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"Who is trash? I guess you can differentiate," said Wine God Youngster emotionlessly as he placed the long spear at Eighteen Massacres' throat.

Eighteen Massacres laughed out loud and clapped. "Nice! Nice! You are indeed the best mercenary with great abilities! I guess that this is also your occupation in the real world?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wine God Youngster's pupils constricted, and he wondered why this guy said that. He was always calm but became abnormally irritated and angry when this topic was brought up!

Lin Jie noticed Wine God Youngster's unusual reaction and consciously kept the Ice Spirit Slash skill so that he was prepared to knock out Eighteen Massacres any time.

"Your fighting skills are not bad, but don't you forget that this is a game!" said Eighteen Massacres and as he waved his right hand, the Seven Style Spear flew into his hand, and he continued, "I have 1,400 health points, there is no use aiming the spear at me. Moron!"

"Deadly Explosion!"

Eighteen Massacres exploded suddenly, and a powerful blast erupted from his body!

-1,028! (Critical Hit)

Wine God Youngster was hit by the attack, and his body zoomed into the Sea of Fire! Although he skillfully used superb stuns in the air to increase the air resistance and lower his flying speed, he still fell uncontrollably into the flames!

Even if the three tyrannical Dragonites were not in the fire, the threefold Sea of Flame was sufficient to kill him a hundred times!

Eighteen Massacres seized the opportunity to launch his attack and the Wings of Darkness reopened and dashed violently towards Lin Jie! The Seven Style Spear transformed into a heavy hammer and headed mercilessly towards Lin Jie's waist! In his left hand, which he purposely placed at the inner side of his body, a surge of energy was agglutinated. It was the Deadly Explosion!

The obvious truth was false, while the apparent falsehood was the truth! Eighteen Massacres' heavy hammer was formidable but deceptive, his real attack was hidden at the back!

As long as he went close to Lin Jie, he could use the attack power of the Deadly Explosion to push Lin Jie into the fire and kill him! If he managed to get the Heritage Broken Blade, everything would be under his control!

"All must kneel down in front of me, I don't care if you are Baili Xuanyuan or the Brotherhood!" Eighteen Massacres yelled with a ferocious face. He fixed his eyes on Lin Jie and could imagine that damnable fellow crying helplessly in the fire!

A flash of insight crossed Lin Jie's mind, and he understood Eighteen Massacres' intention immediately! Dragon's Roar circled around the hilt of Broken Blade indistinctly, while the thunder on the surface of Thunderbolt Sword froze as a prelude to the Ice Spirit Slash, waiting to launch its attack at any time!

"Die!" screamed Eighteen Massacres, the Wings of Darkness flapped and his Movement Speed increased to maximum!


Eighteen Massacres' body flew out with a loud sound and collided head-on with the flying Wine God Youngster! Despite not understanding the situation fully, Eighteen Massacres made the best decision immediately, which was to cancel the skill and transform the hammer into a spear and aim for Wine God Youngster! He wanted to use Wine God Youngster's body as a stepping stone to escape from the fire!


Eighteen Massacres felt a sharp pain in his head as he heard a loud crashing sound, and the next moment he was hit into the fire!

As Wine God Youngster was about fall, a soft palm scooped him up and saved him. It was Water Overlord!

Zheng Ziliang folded his arms and scolded, "Bastard, how could you ignore and not be amazed by my fantastic skills? I'm going to slap you!"

Lin Jie did not know whether to laugh or cry. Zheng Ziliang felt that he was neglected because he only summoned the Water Overlord. Although the Water Overlord bashed Eighteen Massacres, he merely caused 200 damage points, but Eighteen Massacres fell into the fire and was fraught with disaster.

Talking about the Water Overlord, which rescued Wine God Youngster, Lin Jie's pupils constricted and shouted, "Ziliang, keep the Water Overlord, he is going to die!"

This gave Zheng Ziliang a shock. Indeed, the size of the majestic Water Overlord had shrunk by half and fluids went flushing down the ground, making it seem like it was going to die! However, Wine God Youngster was still in its hands!

Zheng Ziliang gnashed his teeth and commanded the Water Overlord to throw Wine God Youngster out. The Water Overload went all out to throw Wine God Youngster out of the fire, but it was torn apart by three Dragonites!


"Your Contract Summoned Beast: the Water Overload has been dispelled! The contract is no longer valid."

As The Water Overlord lost its water core, the support of its life, under the burning sea of flame, it eventually vanished.

Zheng Ziliang read the system notification, frowning like a bitter gourd. Then, he looked around and realized that there was no girl which he was keen to share his grief with. He watched The Water Overload's contract icon disappear, feeling depressed, and a sense of emptiness.

Lin Jie slashed the three Dragonites with Outraged Roar, and Ice Spirit Slash and their health points dropped madly. The furious Dragonites chanted the dragon magic and covered the sea of flame with three more layers of fire and burned themselves to death!


Lin Jie sighed in relief, and he dragged Wine God Youngster up from the ground.

Wine God Youngster breathed deeply and frowned in order to catch his breath. He calmed down quickly and thanked Zheng Ziliang.

"You are welcome!" said Zheng Ziliang as he waved his hand, but his facial expression was a complete mismatch with his carefree words, and he continued with a sullen face, "It is a pleasure to help those in need!"

Lin Jie commanded the Silver-Feathered Eagle to spiral over the sea of fire to ensure that Eighteen Massacres' dead body was still in it.

Lin Jie said, "The situation is dicey, let's focus on killing the monsters first, we'll talk about other things later. Buck up! We will go and lure the monsters by bypassing the Dragonites at the gates and attract the monsters from the center."

The three of them were not ignorant slackers, the most urgent task was to kill the monsters! Other than Eighteen Massacres, there may be other players in the Moratti Shrine. Thus, they had to seize the opportunity to slay the monsters before others came to compete with them. Otherwise, it would be a huge pity!

Zheng Ziliang could only use the Summoned Beast Minstrel Musa as he had lost the Water Overlord. Though the Minstrel had top control skills, it was difficult to command and had lower defense power as compared to the Water Overlord. Nevertheless, having the Minstrel was still better than having none.

"Dude, that guy wouldn't revive in the lava, right?"

"It's hard to say." Lin Jie frowned as he added, "Eighteen Massacres must have encountered something in order to get in here. We have to kill the monsters quickly because the layered Sea of Flame will increase our efficiency."

"Hehehe, I guess we could reach level 30 if we kill all the monsters here?" said Zheng Ziliang in a light-hearted way as he had gotten over the loss of the Water Overlord. Then, he added, "No, we may even reach level 40!"

"Let's be fast and not think so much," commented Lin Jie as he looked into the main hall. Just a second ago, he saw an enormous black shadow move slightly. The movement seemed like a person who had a nightmare and flicked his finger subconsciously, and it made Lin Jie anxious!

The Exodus Bone Dragon! It was the strongest Guardian Bone Dragon in the Moratti Shrine and was a legendary creature not just in the name! If it awoke, everyone else would be dead!

However, they did not know what awoke the dragon; thus, they focused on gaining as many points as possible! They continued to attract three Dragonites and throw them into the fire, and the damage caused this time round was even more impressive! More than 800 Damage Dealt appeared four times every second and the health points of the dragons dropped madly! That speed made the trio overjoyed!

The damage caused by the Sea of Flame could be superimposed!

They took an hour to kill the first Dragonite, half an hour to slay the second one and got rid of the third one with only ten minutes. As the three Dragonites died before them, both Zheng Ziliang and Wine God Youngster leveled up to level 22.

"This is amazing! Usually, we hardly level up and now, wow! It's crazily amazing!" Zheng Ziliang was overjoyed, and he could not contain his excitement as he stepped into the main shrine to continue fighting the monsters.

The moment Lin Jie stepped into the hall, he noticed the Death Bone Dragon moving again! He concluded that the number of times the dragon moved was related to the number of times intruders entered the shrine!

According to the game developers' thought, the strategy was to prevent players from winning by gathering more players! Players could only enter the temple in a small group! If they had the ability to defeat the Dragonites, the treasure would be theirs!

If one intended to fight with the sheer force of numbers, hahaha, then the legendary Exodus Bone Dragon would let them experience what horror was!

However, the trio's strategy of luring Dragonites to the gate seemed to violate the game rules! Lin Jie frowned and decided that the only way was to gain sufficient EXP before the dragon awoke!

Lure the monsters and kill them!

For the rest of the day, they leveraged the loophole in the Sea of Flame and their EXP soared like flying rockets! Other than Lin Jie who leveled up relatively slowly because he was at a higher level, Zheng Ziliang and Wine God Youngster hit level 24 easily before Lin Jie finally reached level 26 as well!

During the last time they pushed the Dragonites into the fire, a loud growl originated from the shrine!


The Exodus Bone Dragon had awoken!