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223 This Is Not A Math Question

Lin Jie frowned. 'Kingdom of Glory was allowed to enter an unreleased dungeon, which meant that they had obtained the beta qualifications! What f*cking means did they use?'

All the more Lin Jie started to feel that the course of history was different from his previous life!

The release of the Epidemic Pond information, although its authenticity was not confirmed, but having the mindset of rather believing it was the truth than not, it still caused a huge fluctuation in the cost of items within the game. The most obvious difference was… the large drop in the price of the Light-resistance equipment and the rapid increase in the price of the Dark-resistance equipment, especially that Dark-resistance equipment with better attributes.

Lin Jie's original plan of taking the opportunity before the release of the Epidemic Pond to earn a fortune became useless.

The preparation work of clearing the Epidemic Pond needed to be brought forward already! Lin Jie thought for a moment and then pulled the whole Savage Team into the channel, Abstruse Gray Wind, and The Heavenly Shield were included too.


"Hi, boss."

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Lin Jie greeted them and said, "Because information relevant to the Epidemic Pond appeared on the official website, we should also start preparing. The second dungeon is a 25-people dungeon. Excluding the original team members, we still need more people."

"First, introducing our new members: The Heavenly Shield who is the guild leader of the Ironwall Empire, I believe everyone is already very familiar with him. Abstruse Gray Wind, a Spellcaster of Curse."

Abstruse Gray Wind took a deep breath, he had not imagined that the person that had pulled him was actually Codename Lone Wolf who was in the limelight now! Although he had stayed for quite long in the First Savage Blade in which the battling for positions was extremely intense, his techniques and equipment had a great improvement. However, when he really met face to face with the people that created the first clear records, he still felt his breathing rate increase rapidly!

Lin Jie continued, "The Epidemic Pond clearing walkthrough is up on the official website, everyone read it carefully before the dungeon is released. Next, it is time to assign the preparation work before the dungeon. Bu Yi!"

Bu Yi said cheekily, "Yes, team leader!"

"When the poison epidemic appears in the south-west direction of the Town of Carl in the City of Light, you will go and help the Priest NPCs to heal the villagers until you learn the skill [Dispel]."

"Understood!" Lin Jie could not help but smile as he heard Bu Yi's clear and crisp voice.

"The Heavenly Shield, Mixed Breathless. The both of you enter the Warriors Arena to earn some Light points and exchange for Enhanced Shield Protection Scroll."


"Ziliang, Qiu Yuan, both of you follow me! The rest, form teams to clear the Belief Church a few times, just killing the first Boss is enough and try your best to get the Dark Gold fragment drops. Of course, the more, the better. As for Gray Wind…"

Abstruse Gray Wind's face became serious. "Here!"

"I will give you 20 gold coins later, find a farming EXP team to increase your level. Didn't I ask you to just leech onto EXP? Why are you still only level 20?"

Yes, the Curse Emperor Abstruse Gray Wind from Lin Jie's previous life was only level 20 when the average level of the players now was level 20, and the better players had reached the phase of over level 23.

"I-I, being a Spellcaster of Curse seemed to be unable to be of use, so I took the initiative and helped to pull the monsters and died quite a few times," said Gray Wind meekly.

"Raise your level to level 24 as fast as possible, then go to your mentor and learn skills." Lin Jie totally understood his thinking process, so he did not blame Gray Wind. He waved his hand. "Dismiss! Qiu Yuan, Ziliang, come and find me at the South Gate."


At the South gate of the City of Light, Lin Jie rode his domineering Tiger King Bangalash and wandered back and forth at the gate, that conspicuous look attracted quite the number of players' jealous stares.

"Tsk tsk tsk, I say Boss Lone Wolf, the last time sister me helped you by letting out a torrent of abuse, I lost quite some image then. In the end, after you disappeared, you didn't even reply to my messages, isn't that too much?" said Qiu Yuan as she rode a small white horse and gradually headed towards Lin Jie. She hit the horse's butt and canceled the mount then crossed her arms in displeasure.

Lin Jie awkwardly smiled and said, "There were too many things to settle."

"The next time anything happens, be good and send me a message! Don't play the disappearing act every time! You made Qiu Yuan and me… No, no, no, you made my wife and me run back after just signing up, then in the end? You were directly uncontactable," said Qiu Yuan angrily. "Bu Yi that girl still helped you explain that you had something to do, it's just in a game, what important things can you have?"

"Understood." Lin Jie was covered in sweat, he knew Qiu Yuan was only worried about him.

Being a gentleman, he should not rebut women, hehe.

In the distance, Zheng Ziliang walked over with heavy footsteps, the expression on his face was extremely bad.

"Jie… Are you going to help me create a Gargoyle?" asked Zheng Ziliang.

Lin Jie nodded, he took out the Water Alloy he had especially stolen out for him and showed it off. "I'm such a great friend, right!"

"About that… I don't want to make it anymore, it's too troublesome!" Zheng Ziliang said in a faltering manner, "How about you tell me the coordinates of a Boss, then I'll go and contract it?"

Qiu Yuan keenly felt that the atmosphere was not right. In the period where Zheng Ziliang followed the team, the image of him without face had already been etched into everyone's minds. Therefore, there must be something very wrong with him since he became so modest all of a sudden!

Qiu Yuan moved closer to Zheng Ziliang, her eyes were squinted like a small fox. "So in the end, what happened?"

"I lost the Azure Heart," said Zheng Ziliang helplessly. Then, he added, "It was to save Jie, that's why I lost it."

Realization dawned upon Lin Jie, he was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh when he heard that. He then took out the dark blue and shiny Azure Heart. "Here, for you."

Zheng Ziliang was elated, the happiness of losing it and finding it back again made him hug Lin Jie. He then shouted out loudly in excitement, "Jie, I love you!"

Qiu Yuan rolled her eyes, looking at them. What was more disgusting than seeing a guy and a girl being lovey-dovey?

Two guys being lovey-dovey!

"It is definitely not enough to create a Gargoyle just by relying on Ziliang's Engineering skills alone, we need the help of an NPC." Lin Jie sat on his mount and said, "Follow me!"

The three of them sat on their mounts.

What was worth mentioning was that Zheng Ziliang's mount was different from normal horses, it was a cool and handsome purple panther.

After Zheng Ziliang had learned Horsemanship, Lin Jie had given him a few coordinates which provided him with superb top-grade mounts, such as a Barbaric Quilboar, which provided 5 points of all summoned beast defense, and a blood-red Rooster, which passively added 100 points of Health Points.

However, after careful picking, he had actually chosen a panther which only had a handsome exterior but did not have any additional attribute enhancement. After Lin Jie knew about it, he could not help but want to beat that idiot up right then and there!

F*ck! You think you're a girl, is it?

—"You have entered the Saint Malo Town."

Saint Malo Town was situated at the peripheral of City of Light. As it was overly remote, the stats of the townsfolk were extremely weak, and they did not even have the qualifications to be sent into battle; therefore, the Guild of Light had nearly given up on that town.

Not sure when it started, but the livestock that was infected by the dark plague became fearsome monsters one after the other which made the masses in the town have no means of living; thus, the townsfolk ate grassroots and soil to survive.

"What a fearful town." Qiu Yuan could not help but frown. Within the ruins of the town, one could see Enchanted Wild Boars and Enchanted Livestock everywhere gnawing away at flesh. Their levels were around level 30, they possessed Dark-type attacks which could ignore physical defense.


A scream could be heard! One could only see within the ruins, an Enchanted White Boar which was full of spikes was using its sharp narrow and long tusk to pierce into an artificially constructed hideout. A little girl was hugging her knees to her chest while trembling, the tusks were almost about to reach her!

[Enchanted White Wild Boar] (Elite)

Level: 32

Health Points: 8,000

Attack: 214-385

Defense: 135

Special Feature: Infected by plague (Dark-type attack, ignores physical defense), The Stab of Plague (reflects 15% of the damage received)

After experiencing the many dragon monsters with powerful stats in the Moratti Shrine, looking at these normal Elites simply made one move to tears!

"Okay! Here I come!" Lin Jie saw that the little girl was about to be attacked by the White Wild Boar, and then his eyes lit up. "Qiu Yuan, hurry and take off the equipment on you and let that Wild Boar beat you till your Health is half empty!"

Qiu Yuan was stunned for a moment, she stopped attacking and asked doubtfully, "Why? Isn't it better to save that little girl first?"

"There's no need!" Lin Jie waved his hand and said in a calm tone, "One-third of the townsfolk of this town has already died, below where the little girl is hiding in the last hideout. Once the townsfolk have almost all died, the Saint Malo Engineering Master will sense the danger and run back, then we can make use of him to create the Gargoyle."

"What you mean is for me to pretend to be hurt and let that little girl save me, then I expose that hideout to let the monsters kill off all the townsfolk?" Qiu Yuan widened her eyes in disbelief.

Lin Jie nodded. "Yes, what of it?"

Zheng Ziliang tapped Lin Jie's shoulder. "Can't we use another method? Such as… Saving all these townsfolk and defend against those monsters until the NPC comes?"

"That is too much of a waste of time, we can clearly save a lot of time, so why bother doing that?" Lin Jie looked at Qiu Yuan. "The probability of female characters being pitied is 35% higher than male characters, we're depending on you!"

Qiu Yuan held the magical jobs' dagger in her hand and got off the horse. Just when Lin Jie thought she would remove her equipment, she actually charged towards the Enchanted White Wild Boar with a "swoosh." With one hand gathering Dark Speech and the other holding the sharp dagger, the sound of the eyes of the White Wild Boar being sliced could be heard, and blood gushed out!

"This is not a math question!"