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Lin Jie had once met a team of Druids at City of Elves, and the leader of the team was called 'Fierce Roar.' This Fierce Roar was the dear senior standing in front of them right now, Zhou Xiao!

Zhou Xiao was quite confident of his own looks, so he did not bother to amend his appearance in the game. As such, he didn't look any different from the way he looked in the game. As for Lin Jie, his job in the game was a Human Warrior, and after changing his heavy armor to a white shirt, he looked completely the same as in the game. This was why both of them managed to recognize each other immediately.

As the saying goes, 'When enemies come face to face, their eyes blaze with hatred.' Zhou Xiao cracked his knuckles and made loud sounds while smiling coldly. "Ha, it's been a while indeed since we last met."

"No, I remember we just met yesterday." Lin Jie rolled his eyes.

Many onlookers crowded the scene. As Zhou Xiao was the Chairman of a students' society and his family was quite well-to-do, he was somewhat of a famous personality in the university. Yet this freshman dared to challenge him when he just enrolled in the school—well, there's definitely going to be some drama.

Lin Jie was unafraid of offending Zhou Xiao. Since he started practicing The Refined Punches, he had become stronger in physique. Coupled with his broaden horizons and confidence built up when playing in the game, he was totally a different person from the loser kid he was in his previous life.

Zheng Ziliang laughed. "Little Jie, we are just coming for registration today, let's not make things look bad…"

Zhou Xiao scoffed. "Kid, be grateful for this tactful friend of yours here…"

"It's not good to make someone become paralyzed on registration day, after all. I don't want to pay for his medical fees. Isn't it more worth it to spend our money on dating girls instead?"

Zheng Ziliang turned and looked at Zhou Xiao in a magnanimous manner. "Okay, senior, you don't need to thank me. You can go away now."

"Haha, this batch of freshmen is so cocky."

"Well, there's no lack of cocky fools anywhere."

Several seniors who were originally at the freshmen' registration counter walked over with malicious smiles on their faces. All of them were wily old birds among the older students, and they had secured themselves with convenient positions in the students' societies. Normally, they wouldn't need to do much and yet could earn a great reputation for themselves. As such, they were solely in charge of the delightful tasks of receiving pretty female juniors… cough, receiving freshmen.

It would be wrong to assume that these seniors would ruin their reputations as dashing and chivalrous figures if they beat up people openly. One must get to see the reality: once teenagers enrolled in university, it might as well be considered stepping into society already! No one would dare to meddle with you as long as you had a strong enough backstage—this was how the world worked. In fact, numerous materialistic girls would strive to get your attention instead if you showed that you were powerful enough.

As such, the seniors were all rather pleased to grab the opportunity to bash up people with a valid excuse.

A cold look flashed past Lin Jie's eyes. He pulled Lin Xiaoxue behind him and clenched up his fists tightly. The moment he closed his hands, the skin on his knuckles broke apart and revealed the white bones beneath! Lin Jie already would not feel painful about this after all these days of training, and his fists were as hard as a rock. It was a pity that Lin Jie still had not trained long enough, and thus, his prowess was not as strong as Wine God Elder.

However, it was definitely enough to tackle these scumbags in front of them!

Zhou Xiao and his company had pretty good physiques. Nowadays, as long as one came from a good-enough family, they would be sent for physical training since young. In fact, it was common to go for martial arts training to train up one's body. Zhou Xiao paced around the area with mindful steps and positioned himself in a traditional boxer's stance.

Meanwhile, Zheng Ziliang carried a smile on his face as he stepped up and stood beside Lin Jie.

This chap here only had flabby muscles as he had never trained up, and every time they got into a fight, he would be the one receiving all the punches. However, he still decided to stand beside Lin Jie because he felt that getting involved in fights was very suave, and could show off himself as a hot-blooded, dashing youth. Even if he got hurt, he might be able to win the girls' sympathy and gentle care as they addressed his wounds…

Moreover, Zheng Ziliang had a gun with him. If things really got too bad…

"What's the ruckus for? Why are you all gathered here?"

"Zhou Xiao, aren't you in charge of receiving the freshmen? Why are you here?"

A stern voice ranged out from behind the crowd, and the onlookers stood asides to let a lean figure pass through. This person eyed Lin Jie angrily as he shouted, "Freshman, the guts of you to start a crowd fight on your first day here! Hah, such amazing courage! Didn't your parents teach you to respect the seniors?"

Lin Jie blinked. The person scolding him now was none other than Wine God Youngster! He had mentioned before that he would be teaching at this university, but from the way he addressed him… it appeared as if Wine God Youngster didn't recognize him at all?

After Wine God Youngster finished reprimanding Lin Jie, he threw a cold look at Zhou Xiao. "You there, mind your own business!"

"Yes, teacher…" replied Zhou Xiao in a reluctant but mild manner. This teacher had started teaching in this university since the beginning of this semester, but he was known for having a fiery temper, which was totally opposite of his civilized, cultured appearance. There were rumors that he beat up some students who tried to force gifts onto him to make him pass them for his modules, and they ended up being in the A&E department in the hospital…

In summary, he was one of the teachers with the foulest tempers ever. No one dared to mess with him.

"Freshmen, go and complete the registration process now! If anyone let me discover that they start any fights again, you will get it from me!" Wine God Youngster roared at the crowd. His face flushed red from all the shouting, and he made a gesture to leave.

"Wth, him again! He's such a busybody, and he only knows how to scold people!"

"Shh, lower your voice. I heard that someone gossiped behind him once before and he beat them up."

"What, such people can also become teachers?"

A few students were discussing softly by the side. Wine God Youngster turned and glared at them as if he wanted to eat them up!

Those students immediately shut up and ran off.

Lin Jie stared after Wine God Youngster's retreating figure.

'He looks so different from the last time we met! Something must have happened to the Wine God Brothers!'

'Other than that, why is he pretending that he didn't know me at all?'

A thoughtful expression flashed past Lin Jie's face. Zhou Xiao and his company had already left, but not before throwing a few threats like 'You wait, I will make sure you get it' at him.

It seemed like this school would not be a safe place.

Lin Jie carried up his luggage and was about to leave when he caught sight of a fleeting figure with the corners of his eyes. He immediately turned and looked back—but there was no one within the small woods.


Arts and Science students shared a 4-man hostel room together. Although there were options for choosing twin or single rooms, Lin Jie and Zheng Ziliang did not choose that because they like to mix around with their peers.

In Lin Jie's previous life, he had not gotten along well with one of his roommates. However, Zheng Ziliang's unexpected entry into the same university had nicely kicked out that guy's position in the hostel—this was something Lin Jie was secretly very happy about. The other two roommates of his were called Zhang Qiong and Yan Li, and they were waiting to greet their future roommates in anticipation.

"Oh, you two finally arrived! Come, let's draw lots!" As Zhang Qiong was malnourished, some of his hair had turned yellow. He beamed at them and said, "For fairness' sake, we won't use the old rule of 'Early comers get to choose' to decide who gets which bed. We will allocate according to the lots we draw!"

"My name's Yan Li," introduced another guy with closely cropped hair. He's the Sunshine Boy kind of guys that many girls would like. He scratched his head and said, "I'm not a local, so my parents are staying at a hotel now. I was waiting here to meet you guys, and I will be leaving soon after we draw the lots."

Zheng Ziliang grinned and said, "My name's Zheng Ziliang, and this is Lin Jie. We were both from the same senior high school."

Lin Jie nodded in acknowledgment.

"She… is she also part of our hostel?" Zhang Qiong couldn't help but gulp down his saliva when he saw Lin Xiaoxue peeping out from behind Lin Jie.

"Wow, I feel so blessed to be allocated to this hostel room."

"I am here to accompany my boyfriend. You guys, please keep a watch out for me, and don't let him fall in love with other girls!" Xiaoxue hugged Lin Jie's arms.

"Such a pity…" Both Zhang Qiong and Yan Li put on sorrowful expressions on their faces.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Lin Jie and Zheng Ziliang put their luggage down in the room, ignoring these two good-humored chaps. Yan Li ran off to accompany his parents after leaving a few words. He was known for being a filial son.

"Aye…" Lin Jie wanted to call back Yan Li when he left the room, so as to pass him the prescription he had prepared specially for him beforehand. However, he stopped himself in the nick of time. With their relationship now, even though they had become roommates, it would be weird if Lin Jie initiated to help him. After all, they had just met for the first time. Most probably, Yan Li would not accept his help and even doubt his motives for knowing his parents' illnesses.

Yan Li's parents had him when they were old, and they were now in their fifties. However, as their family was not affluent, they had gotten ill from the years of hard work and turmoil. In fact, they now showed symptoms of cataplasia. In Lin Jie's previous life, Yan Li had saved up all his hard-earned salary from his part-time job during university so that he could bring his parents to seek treatment. After graduating, he had participated in illegal work to make money just so to afford for his parents' treatment fees.

Eventually, the gang leader of the underworld society that Yan Li belonged to had been being arrested. However, he had made a pact to Yan Li that if Yan Li could become the scapegoat for him, he would help take care of Yan Li's parents for him. Yan Li had willingly taken the blame for all the crimes and ended up being shot. Yet that underworld society's gang leader had just passed a prescription to Yan Li's parents and had not followed up with them anymore.

The medicine required to cure cataplasia differed from every single case. The prescription which Lin Jie had prepared was suitable for Yan Li's parents—as long as they continued treatment and used this medicine, their illness would be cured within a year. As a reborn person, Lin Jie naturally remembered the correct prescription for them, and thus, he had prepared it before he came to the university. Presently, Yan Li's parents' conditions had not deteriorated, so there was still time. Maybe he could pass Yan Li the prescription after he gained his trust.

Freshmen could make their own arrangements after their registration. The three of them made some small talk in their hostel room, before Lin Jie and Zheng Ziliang went home. Zhang Qiong remained at school to check out more information about his course, and thus, the trio parted.

Ten days later, they would meet up again for the military training.

Once Lin Jie got back home, the first thing he did was to log into the game and dial up Wine God Elder and Wine God Youngster!