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158 Baili Xuanyuan

ED.lee pointed to the Marionette on the ground. Lin Jie nodded and stepped back.

A ghastly smile appeared on the Undead's ugly, rotten face. Even Lin Jie, who was unafraid of such things, got a shock by this scene. ED.lee seemed to be very satisfied with his expression. He assembled the Marionette in front of Lin Jie and moved its limbs tentatively.

Lin Jie's eyes gleamed, and with a sudden thrust, Broken Blade was placed it threateningly on ED.lee's neck!

A malicious gleam flashed past ED.lee's eyes—he had snuck out his hand and was about to snatch back the pearl he gave Lin Jie. Seeing Lin Jie's face, he smiled weakly and spread out his hands, indicating that he did not have any ill intentions.

Army Obliteration!




With a slight shake of his hand, Lin Jie cut off ED.lee's head. The Marionette returned to ED.lee's backpack automatically. For a Marionest, the most important was not his own level—as long as his Marionette was unharmed, he would be safe. It was considered good luck that Lin Jie actually returned the Marionette to him.

As for killing ED.lee… firstly, it was to prevent this Undead from making disruptions on the lands owned by the Guild of Light. Secondly, it was to earn some Reputation points. Thirdly… when one killed players of the enemy camp, there would be a small chance of spawning items. Unfortunately, Lin Jie wasn't the luckiest person, to begin with—other than a few health potions, he didn't get anything else.

However, this pearl was a great item. Sealed Pearls were exclusive items manufactured in the Tribe of Darkness. The Tribe of Darkness was not named after 'Dark' for nothing. One could really experience what was meant by the 'Survival of the Fittest' there! Powerful Orc players could easily secure themselves a territory in the Orc tribe based on sheer force and make other Orc players become their slaves and work for them, while powerful Undead players could slaughter their own species and make them into potions, equipment, or other items.

Take this pearl, for example, there was a pretty good Warrior's Roar type of skill sealed inside. ED.lee might have killed a high-level Warrior and made him into this Sealed Pearl.

To survive in the Tribe of Darkness, one would need to be careful in his every step. There, one had to face endless slaughter, and thus the players in the Tribe of Darkness were very polarized! Other than that, their strong fighting consciousness and habits were astounding to many!

Lin Jie immediately inlaid the pearl in Broken Blade, and a small black ball appeared at its hilt. Another skill appeared on Lin Jie's Skill column too: Dragon's Roar.

[Dragon's Roar]: This is a Warrior's Roar type of skill. When you use this skill, all targets within a fan-shaped diameter of 10 meters will suffer 100% damage and be defeated. When your Rage points reach 80 or more, this ability deals 100% Critical Hit. It has a cooldown time of two minutes.


A raptor roamed past the sky above freely. Lin Jie's eyes lit up and threw an Inspect spell on it.

[Stranglethorn Vale Raptor]: Level 30, Health Points: 8,000

Forward Charge!

Lin Jie charged at it, and activated Weakness Exploit with Army Obliteration as a combo!





The raptor's health bar plummeted. Revealing its sharp teeth, it began to attack Lin Jie! Lin Jie used Broken Blade to block the raptor's attack—the pearl above the hilt slowly turned, and a dragon's roar was heard!


The raging sound waves hit the raptor's gigantic bloodred mouth, and its throat was almost shattered by the air currents!

-1,012! (Critical Hit)

The raptor stepped back and shook its head dizzily, only recovering after a few moments. 'Kill it while it is weak!' Lin Jie immediately activated Blood Soul Multi-Slash and Ice Spirit Slash, stunning it. His last sword cleaved the raptor's body into two halves!

The gigantic body dropped down. A Level 30 monster could actually be beaten until the point it could not fight back with this skill!

Cutting off the raptor's tail, Lin Jie walked towards Tiger King's Slope and explored the place carefully. He did not find other players from the Tribe of Darkness—this was logical. If a large number of players could break through the defense borders set up by the system across the straits, then the NPC army would already have attacked the territories under the Guild of Light.

The strange thing was that there were no sightings of the magnificent Tiger King Bangalash. Just then, Lin Jie heard fighting sounds and tiger roars from far away. He was shocked. 'Indeed, there are hidden experts everywhere in the game. Someone actually came before me!' He hurriedly snuck towards the directions of the sounds.

"Brother Xuanyuan, we have been farming the tiger for half a month, and you have worked hard, thank you… Do you think the Mount can be spawned?"

"For you, no matter how long this takes, it's worth it! Don't worry, the first kill will definitely spawn the Mount."

"Boss, be careful…"


The sounds of the fierce battle came from behind the Tiger King's Slope—only 10 players were surrounding a black and white striped Tiger King! The leader of the team donned a set of Gold Armor, and holding a thick giant sword in his hands, he maneuvered it with big strokes—truth be told, it was very visually stimulating to watch him strike out. His attacks were right on the dot, and he would strike out between the intervals when his teammates helped him block off the Tiger King's advances.

Other than two other Shield Specialists on the team, the rest were all healing jobs!

Lin Jie looked at Tiger King's attributes.

[Tiger King Bangalash]: Level 30 Dark Gold Boss, Health Points 112,147/350,000

'With just two Shield Specialists and six healing jobs, how did this group of people manage to reduce 200,000 of its health points?' Lin Jie looked at the team in amazement. Of course, he had automatically filtered out the presence of the female player who was just standing around uselessly and exclaiming pettishly in a sickeningly sweet voice.

The entire team had only one person who was in charge of dealing the blows! After sneaking up close, Lin Jie finally saw the name of this person—Baili Xuanyuan!

Lin Jie's pupils constricted. This person was not well known in his previous life, but in the process of collecting information about him, he managed to guess his identity—this person was Baili Changcheng's uncle!

From his equipment, Lin Jie deduced he must be at least Level 18 or above. The weapon he held in his hands was a Dark Gold fragment—King Snake's Crown. The King Snake's Crown did not have a high attack output, but it had a very disgusting effect: there would be a certain chance that an attack from this sword was attached with snake venom, causing double damage to its target! However, the fragments of the King's Snake's Crown were extremely difficult to obtain. During the early stages of the game, this would be a very powerful weapon, but after the players leveled up, this weapon which was only effective for monsters below Level 35 would lose its advantages.

It seemed like the attack strategy of this team was to use the King Snake's Crown to poison the Tiger King, and then the Shield Specialists would follow up and slam the monster to its death.

Inferring from the previous dialogue, this group of people might have been here for half a month! No wonder no other tigers were seen—the tigers of Tiger King Slope would not be spawned until Bangalah was killed. The logic worked like this—the underlings of the Tiger King could be spawned only when their leader was refreshed.

As for this female player… Lin Jie recognized her now, she was his 'ex-girlfriend' Wei Lu, and her game ID was All for Love. One should not be misled by how innocent her game ID sounded, knowing her promiscuous personality in the real world. After Lin Jie's last encounter at the gym, Brother Ben had pestered Wei Lu to pay for his medical expenses. Wei Lu got so angry that she actually slapped him, and Brother Ben nearly tore down the gym with his followers. Fortunately, the gym's boss returned in time, and he apologized for what happened, finally settling matters by compensating Brother Ben. Naturally, he also fired Wei Lu.

Wei Lu had nowhere to go and was crying along at Yuexin Lake when she met Baili Xuanyuan, who claimed to be a 40-year-old 'artistic youth'. That time, Wei Lu tearfully fabricated a story about how she had refused to be taken advantage of by her boss at work and was thus fired by her company due to her poor family background. She succeeded in fooling Baili Xuanyuan to believe her, and after sleeping with him, he brought her to play the game too.

After Wei Lu started playing the game, she was very well-behaved, and just followed quietly behind the team to level up, picking up the equipment spawned. In fact, she actually was upgraded to be Baili Xuanyuan's 'assistant'. To repay his help, she thus became his mistress.

Wei Lu was only interested in two things in the game: Mounts and Pets. To be exact, she was only interested in rare Mounts and Pets.

Lin Jie couldn't help but chuckle secretly when he finally made sense of what happened. To attack a monster, especially for a girl for more than half a month… Is this 'true love'?


Bangalash's health bar dropped to 100,000 points, and its attack speed increased by 200%! However, its attack power did not improve. Baili Xuanyuan blinked and smiled, "Great! The Boss is actually making our job easier! Priests get ready to milk our health bars, prepare for the kill!"

Wei Lu said coyly, "Oooh, you are so lusty, why mention milk…"

"Heh, heh." Baili Xuanyuan chuckled, and once again pierced the eyes of the Tiger King with King Snake's Crown. He deliberately put on a lusty expression. "Dear Lulu, when your job application is approved, you will become an executive in our company. Remember to 'assist' me, I will be good to you…"

The two looked lovingly at each other and smiled.

Unknown to all, a malicious gleam flashed past her eyes the moment Baili Xuanyuan looked away.

Lin Jie observed them from a distance. The Tiger King's health bar was gradually declining, and if he did nothing, the first kill would really fall into their hands! However, it was not safe to snatch the Boss by force—just look at Wei Lu, who was clad in Gold equipment with those skills of hers. How could other members of Baili Xuanyuan's team be worse off?

Lin Jie began to feel anxious—he must get this Tiger King Mount! 'At the very least, this Mount mustn't fall into their hands…' He pondered for a while and suddenly remembered the supposed "hidden map" in his previous life. As the common saying goes, 'two tigers cannot share one mountain', so, unless…

Lin Jie immediately set off and searched around carefully. He couldn't remember the exact place the hidden map was located, but only recalled some coordinates vaguely… Not long after, Lin Jie's heart skipped a beat—he finally found it! Uncovering a spot which was blocked by flowers and plants on the Tiger King's Slope, a deep cave was revealed.

'Aha, the tigers' lair, it's here!' If Lin Jie did not have the memories from his past life, it would be impossible to locate this spot!


A piebald tiger jumped out, and its bell-sized eyes stared at Lin Jie furiously.

[Tiger Queen's Guard]: Level 30 Elite, Health Points: 35,000

The Tiger Queen's Guard pounced on Lin Jie! He dodged the attack, and stabbed Broken Blade mercilessly into its back, dealing out a combo attack of Weakness Exploit and Ice Spirit Slash!



The defense capabilities of the Tiger Queen's Guard was still quite sturdy! Lin Jie hurriedly dealt more blows while it was being frozen by his previous moves. When the Tiger Queen's Guard finally recovered, a dragon's roar was heard, coming from Broken Blade's hilt! It was stunned again and was slammed onto the cave's wall. Lin Jie activated Army Obliteration, and the blade auras slashed opened the tiger's belly!

"Roar—" The tiger pounced on him again, and its claws slit across the Kiara Beast King Armor, causing 180-point damage. However, the pouncing effect was directly offset by Lin Jie's Unwavering skill.

With the Dark Gold Earth Elemental Wrist Guard and the Dark Gold Greaves, Lin Jie's Defense capabilities were enough to resist attacks by Level 30 Elite monsters! Broken Blade struck out consecutively for a few times, and the Tiger Queen's Guard finally dropped down dead.

Lin Jie groped around in the darkness and advanced inside the cave.

In the darkness, two bronze bell-sized eyes were faintly visible!

[Tiger Queen] (Weak): Level 30 Dark Gold Boss, Health Points: 50,000/350,000

Behind the Tiger Queen, there were still four little tiger cubs waiting to be fed…


"Steady! Tiger King will be ours soon!"

"Boss, Tiger King's a world-class Boss, right? First kill will give us hefty rewards?"

"Of course!" Baili Xuanyuan continued to strike out, and his moves portrayed his proficient gaming style—not even his men could notice the skills he used!

At this moment, Bangalah's skin suddenly became blood red, and violent intentions spewed out like a volcano eruption from its eyes!



With a swept of its claws, there was actually a savage paw-sized dent seen on the shields held by the Shield Specialists!


The Tiger King attacked again, and massive damage figures floated up along with its movements. The Shield Specialists flew out like a broken kite!只羡鸳鸯 (Hanyu Pinyin: zhǐ xiàn yuān yāng) This was an adapted Chinese adage from a Tang poem by poet Lu Zhaolin and the original line was 只羡鸳鸯不羡仙. It literally meant that the sayer envy the happiness of a pair of mandarin ducks rather than becoming immortal celestial beings, meaning that nothing can be better than being together with one's love. As such, the game ID here was translated as All for Love.奶 (Hanyu Pinyin: nǎi), or 'milk', is a colloquial term used by Chinese gamers to indicate healing jobs to boost the players' health bars.奶 can also be referring to women's boobs in Chinese, adapted from the action of breastfeeding by women.