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95 Making Profit Amongst The Confusion

The atmosphere currently was as though a sudden rainstorm, instantly hyping everyone up!

Meanwhile, that fox girl who was forgotten at the corner finally understood at that moment how dispensable her beauty was in the eyes of these people.

Lin Jie heaved a sigh of relief, he couldn't help but secretly thank this "cute" City Leader. Then, he leaned on the chair casually, but his eyes looked at Zheng Ziliang's direction. After seeing him secretly gesturing and nodding slightly, Lin Jie thought in his heart silently, 'This is not over! I want to see who dared to plot against the Brotherhood!'

The first property was the City of Light Auction House!

It was located at the center of the City of Light. Back at the teleportation station, the Tower of Light was behind it and opposite it was the Holy Church. The Auction House occupied a superior geographical location. Even if one teleported here from other cities, they could see this magnificent building straight away.

There was not much difference between a player's Auction House and the system's Auction House, but the buyer himself could set the tax rate, easily stealing the business of the system's Auction House.

The successful buyer of the Auction House in the auction would be able to directly obtain the Viscount title of the City of Light and enjoy its privileges. If it was said that the Guild Base was a battleground for the militarists, the Auction House in the center of the City of Light was the place where the merchants must fight for!

The City Leader waved his hand and shouted, "Brave warriors of alternate realms, I have gotten the Lord God's decree, allowing you to use the cash from alternate realms for transactions. Now, let's get started!"

The minimum price for the Auction House at the center of the City of Light was 3,000,000$ in cash!

Lin Jie understood that the value of this Auction House would be immeasurable in the future. As The New Age gradually entered the people's daily lives, the price of the virtual property was almost the same as in the real world, not to mention such a large commercial building.

Everyone understood that.

Triumphant Midnight Guild's Dumb Fox, who was wearing the Bloody Set from Castle Wood, said calmly, "3,100,000."

"Fox, so stingy!" The Heavenly Shield laughed heartily. These sworn enemies were already used to mocking each other with sarcastic remarks.

Dumb Fox raised his eyelids. "What I'm afraid of is some bast*rds with muscles growing in their brains trying to inflate the price."

"Hehe, well this time you have miscalculated." The Heavenly Shield raised his auction bidding card, "3,150,000."

The bosses of the two major guilds taunted each other, and everyone also gave face and did not interrupt. Everyone knew that the price of this Auction House would definitely be over tens of millions. This was still just one month after The New Age started! If the Auction House's turnover was high enough to attract those magnates, the next auction might not be so small.

Taking advantage of the fact that the real world's business tycoons had yet to stretch their clutches into the game, they must first fight for and gain a piece of land! It was needless to say how important this piece was in everyone's heart!

What they didn't know was that this was the only large-scale property auction in the game!

"3,300,000," The Heavenly Shield grinned and said, "Alright, Sly Old Fox, playtime is over. It's time to get serious…"

"5,000,000!" said the young man sitting at the corner. He stood up while waving his hand.

"F*ck, who?!" The Heavenly Shield stood up furiously and scolded loudly, "Can't you see that I'm talking?"

"Your beard totally blocks your toilet-like face, what can I see?" This young man laughed coldly.

Everyone was shocked, good fella, who was the man that was so arrogant to the point he actually dared to give tit for tat with The Heavenly Shield?

That person wore a slim fit robe, the contract halo surrounding the tip of his staff revealed his identity—Contract Summoner.

At the present stage, there were few famous Contract Summoners. Angel Descent's member, Hell Plume, known as "Ghost King", was counted as one of the most renowned.

Qiu Yuan was utterly stunned. 'What's happening?'

That's right! The Contract Summoner, who spoke words as sharp as sword, was Zheng Ziliang. He was wearing Brotherhood's exclusive Kodo Helmet. He calmly raised his chin and said, "Please, don't use your toilet-like face to look at me, I can't help but want to go to the washroom."

Heaven Plume couldn't help but smile. There was a small girl besides that person, it looked like he was a lone wolf that brought his girlfriend here to open one's eyes. However, his method to show off and be in the limelight was quite interesting.

Many guild leaders were also taking pleasure in The Heavenly Shield's misfortune, so absorbed in looking at him that they even forgot about the auction.

At that moment, dear City Leader knocked down the first hammer silently, and its sound was drowned in the noises.

The Heavenly Shield grabbed the teacup and threw it towards the direction of Angel Descent, the tea was spilled all around. Heaven Plume did not expect that The Heavenly Shield would suddenly do that, so he shouted, "Old Shield, what are you doing?"

"What am I doing? Heaven Plume, you tell me yourself, is this person sent by you to stall me?" The Heavenly Shield laughed coldly. "A Contract Summoner that dares to pick a quarrel with me up front, if it's not Hell Plume, then who else is there?"

Heaven Plume frowned. "Old Shield, calm down. You are the leader of a guild, how is it proper for you to swear?"

Dumb Fox also hurriedly came up to press down on The Heavenly Shield's shoulders, saying softly, "Old Shield, quickly sit down."

Between guilds, they still placed great emphasis on reputation.

"Chey, wimp, coward toilet." Zheng Ziliang scorned with disdain.

Qiu Yuan hurriedly pulled his wrist, whispering, "What are you doing? He is the Ironwall Empire's guild leader! Hurry and sit down, we'll leave."

It was too late as The Heavenly Shield stood up instantly. The 1,90 meters tall and buff man holding a heavy shield looked like a steel soldier in doomsday. He did not care about the rules of the auction and activated Forward Charge, dashing towards Zheng Ziliang!



Countless golden rays suddenly fell from the sky as the Paladin guards had arrived. Their Hammer of Sanctions smashed onto the head of The Heavenly Shield, capturing him and throwing him in jail.

"Old Shield, why did you do that?" Heaven Plume sighed. "I've heard earlier on that Old Shield's Ironwall Empire had split, but who knew it has actually become like this? Just the fact that he has this temperament shows that the Ironwall Empire is destined to decline and fall apart."

The few guild leader bosses nodded their heads in agreement, what flashed in their eyes was unknown, be it happiness or taking pleasure in The Heavenly Shield's misfortune.


A clear and crisp sound could be heard from under the hammer of the City Leader. "The City of Light's Auction House has successfully been purchased by this friend."


The whole auction blew up!

"What the heck? I haven't even bid yet!"

"F*ck, 5,000,000 for the Auction House? Are you kidding me?"

"I protest! This item's worth is at least tens of millions! If you auction it off like this, be careful that the system will erase you!"

Everyone was burning with rage!

Who were they kidding? The Auction House was just given to the other's hand in this farce? 5 million! Only 5 million! Even if this person directly resold it, he could have a net profit of near ten million!

Envy, anger, unwillingness… The ceiling was about to be blown off by all the voices of people.

The City Leader took his scepter out and shouted in a deep voice, suppressing the sounds of the whole hall.

As the City Leader, he had the City Leader Divine Equipment that was given by the system, and he could control the power of law within the City of Light.

"Continue on to the next auction, a two-story building at the north-west area of Prague City…" The City Leader continued hosting.

Meanwhile, Zheng Ziliang disappeared the instant he bid successfully in the auction. What followed him and disappeared were the scouts of numerous guilds.

Qiu Yuan hurriedly chose to go offline. She realized that Zheng Ziliang had definitely done it on purpose.

Baili Changcheng laughed heartily. "F*ck, how did these bunch of idiots become guild leaders? It's so funny it's killing me, seeing such a huge piece of fat meat slip away right under their noses, and it even entered other people's belly. Tonight this bunch of people doesn't need to sleep anymore."

Dominance had discerning eyes, and he said calmly, "Just now that guy, he had a very good scheme."

"I know that he was quarreling with The Heavenly Shield to divert their attention." Baili Changcheng grinned.

"No, he should have other means," said Dominance calmly.

In front of him, there was still a row of big words written.

Auction item: Auction House in the center of the City of Light.

Auction price: $5,000,000

Sorry, this item is not for bidding.

Three hours had gradually passed, the first and last batch of commercial properties had been auctioned.

Since the farce of the center Auction House, all the guild leaders had devoted themselves to the auction. In the end, the two-story building at the northwest area of Prague City was bought by Heaven Plume at a price of $24,000,000. The Sunshine City Pet Training Plain was bought by Ghost Eyes from Hunter's Guild, with a price of $22,000,000. The City of Light Large Scale Training Ground at the southeast slum was bought by Dumb Fox from Triumphant Midnight at a price of $31,000,000…

The fight was unimaginably intense!

However, the building that was worth the most was only sold for $5,000,000!

What was worth mentioning was that Dominance did not participate in the auction of any property. He left the Auction House deep in thought, no one knew what he was thinking.

After leaving the spiral, Lin Jie could not help but take a look at the great City Leader. Their eyes met, and a tinge of unhappiness and depression flashed in the latter's eyes.

That's right, with just $5,000,000, it was simply impossible to bid this goose that could lay golden eggs. However, it would be different with the City Leader's help. He was an auctioneer and also the decision maker. He even grasped the rule of the City of Light. As long as he was willing, even spending only $1, one could also buy the Auction House.

What Lin Jie felt was a pity was that he only got this one Auction House.

In the beginning, he had given so many presents because he wanted to obtain all the commercial buildings in one go, but when he stated this condition, all the NPCs' reaction was surprisingly identical: Impossible! Even the City Leader who was mortally afraid of death was the same too.

Finally, after compromising, Lin Jie successfully bid the Auction House at a price of $5,000,000 in cash.

Lin Jie did not have that much money, but if he was willing to dilute the rights and shares of the Brotherhood, gathering the money was not difficult. At the worst case scenario, he would sell the Sky Provisions Shop off in exchange for the Auction House, which was not a loss.

Zheng Ziliang's appearance was what Lin Jie had not expected, but that helped him big time. However, Zheng Ziliang had to lie low until the wind blew over so he could not come online for at least three days.

The one who paid the largest price was perhaps The Heavenly Shield. Launching an attack in front of the City Leader, the consequence was a week in jail, and the calculated timing was online time! At this stage, there was literally nobody in jail. He might just be driven crazy for staying 24 hours in jail every day.

There was no such thing as Auto Battle in The New Age.

Lin Jie must save him out!


System announcement: Dear players, after 12 hours, The New Age server will be under maintenance for 10 hours. The first expansion of The New Age, "War of Light" shall be released by then! Specific information has been posted on the official website.