Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 246: Give Birth to a Son 1
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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 246: Give Birth to a Son 1

Chapter 246: Give Birth to a Son (1)

Gong Yimo took a deep breath and turned around to look at him. Their first encounter was at the palace, where everyone watched on as she murdered someone in front of their very eyes.

She remembered himーhow young he was. She coldly laughed to herself as she remembered seeing him behind the Emperor.

In her past life, Gong Che was disgusted with how she destroyed people’s lives as though she was playing with wax. Disgusted by how her hands were always stained with fresh blood. He liked Su Miaolan, who was kind and pure. Somehow in this life, it was as if he detested her bloody appearance even more.

Her cruel, bloodied image separated her from the rest and made her stand out.

She didn’t understand why this was happening.

Gong Che was completely unaware of her change in emotion. He was immersed in the happiness of knowing that she chose to confide in him.

He was like an inexperienced, confused young manーthe kind that eagerly awaited a response from his sweetheart.


When Gong Yimo hadn’t responded, it made him worried. His grip on her hand grew just the slightest bit tighter.

He tightly pressed Gong Yimo’s tiny hands onto his chest with the palm of his hand. He could feel the sweat moistening his hand. She could feel his slow but steady heartbeat. Each powerful thump beat against her palm.

“When we went boating by the lotus pond… you…” He stopped, clearly embarrassed as he started to… blink. It felt almost unnatural, as if he was actively focusing on it to calm his anxieties. He whispered, “Do you still remember what you did? You kissed me… You kissed me so many times.”

She only did it to save him, unaware that he would misunderstand. Gong Yimo wanted to explain when he suddenly let go of her. His finger gently brushed against her lips and his eyes were barely open as he stared at them.

“Your lips were red… They were just like this back then. I’ve been thinking about you endlessly. I miss you every day. Every night. I still remember the sensation…”

Gong Yimo felt herself numbingーboth emotionally and physicallyーas his trance-like behavior turned to misery.

“I tried to control myself… I tried! I… I know shouldn’t be this way.”

His lips quivered as he guided his fingers along her face, delicately stopping at her eyebrows. He felt as though he would drown in his own happiness, knowing that she wasn’t resisting.

He sighed as if he was in a dream.

“When I went to Star City, I thought I could control these feelings… these thoughts. I’d erase you from my mind whenever I saw you. But you’re always right by my side. My mind has been branded by your beautiful image. You’re impossible to forget. You said that I was cold to you when we were by the Yangtze River… Do you remember?”


The last of his restraints had failed and he softly kissed Gong Yimo’s forehead. Another satisfied sigh escaped his lips.

“You said that I treated you like that, but how could I? Since then, I’ve realized that I could never let you go. Never! You’re the reason why, Mo’er. You’ve always treated me so well and now you’re all that I can see. I love you and it’s your fault.”

“You’d even die for me…” Gong Che raised her chin with his finger and looked longingly into her eyes. “When I woke up and saw that you weren’t by side anymore… I could feel myself dying. I’m so grateful that you’ve shown up again… but I want more. Do you… do you have even the slightest of feelings for me?”

“I know a sister can’t feel that way, but… do you have feelings for me too?”

He looked anxiously at Gong Yimo. His scarlet red eyes were enchanting. She saw his nervous anticipation dancing in those beautiful eyes and felt as if his gentle face had suddenly become much more handsome. Graceful. Elegant.
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