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102 The Eve of The War of Ligh

Lin Jiawu and his wife had already gone to bed. Lin Xiaoxue with college entrance examinations coming up continued looking at all sorts of revision materials while Lin Jie was alone, in a daze as he held the notice of acceptance.

Once, the thing in his hand was his biggest dream.

He put down the notice of acceptance and looked at Baili Changcheng's business card. Lin Jie really did not know how to face this mysterious guy.

On his way back, Baili Changcheng continuously suggested for them to go out for a drink, and the location was actually at a food stall.

In his previous life, Baili Changcheng had been his good brother, but he had plotted and schemed, hiding his real strength. Then, Lin Jie was stepped under his feet at the last moment before success. In this life, he was careless, unconventional and unrestrained, saving him many times out from deep waters.

Lin Jie would rather have this guy stand at his opposition totally and use all kinds of means to be diametrically opposed to him, rather than him being the way he was now.

Was it possible that it was afterward that his character had a drastic change? Could it be that some unforeseen event had occurred?

"Baili Changcheng, exactly what kind of person are you? Is it possible that after my rebirth, we could become pals in reality and avoid the disaster?" murmured Lin Jie. The next second he gave up on that idea which just sprouted. "Who are you joking? If I dispel my guard against him, isn't it pushing my family into the abyss that is beyond redemption?"

'That must have been his disguise! Everything was a disguise!'

The same as the Baili Changcheng in his previous life, everything was a complete disguise! Only those eyes filled with disdain was his real nature.

Lin Jie thought over it again and again but could not get to any conclusion. As a result, he did not have the mood to sleep anymore, so he opened his computer and started to browse through the information.

The majority of the information on the "War of Light" had been revealed. Also included within the War of Light expansion pack was an enormous dungeon.

In Lin Jie's previous life, the exploration progress had been 256 dungeons. Those dungeons were distributed within all kinds of maps that were unexplored. When exploring such maps and clearing the dungeon, the dungeon spiral would open within the enormous dungeon's entrance for the convenience of players to enter.

However, before the dungeon could be released, the players needed to do a huge amount of prelude missions: Guild of Light players could receive chain-missions at a first-tiered city. Each chain of missions would reward large amounts of Light points and a completion status.

When the completion status reached 100%, then the War of Light would be officially released.

As for the Light points, one could choose to exchange for a War of Light exclusive set or a random reward. Exclusive sets could receive additional augment within the dungeons.

By then, the guilds would inevitably explore maps crazily since the rewards from the map exploration together with the first clear rewards were killing two birds with one stone.

When Lin Jie checked the many maps that were made public, he surprisingly realized that one of the maps was identical to the treasure map!

There, hid a blade of the Broken Blade!

However, next to the map was a note: After the War of Light is released, players will be allowed to enter the dungeon.

"Dungeon…" Lin Jie leaned on the chair behind him and gave a long sigh.


The whole night, Lin Jie did not rest at all, and he kept on drafting the information.

The first faint streaks of dawn could be seen, Lin Xiaoxue had already gotten out of bed and washed up. Her long hair was casually scattered on her shoulder, her small face that looked like it was carved with great care was very cute.

"Brother, morning."


Lin Jie took the towel and wiped his face. At the same time, he raised his head that was under the tap, he already had a mouthful of water, and after gargling the water for a bit, he spat it out. Lin Jie smiled as he said, "Let's go, I'll send you to school."

Lin Xiaoxue agreed with a soft voice. She carried her school bag and took a few buns their mother had left on the table before leaving.

Reaching school, Lin Jie could see Wu Jun standing at the gate on tiptoe of expectation from far away, and his eyes turned cold.

Wu Jun also caught sight of Lin Jie who had a dark face and cold eyes from a distance. It scared him so much that he hurriedly escaped in a flash.

"Haha, brother, your look is too scary." Xiaoxue chuckled.

Lin Jie lightly patted Xiaoxue's shoulder. "You girl…. Go, study well."

Jiang City's scenery in the morning was encompassed by the morning fog that was like a veil. Breathing it in only made people feel like their whole body was moisturized, making people feel very cozy and comfortable.

After returning home, Lin Jie looked at the time and wore his game helmet.

-'10 minutes to the opening of the game…'

-'3 minutes to the opening of the game…'

-"Welcome back! You have appeared within the City of Light."

The light was prominent, after some exquisite renovation, the City of Light appeared before him. The city walls were filled with magic cannons and large-scale crossbows defending the city. Holy Church Paladin's patrolling numbers increased quite a bit and previously idling Priests were all practicing divine spells with a serious face. Even the guards at the city gates were also armed to their teeth.

Everything was telling the players: A huge battle is coming up!

Lin Jie came to the front of the Holy Church's door. There was an additional female Paladin named "Commander Tyrese." She wore close-fitting white armors, and there was a pair of small wings on her back, proving her order position.

"Warrior, I'm glad to see you standing here," said the commander seriously, "The Devils that had been quiet for a long time have started to cause a commotion, the evil atmosphere has been leaked, War of Light is imminent! I need your help."

"On The New Age, long ago, various brilliant talents have appeared before. They have wandered the land to raise their strength but still have not become a person on the level of a hero. Now, this world needs them! I heard that they have appeared in the Frost Forest of Freire City. Go there and see."


-'Do you accept this mission? [Explore the Frost Forest]?'


Lin Jie canceled the mission.

On the eve of the War of Light, every player could accept these missions to find those talents. Their temper varied, and their strengths could be strong or weak. If one was lucky, just by passing the message after reaching some map, they could finish the mission and obtain the overall reward.

If one had bad luck, they would need to spend several days to complete the mission! Although the mission reward was also very generous, what players wanted the most was still Light points!

Of course, if one had a beautiful appearance and just nice the other person was lustful for women, one could oppress and exploit him to one's heart content.

In Lin Jie's previous life, the Kingdom of Glory's Shallow Smile seemed to have accepted a mission to find the Grand Arcane Mage. She had relied on her beauty to learn two skills and a level of proficiency had also been gifted to her.

Frost Forest's NPC was the Ice Woman Geru, she had a weird temper and hated men. She would request players to search for 200 pieces of ice crystals and completing the mission would need at least 2 days.

The commander frowned. "Why? You aren't willing to accept this mission?"

"Yes, I would like to change." Lin Jie nodded his head.

"Hmph, an impatient guy, how can the Mainland be saved by you?" The commander said coldly, "Come and find me in 5 minutes."

Accepting missions had a 5-minute cooldown.

The first batch of players that went online all went to find the commander to accept the mission and then left hurriedly for fear of falling behind. However, Lin Jie canceled his mission, again and again, staying on the same spot for a total of one hour…. In that one hour, there was a guy with excellent luck that directly completed the mission!

The difference between people was still very huge.

"I have gotten information that dark fog appeared near the Forest of Plague. Warrior, are you willing to explore it?" asked the commander coldly.

Lin Jie's eyes brightened up. "I'm willing!"

-'You have accepted the mission [Explore The Forest of Plague]'

Mission difficulty: ★★★★

Mission Description: The War of Light is near at hand, but there was a disturbance within the Forest of Plague. What was astonishing was that those groups of formidable bloodthirsty Undeads did not go wild but gradually calmed down. Commander Tyrese believes that they were manipulated by someone. Go find him, he will contribute to the Mainland.

Mission Difficulty of four stars!

Just beside the City of Light were three Forest of Plague - there were some here and there at other cities too. That was the hardest part of the mission.

However, that wasn't a problem for Lin Jie! He immediately teleported to Prague City.

As the city with Angel Descent as the sole dominant guild, Prague City had more order than the City of Light, the players were accepting missions in an orderly manner and registered it.

It looked like Angel Descent was planning to create a mission database.

In the western area of Prague City, spawned various wild beasts such as Nether Tigers and Thorn Turtles. Nether Tigers naturally had Stealth Move and were extremely difficult to kill, but now, they formed groups and stationed themselves in the periphery of the forest, wandering around, as if they did not dare to enter.

Lin Jie drank the Invisibility potion, bypassed the monsters at the periphery, and headed inside.

Dark fog surrounded the tip of his nose, he could occasionally step on cracked bones on the damp floor. If there were animals that died again, they would instantly be disintegrated by the air of darkness, becoming Skeleton Undeads. Their flesh, on the other hand, would be used to create Abomination.

The reason Lin Jie chose this place was completely for that NPC only.

Even if Lin Jie had his previous life's memory, he also could not remember all of the NPCs' abilities. Since that was a mission that involved the whole game, it was an epic large-scaled mission that only a few billions of people doing the mission simultaneously could complete. Lin Jie could remember a limited number of NPCs, which was already strong enough.

Passing through the dark fog, melodious sounds of the flute reverberated around the forest, adding a tinge of quiet and peacefulness to this weird forest.

Crack… crack…

The sound of bones banging was as though the accompaniment. Looking far into the distance, four or five skeletons were using their white bony hands to support their chin that had been corroded by time, as though the drum playing, coordinating with the flute sound.

The scene seemed comical though.

A youngster in grey robe sat in the middle of the Undeads, his long hair fluttering in front of his eyes. He played the flute in his hands, everything seemed so weird but yet in harmony.

Immortal Youngster, Kahn!