen Massacres did not notice that the Earth Crystal in the center of the Ancient Wilderness Scroll was left only with a tiny bit of energy.

Lin Jie was using the Element Reversal Witchcraft. As long as there were elements around, he could use witch spells and control the elements.

If they were at a normal map, Lin Jie could not cause this scene even with this rare Earth Crystal. But here was the map that had an Elemental Overlord before, and thus rich in elements. Any elemental magic could easily form a Burning Crow or an Earth Giant.

With all the elements here in this map, Lin Jie was confident he could create land in a sea if there was one!

Lin Jie could use this Element Reversal Witchcraft because of the rich elements here. He could even use it to soften the ground and save the trouble of killing the Magus Berserker, and straightaway summoned the King of Barbarism.

In terms of strength, King of Barbarism was just like or even stronger than the Wind Rider Sword Saint. It was a life born a few centuries ago by the Sacrifice of Blood of the most powerful chiefs in numerous barbarian tribes.


Roars came from underground, and the King of Barbarism was awakened! It seemed that there was a life trying to break through the shackles from the center of the earth. Every impact was accompanied by the bursting of the ground. With one fist after another, the ground was broken, and the King of Barbarism appeared.

However, only half of his body was revealed. Lin Jie had only used one scroll and could not release the entire body.

Lin Jie was not stupid to use his last trump card on Eighteen Massacres. The Ancient Wilderness Scroll was crucial to deal with the King of Barbarism. He could use the [Barbarism Ignites Witchcraft] by gathering all the curse cast by the Barbarians' ancestors and decrease the target's attributes by 4%. It had 10 times the effect on a Barbarian. When using 2 scrolls on the King of Barbarism, it would have an 80% decrease in stats, making it possible to kill.

Killing the Magus Berserker was a hidden mission. If one took too long to kill it, the Boss would use the scrolls, and the drop would be lesser. If only 1 scroll was dropped from the Magus Berserker, one had to kill more Magus Berserkers in order to get the scroll. Lin Jie had managed to end to battle quickly enough and had gotten all 3 scrolls in one shot. Lin Jie knew the rules of the game very well!

King of Blood VS King of Barbarism!

Although the King of Barbarism was ten times stronger than the King of Blood, he could only move half of his body. In addition, he had just recovered from his long sleep, so his strength was not the fullest. He had a close battle with the King of Blood for the time being.

Lin Jie stood on the top of the mountain and said, "Eighteen Massacres, you don't have to hide on the King of Blood. When these two Bosses fight, you will be killed in the crossfire. You stole my Dark Blade, and I will get it back this time."

Eighteen Massacres was shocked by the scene and used his Dark Wing, flying up the mountain too. He scoffed. "You think you still can kill me?"

"I don't think I can, I know it." Lin Jie taunted Eighteen Massacres even more. He threw a stone up in the sky.

Eighteen Massacres recalled some unpleasant memories.

This stone was the Holy Light Grace Stone that allowed players to revive infinitely.

"Eighteen Massacres, you must want to kill me for this Broken Blade. And I feel the same way. Why don't we just settle it right now?" Lin Jie did not give any time for Eighteen Massacres to react, and he charged forward with his Broken Blade and Supplementary Sword.

Eighteen Massacre moved back swiftly only to realize Lin Jie was already in front of him.

Armor Removal!

Lin Jie smashed on Eighteen Massacres' chest and cracked his Mara Armor. He did not use the Army Obliteration with Armor Removal combo because he did not have enough burst damage.

The Mara Armor was broken, and Eighteen Massacres' Defense dropped by half!

"Shield Cut! Just go die already!"

Lin Jie followed up and used a killing move.

"Lone Wolf, you are so cunning!" Eighteen Massacres was surprised. Lin Jie had taunted him with his actions and words, and immediately after, he attacked Eighteen Massacres before the latter could react.

"Cunning? C'mon, you know you would do the same if you were me. More action, less talking!" Lin Jie's attack struck again.

Eighteen Massacres quickly changed his Seven Style Spear into a hammer, chained his body onto it, and tossed it out before using his Undying skill. Lin Jie's hit triggered the Undying effect, and Eighteen Massacres survived the attack. At the same time, he flew away by hurling the hammer and pulled himself away from Lin Jie.

"Nice!" Lin Jie could not help but praise his opponent. It was indeed amazing how he used his weapon.

"Hu… Hu…" Eighteen Massacres was tired, and Lin Jie attacked again. He could only try to block as many hits as possible.


Lin Jie's attack was extremely fast. With the Supplementary Sword, his Attack Speed speed was doubled, nearly catching up with the Bandits. With his Wolf Run Swordsmanship, his attack speed only got faster during the battle. Eighteen Massacres was on the losing end, and even a health potion could not save him anymore.

Army Obliteration!

Last hit!

Four attacks hit Eighteen Massacres, and he was killed! The Dark Blade was dropped!

Lin Jie was really excited. He had waited long enough for this Dark Blade.

Unexpectedly, an ominous feeling rose from the bottom of Lin Jie's heart. Eighteen Massacres' fighting ability was far more than that. Although the battle was really fierce, Eighteen Massacres was known for his stubbornness and trying-hard-trait, but Lin Jie felt that his opponent had not done his best and plotted something instead. Eighteen Massacres must have something up his sleeves, like all the other Blood Sub-Shrine members!

"Corpse Burst?" Lin Jie recalled the Holy Light Grace Stone he had placed. If he was Eighteen Massacres, he would use the exact same method and drag the enemy with him. Since Eighteen Massacres had died earlier, he could revive earlier, too, to obtain the Heritage drop!


Lin Jie used Holy Light Winged Armor, Against the Wind, as well as Wild Charge in half a second and backed off.

"Arh!!" Eighteen Massacres revived and shouted angrily, "Lone Wolf! The Dark Blade is right in front of you, and you backed off? Damn, you are good! You are as hard to deal as that Devil in Dark Shrine. Fine, no more chances for you! Everything is over! Die! Sacrifice! Sacrifice!"


Battle Prompt Message: Eighteen Massacres sacrificed 10 levels.

'10? This is insane! Is he trying to restart like Baili Xuanyuan?' Lin Jie was shocked. He had no idea what Eighteen Massacres was trying to do.

A dark arrow appeared in the sky like a devil appeared from hell. It flew towards Lin Jie and pierced itself right through his chest.

Battle Prompt Message: You got hit from [Devil's Arrow], Max HP dropped to 1. All buffs removed.

'WTF! This guy is trying to die together with me just for my Broken Blade?' Lin Jie was frustrated by how annoying Dark Shrine players were. He decided to trigger the mission that allowed the NPC army to storm Dark Shrine to at least destroy the Dark Holy Water source. Otherwise, who knew what would happen in the future.

The arrow not only removed all of Lin Jie's buffs, it had also gotten rid of the Ancient Wilderness Curse. Thus, he no longer had to worry about its effect!

Lin Jie quickly took out a potion.

[Holy Light Potion]: Resolve abnormal symptoms, restore 2,000 health points.

This was made by Seven Ears when he had been trying to concoct the Holy Light Rejuvenation Potion.

Holy Light surrounded Lin Jie, and the effect of Devil's Arrow was dispelled. At the same time, Eighteen Massacres exploded!

Half of the mountain Lin Jie created using the Magus Berserker Scroll was blown away! Eighteen Massacres' self-destruction was that powerful!

In the explosion, a right hand appeared out of nowhere and grabbed the Dark Blade.

This hand belonged to Lin Jie!

However, he was badly wounded! He should have healed 2,000 health points, but now he only had 100!