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"Human… Shark's Heart…" While Lin Jie was still immersed in the tremendous joy of [Illusionary Trace Skill Scroll], Gion rushed over with its slippery body. From its physical condition, it could be seen that it had been mated at least several times.

Lin Jie took out 100 pieces of Shark's Heart, and one of them was really huge. That was the Tiger Shark King's Heart.

Gion's eyes lit up. When it saw the Tiger Shark King's Heart, it shivered with excitement and said in a jabbering tone, "You… you killed the ferocious Tiger Shark King? It must be! I saw the hope of saving my people!"

Lin Jie smiled. "Let's go, time to save your people."

"Yes, that's right. My brain had lost the ability to think in the long term torment. Let's go." Gion was thrilled and dancing in the air.

On the way back, Lin Jie noticed that there were fewer baby Nagas lying around on the street, but there were still plenty left untreated.

"These kids… without the ability to communicate with Water Element and Lighting Element, they are as good as humans without noses…" Gion said in a painful tone.

The resources on Naga's Island was very limited now. It could not even keep up with their daily use. If those resources were used to feed some baby Naga with no chance of survival, several adult Nagas would lose their life as a result. However, it would be crueler for them to watch those babies die.

Lin Jie thought for a moment and took out a bottle of Element Volatile and fed it to a crying baby.

Element Volatile potion was only used by Elemental Mages and Elemental Sword Artists. It could alter their magical damage between 95% and 115%. It was extremely good for leveling. Seven Ears tried mixing this potion with Health Potion and created an Elemental Volatile potion that had healing effect. However, it could not be mass-produced.

Lin Jie carried a bottle with him to boost his blade skills and Thunderstorm if needed.

The ferocious Naga baby was instantly calmed when the potion was fed to it. It sucked on the potion like a baby with a satisfying expression. Its body started to relax too.


The Naga baby waved her hands, and it looked like it was going to grow another two hands!

"It's healed! Healed! Hahaha…" Gion shouted in excitement, with tears rolling in his eyes. He hugged the baby and said, "My child, I thought you wouldn't make it."


—"Gion's favorability has grown to 'Admiration'."

Lin Jie was delighted, NPC's favorability was more difficult to raise than that of a race. Racial favorability could be enhanced by tasks, transactions, bribery, etc. But NPC preference could only be enhanced by legal means.

Since Gion's favorability had risen, it would surely affect how other Nagas viewed him. If he tried to raise everyone's favorability, then….he would be the king of Nagas! Lin Jie started to daydream.

"I only had one bottle of this potion. I cannot save them all. If you need more, you can send people to the port of City of Light. I'll prepare the potions in advance." Lin Jie came back from the dreamworld and said. "Come, time to go back."

When Lin Jie reached back to Naga's habitation, all Nagas looked at him with admiration, desire, and some even with a spark of craziness. It was a feeling that he had never enjoyed before.

Lin Jie took out 100 portions of the hearts.

The Naga Prophet touched the Shark's Heart and nodded with force. After a discussion with the prophet, Gion said to Lin Jie, "My lord, we need to perform a huge scale ceremony where we'll offer the Shark's Heart to the Son of Sea to remove the curse. During this period, Simon the Pirate will surely interfere with us. Please stop him so that we can complete the ceremony."


—"Do you accept the mission [The Ceremony]?"

Lin Jie blinked and thought, 'Continuous mission… Where is my reward for the previous mission!' But looking at Gion's appearance, he probably could not offer anything good.

Anyway, Lin Jie still had the Naga Trident. If the difficulty of the mission was too hard, later on, he could just keep the trident for himself.


Lin Jie said solemnly, "I'll protect you."

Gion nodded gratefully. "Thank you, my lord."

Both of them exchanged a look, and the atmosphere became awkward.

After half a minute.

Gion could not hold any longer and said, "My lord, the ceremony requires our Naga Trident. If you don't mind, please… return it."

'Erm… just say that earlier.' Lin Jie blushed and returned the trident. He knew that he could not really keep such a practical epic item to himself! That moment just now was really awkward for him. He just hoped that the reward for this mission would be good.

"The ceremony is starting!"

The old prophet Naga looked up in the sky with four arms raised and mumbled words in his mouth. In the twinkling of an eye, the wind surged, and the sky changed color. Through the power of the Naga Trident, a roar of thunder, like purgatory, covered the whole area. The ancient and obscure mantra echoed in the air. The Tiger Shark's Heart was bombarded by thunder and became a myriad of tiny powder particles visible to the naked eye. It floated in the air of the island, soothed the wounds, expelled the disaster, and prayed for the health of the suffering Nagas.

As for prophet Naga's body, it was shattered into dust when the first lightning struck!

"The prophet has… returned to the Son of Sea."

"Glory to Prophet, glory to Son of Sea."

The Nagas prayed devoutly.

Lin Jie shook his head. He knew that the Son of Sea had not taken the prophet away, but he had sacrificed himself to cure his people or for some other reasons. Either way, the prophet Naga had summoned lightning and killed himself.

The ceremony was still ongoing, and Lin Jie felt a sense of danger. 'Here come Simon the Pirates.'

A pirate ship approached slowly, with four or five sailors. They had unshaved beards, and their mouths spouted dirty words. They were holding Fire Gun and a knife, whining and rushing down. The pirate ship was still full of people.

[Vanguard of Simon the Pirates] (Enhanced Elite] Level: 40

HP: 22,000

Attack: 600-876

Defense: 140

Additional effect: Advanced Pirate, elite in Fire Gun.

"What the f*ck!" Lin Jie swore. Other than their health points, all the other stats were comparable to a Boss. The worst part was that they had their own advanced job classification.

Pirate was considered as a form of job too. It was even said to be a "hidden job". Players had to choose Navigator, Maritime Merchant, or Sailor and then betray their team when they encountered pirates. They would be able to change their job to Pirate when they captured the boat captain and brought him to the pirates.

After the job change, it did not mean that one was an official pirate. After entering the pirate's gank, one still needed to take a few months to do odd jobs to have the opportunity to follow the pirate ship out in the open sea. It was usually to salvage sunken ships or fishing boats. They would have to wait another half a year to do a real pirate job.

However, the benefits of pirates were very significant. Heroes of the Greenwood were ranked by their ability, and so did the pirates. As long as one was extraordinary outstanding in performance and was acknowledged by some higher-ups, they could be promoted several times and become the captain straight away!

Just like any other Battling job, Pirate would have an advance job change at level 40. They would be much stronger after that! Lin Jie knew how strong an advanced job player was. One of them could easily beat 5 players of the same level. The first strike of the pirates were all advanced job players, behind would be much stronger!

Lin Jie was instantly depressed.

"Hahahaha, what a lucky loot here."

"Stop shouting, we are educated pirates. No wonder the mist in the Crying Bay was suddenly drifting away, you guys are the ones causing all these."

"I was still sleeping on the boat, waiting for those humans from the alternate realm to do business, and they called me up out of sudden."

The pirates were scolding while walking down.

Lin Jie thought for a moment. 'Alternate realm….trade… It's the slave trafficking of Baili Xuanyuan!'

That explained why the monsters were so strong. They sure needed good bodyguards for such a big deal. These pirates changed their course at the last minute because Lin Jie had affected them.

Raising his Broken Blade, Lin Jie was prepared for battle. There was nothing else he could do now, so he needed to focus on the enemy. If he could complete the mission, it would be the best-case scenario. At least it would be easier for him to gather evidence in the future. If there were so many advanced enhanced elites guarding during the trading, it would be difficult to even approach them.

"Wow, there is a kid from the alternate realm?"

"Kill him, kill him!"

The pirates fired off the moment they spotted Lin Jie. Just as Lin Jie was about to dodge, he realized that the bullets changed direction and moved around his Broken Blade, hitting his chest.


Lin Jie was only left with a little HP!

Lin Jie realized there was no way for him to win this! After advancing jobs, all attacks would be locked on to the target. It would be impossible to dodge the attacks solely on skills. Unless he had an advanced job too.


There was another attack! Lin Jie could not do anything but watch.

"Marine Force!"

Out of sudden, a water arrow appeared and entered Lin Jie's body, curing his wounds. It flew towards the pirates afterward.



The arrow leaped between the pirates and returned to Lin Jie again, healing 1,400 of his health points. Naga Gion was standing furiously behind him and was ready for another attack. "My lord, I'm here to help."


—"Your favorability with Naga Gion is high enough for him to join you temporarily."

[Naga Gion] (Gold Boss)

Level: 45

HP: 350,000

Magic Attack: 605-750

Defense: 235

Skills: Level 4 Marine Force, Level 4 Hardened Scale, Level 4 Howling, Level 4 Ring of Sea, Level 4 Wrath of Sea.


—Battle prompt message: You have received the influence of [Level 4 Ring of Sea], increases 10% Life-Steal and 10% Attack Deflection when attacking at sea area.

"Gion, come with me!" Lin Jie's eyes flashed.