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167 Come, Let“s Cooperate

Baili Xuanyuan did not care to hide his identity. He stood openly in front of his team, and struck out with his excellent weapon, the King Snake's Crown, at the eagle's body, lifting his sword immediately once it touched the eagle.

The special effect of the King Snake's Crown was indeed powerful—even super Boss-type of monsters like the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle would still fall prey to the venom of the King Snake's Crown, and damage figures kept floating up above its head.

As a Sub-Legendary Boss, the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle's output was unbelievably high, and killed lots everywhere it went, resulting in massive deaths of the players. From the time it was refreshed till now, most of its health points had been depleted by Baili Xuanyuan—as such, its aggro towards him was the highest! This also matched Baili Xuanyuan's wishes, as it meant that he had control over the Boss' ownership. If he ran into the midst of the Steel Alliance's team, the thunderstorm brought forth by the eagle would descend upon them and kill hundreds of them at a go!

"Kill him!" Heaven Plume was fuming. However, as the battlefield was in a mess, no one could really carry out his orders. Coupled with the fact that Baili Xuanyuan's Movement Speed was extremely fast, all the players who came in contact with him or tried to block him were hurled out with no exception.

Baili Xuanyuan's Strength Judgement was about on par with Lin Jie. Against him, the ordinary guild members were no match, and could only be massacred! Dumb Fox and Ghost Eyes could only stare in despair as they witnessed all their friends die either at the hands of Baili Xuanyuan or by the thunder the eagle generated.

Baili Xuanyuan looked coolly at the players who tried to obstruct his way and held out King Snake's Crown in front of him. Without giving a care to all of them, he charged on—and no one could block him!

The Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle screeched angrily, flapped its wings and tried to take flight, but it could only raise a great wind! Its wings were already damaged, and now it could only wait to die at the hands of these puny humans!


Thousands of attacks fell upon the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle's body again, and its health bar was finally revealed!

It had 1,000,000 health points left!

This figure might seem scary, but don't forget about the numbers of people attacking it now. Even if everyone could only cause one damage point, it would just take a few minutes to finish off the Boss!

"What the heck, kill those from Kingdom of Glory! They are the weakest!" Dumb Fox finally couldn't stand it. If this situation continued, all their guild members would eventually be killed by Baili Xuanyuan!


"Target Kingdom of Glory!"

Triumphant Midnight's, Hunter's Guild's and Angel Descent's sudden attack on Eighteen Massacres and his folks caught them off guard, and soon half of Kingdom of Glory's members were killed! However, those from Dark-Robed Knights and Mage Heavens were still intact!

"Hahaha, Eighteen Massacres, call out if you need help," Demon Robe jested while he fought on, but he showed absolutely no signs of helping.

Baili Xuanyuan looked from afar and decided to ignore Eighteen Massacres' surly face. He focused all his energy on attacking the Sub-Legendary Boss in front of him—with his King Snake's Crown, all the players' attacks on the Boss were merely helping him to take it down! The more players the Boss killed, the more increase he would get in his record of Damage Dealt! If he could kill this Sub-Legendary Boss successfully, the experience points he got would definitely beat most of the other players! It might even be possible for him to level up a few levels—and of course, there were still the gains spawned by the Boss!

Heaven Plume wielded a silver sword and smashed down on Eighteen Massacres, but it met Eighteen Massacres' Seven Style Spear in mid-air! As the Chairman of the Angel Descent guild, how could he be any less formidable? In Lin Jie's previous life, he had also been one of the few famous players on the Paladins' Ranking Board!

A piercing sound of metals was heard between the duel of the Paladin's and the Dark Shrine Knight's weapons.

"Eighteen Massacres, just look—are these people worthy of your alliance? I will advise you to join us instead. We can help you beat Brotherhood, and even your previous Boss!" scoffed Heaven Plume as he drew a Holy Halo and forced back Eighteen Massacres.

Eighteen Massacres snorted. Sounds of massacre rose up everywhere—members from Kingdom of Glory were almost being wiped out!

"My only ally is myself! I shall now let you see the horrors of the magic by the Dark Shrine! Resurrect…" Eighteen Massacres glared at Heaven Plume as he summoned a dark light with his right hand, and the earth beneath him quivered…


At this moment, a gigantic beast covered in black and white stripes leaped out and crushed Eighteen Massacres beneath its foot. Lin Jie, who wore the Wolf Helmet, asked impatiently as he rode on his Tiger King mount, "How long has it been since the Boss was refreshed?"

Heaven Plume stared dazedly at Eighteen Massacres who was being stepped on, and squeezed out a reply subconsciously, "About… 14 hours? "

Lin Jie nodded and hurried Tiger King towards the direction of the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle.

Eighteen Massacres' face flushed red from humiliation. This was an open insult!

Heaven Plume looked at Lin Jie's back and shouted out to his team, "Codename Lone Wolf has come! Everyone be prepared!"

"On guard!"

The Steel Alliance panicked at Lin Jie's appearance!

"Oh, Leader is here! Brothers, let's go on now!" When members of Brotherhood saw Lin Jie, they rushed out and immediately formed a team of their own.

Lin Jie kept his Tiger King mount, and looked on intently at the eagle in front of him—that's right, this was indeed the Sub-Legendary Boss Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle! This Boss had also appeared in his previous life, but at that time only Triumphant Midnight had been guarding the Moldolita Forest. In the end, this Boss had been killed by a Hunter NPC.

And now… As Triumphant Midnight, Angel Descent and Hunter's Guild cooperated together, more players became aware of the existence of the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle. As such, massive numbers of players were gathered here and changed the fate of the Hunter NPC, making it become a mere Boss in the wild.

The Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle could use up till about 12 skills, such as lower-level spells the likes of Lightning Arrow, Thunder Spear, but it could also use higher-level restricted spells like Thunderbolt Storm and Thunder Justice. However, all its skills were not important, because as long as the Sub-Legendary Boss started any forms of attack, there would be bloodshed—not even Lin Jie could withstand a single blow from it.

"Leader, do we start our attack?"

"Leader, let's charge!"

Numerous Brotherhood's members shouted out in excitement. Lin Jie wave his hands, smiled, and said, "There's no need to charge ahead. As long as you all are here, we will have the chance to acquire gains."

The three thousand or more so Brotherhood's members present quieted down at Lin Jie's words.

Baili Xuanyuan felt somewhat threatened as he witnessed how Brotherhood's members became quiet at a single command from Lin Jie.


At this moment, the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle which was under attack for so long finally couldn't withstand any longer. It's gigantic body trembled, and crashed down onto the ground!

'Wth, run!"

"Oh my god, ah!"

The Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle's massive body crushed up to thousands of players on site! Meanwhile, the moment the Boss' corpse fell, three rays of light rose up from Baili Xuanyuan's head—he had leveled up three levels!


"Get them!"

Many solo Bandits who were in Stealth Move appeared now, and rushed towards the corpse!

"Leader, should we…"

"No hurry for this." Lin Jie waved and cautioned for Brotherhood's members to calm down.

The fight for the gains started! The Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle had spawned 30 or more so equipment, and it flew out everywhere. Regardless of whether it was a piece of equipment or material, they were all rare stuff. As long as one could get a single piece, they would be rich!

A Warrior had managed to grab a feather in delight, but as he was storing it into his backpack, a Poison Bandit numbed him. Following which, numerous jealous Mages killed the Poison Bandit by hurling Fireballs at him. The feather floated in the air, and anyone who touched it would immediately become the next target of all!

"Deal out AOE Spells, blast them!" shouted Baili Xuanyuan.

In the battle against the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle, he would at least have contributed around 70% damage. By right, according to the rules for distribution, he should be the one to get all the equipment and EXP points! However, as Sub-Legendary Bosses were rare creatures, their spawned items were not protected. Unless all the items spawned were not picked up after 10 minutes the Boss died, the system would revert to the 'Damage Dealt Distribution Method' and send all the items automatically into the backpack of the player with the highest damage output.

As long as he could hold out for 10 minutes, just 10 minutes—all these would be his!

The Mage Heavens' Mages started their attacks. They formed Fireballs and Fire Rain and blasted towards the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle's corpse!


As if being agitated by the Elemental Magics thrown at it, a light sheen of lightning began to spread out from the Thunder Silver Feathered Eagle's main torso and eventually engulfed the whole corpse! The dark clouds in the sky did not bother to spare any Thunder energy too, and they blasted thunder after thunder down at its body, turning the whole space into a Thunderbolt Hell!



The players who dared to go near were killed instantly! This thunderous hell had become a mutilations field!

Lin Jie's eyes gleamed, and he tried to take a step forward gingerly. A few thunder sparks landed upon his feet, and it brought about 1,400 damage!

This was only the thunder at the outer rims!

Regardless of whether it was the Three Alliance or the Steel Alliance, all surrounded the space and looked helplessly at the corpse.

Lin Jie proceeded forward. Dumb Fox and Heaven Plume looked at each other and aimed their weapons at Lin Jie.

"Wth, Dumb Fox are you trying to court death?"

"Dare to target our Leader? This is an open provocation with us Brotherhood!"

Brotherhood's members took out their weapons, and shouted threateningly! In the past, when Triumphant Midnight and Angel Descent were at their prime, they would order players to clear sites according to their wishes and abuse the ordinary players' rights. However, now, things had changed—Brotherhood was here for them!

"Triumphant Midnight? Ha, what's that? I am from Brotherhood!" When members of Brotherhood announced this proudly, one could see clearly how formidable Brotherhood had become!

Dumb Fox narrowed his eyes, smiled, and said, "Leader Lone Wolf, you are indeed powerful, and I do not doubt your ability to get the gains inside the space. However, isn't it too ungracious of you if you alone get all the gains that everyone had worked hard for?"

A mocking gleam flashed past Lin Jie's eyes which were covered under the Wolf Helmet. He walked slowly towards Dumb Fox, curved up his lips and said, "Chairman Fox, are you saying we should kill you first? In that way, you won't see me get your rewards then."


This comment definitely angered the players from Triumphant Midnight. A girl with long flowing hair pushed Dumb Fox behind her back. This girl's face was covered by a layer of iron armor, and only her beautiful, shining dark eyes were revealed.

This would be the legendary MT—Inksnow!

"Hahaha, don't get so uptight," laughed Lin Jie as he threw another look at Heaven Plume, "Brotherhood couldn't have progressed so far if we had not received help from all of you. How about this, I will go and take the gains, and we divide it among ourselves. As for those people there, we shall spare none of them. How does this sound?"

Dumb Fox's eyes gleamed, and he considered the prospects of working with the person in front.

Was it really safe to work with him?