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308 Soloing the Flesh Beas

—'You have discovered Lost Canyon, you receive 2 Knowledge.'

The temperature dropped by a few degrees, and Lin Jie turned off the temperature sensor. The temperature in Midolhaar varied greatly and even more in Lost Canyon. Every step was like a change of season.

Dong! Dong!

The moment Lin Jie reached the canyon, he saw the Flesh Beast stuck in between two hills. It was waving its arms angrily, and dozens of rocks were falling down with huge noise.

Lost Canyon was a connector map to a place called "Feralas", a deserted region. Actually, all maps in The New Age were connected in such a way. However, since it was a holographic game, it could not afford to have players spending half of the time running from map to map. Thus, players preferred teleportation.

However, monsters could not use teleportation circles and thus could only move around on foot.

As a connecting map, few monsters would be there, unless they wanted to enter Feralas. Thus, the presence of the Flesh Beast was very prominent. Lin Jie took out his Silent Killer and took out a magazine.

[Light Bullet]: Attack:10-20. When attacking Dark-type monsters, Armor Ignore +50.

Lin Jie had a total of 10,000 bullets.

The Flesh Beast was just like any other Giant creature; enhanced attack boosted with pressuring effect. Any players who got hit would be pinned to the ground.

Using range attacks was the best way!

The Flesh Beast would spend at last another 10 minutes in the hills. Lin Jie walked to the back of the beast and cocked the weapon.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Dozens of Holy Light burst out from the muzzle, and the bullets flew into the monster's body.



After being hit, the Flesh Beast grabbed a giant rock and hurled it to Lin Jie.

"Holy Light Winged Armor" Lin Jie stood up and jumped backward while using the Gliding skill. He dodged and reloaded. Fire!

The Flesh Beast was struggling in between the hills, and the rocks were falling down like an avalanche. Lin Jie maintained his shooting strategy. With this new Holy Light Winged Armor, he was way more agile compared to before!

There were many interesting ways of using this armor, especially when there was no CD for using Glide. It could be toggled on and off smoothly. When Lin Jie needed to jump far, he would use Glide, and while he needed to land, he would deactivate the skill. This made Lin Jie have another jumping skill.

The rocks were flying around, but none of them hit Lin Jie. After 10 minutes, Lin Jie was very familiar with the armor, and he could dodge many rocks at the same time.

The Flesh Beast's health points dropped drastically. Holy Light Winged Armor had 30% Armor Ignore to Dark-type monsters, and coupled with Light Bullet's effect, Lin Jie's attack was very effective!


The Flesh Beast gave a final blow, and the hills finally collapsed. It charged at Lin Jie and was about to crush him.

"Feather Drop, Holy Light Winged Armor!" Lin Jie jumped up and glided backward to dodge the attack. However, the wind generated by the Flesh Beast threw him in mid-air. Lin Jie composed himself and used Glide to stop.

Consecutive Shoot!

Another 5 bullets hit the Flesh Beast. The monster attacked Lin Jie with its claws. Lin Jie deactivated Glide and dropped back to the ground, firing a few shots on the way.

Lin Jie was like an agile mosquito flying around. With the aid of the terrain, even though the Flesh Beast was mighty, it could not reach Lin Jie at all.

As time flew, the Flesh Beast's health points dropped to 300,000/1,400,000.

A Boss with 1,400,000 Health Points was considered a super-tank in the game. If the terrain was flat like Blood Swamp, no matter how scattered the players were, they would be wiped out eventually.


The Flesh Beast's body expanded, and its skin turned into crystal, like a Crystal Giant! It had entered Enraged mode!

Lin Jie looked at the Flesh Beast and smirked. He used Feather Drop and Holy Light Winged Armor and made his way deeper into Lost Canyon. The Flesh Beast had completely lost its mind and chased after Lin Jie without a second thought. It may have an increase in speed and attack, but the terrain remained an obstacle. The beast hurled some dangling chunks of meat at Lin Ji,e but he managed to dodge them all.

A narrow passage was right in front of Lin Jie.

Lin Jie passed through the passage easily, but the Flesh Beast got stuck again!

"The hills here are made of Ores, I doubt you can crush them!" Lin Jie took out Silent Killer and started to shoot non-stop.


—'You have killed the Flesh Beast. You receive 1,350,000 EXP and 50 Guild of Light Reputation."

Lin Jie was relieved and kept Silent Killer.

The Flesh Beast would not drop anything as it was merely a mass of flesh and blood. However, its body was a treasure. Although it was a Dark-type monster, its body was a good material to create [Life Crystal].

This crystal was an important material for Paladins and Priests to cast their high-tier spells. It could be used as a potion-making material too. One Flesh Beast could be turned into 20 stacks of Life Crystals, each stack was 100 pieces.

One crystal could replace one Bright Petal or two Light Grass. If it was used to create Holy Light Rejuvenation Potion, 9 pieces of crystals would be enough.

However, this Flesh Beast had a greater use…

Lin Jie called upon his Holy Light Winged Armor and stood in front of the corpse. The armor devoured the body in an instant.

The power spread in the wing and was purified.

The armor changed slightly. 1/10 of the wings changed a little. Lin Jie tried to move the wing and realized that it was more powerful than before.

'If I kill 20 Flesh Beasts and both wings get a power-up, I'll probably be able to fly for a short duration.' Lin Jie was secretly happy. Who could resist the temptation of flying in the air? Furthermore, it was way cooler than a flying mount!

The change gave Lin Jie a boost for a second while moving and increased his movement by 50%.

'I would need to spend months exploring Midolhaar…' Lin Jie thought about it and gave up the idea of staying. With Holy Light Winged Armor, he could explore many other maps better than Midolhaar.

He could even open a treasure chest…

After reaching Midolhaar, Lin Jie used the teleportation circle back to City of Light. It was only one day away from the opening of one of the Three Legendary Secret Regions, Eye of the Vortex.

There would be an exciting mission called Fishing in The New Age. This mission would be posted on the beach of Stranglethorn Vale. Within two hours, one's fishing speed would be doubled, and they could get Rare fish.

After a few days, it would be 3 days and 3 months since the opening of The New Age. A Fishing Party would be held for all players right in Eye of the Vortex.

The prize for winning the first in the competition was a Rare fishing rod and an Epic Gift, which could contain Epic equipment, potions, pets, or mounts… As long as the quality was epic, there would be a chance!

Other than that, players could get countless super-rare fish, which had various functions, such as increasing the stats of players permanently. For every hour spent in the map, one could receive 10 silver coins and a reward of EXP, coins, or materials.

Such a generous reward for everyone would naturally attract more than 90% of the players. Even if one could not fish, they could be rewarded by staying in the map. What's more, there might be a cute girl who could not fish either. One could find a life partner!

Either way, Lin Jie was going to attend the competition! There was also a secret in Three Legendary Secret Regions.

Before that, he needed to learn how to fish. As a pure warrior profession, his Life Skills were shallow. He only knew a little about Potionery.

"Bu Yi, Qiu Yuan, Netherblue, Fat Cattle, Ziliang, Baili… Come to the City's Moat, NOW!"

Within half an hour, Savage Blade's members gathered and stood in front of Lin Jie solemnly as though they were going on a quest.

Lin Jie waved his hand and said, "Let's go fishing!"

"What?" Everyone was stunned. They thought they were going on some high-difficulty quest, who would have thought that it would be fishing?

Lin Jie explained everything, and they were all elated.

"That's what it meant on the web…" Qiu Yuan said happily, "Great, I love eating fish!"

Lin Jie quickly added, "We are just going to catch them."

"I know. But since I like to eat fish, my skill in catching fish is suburb! Come, give me some dynamites and let the fishing begin!"