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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 244: To Confess 1

Chapter 244: To Confess (1)

When Gong Yimo exited the residence, she looked back and wondered what was going on.

Forget it, she will just ask Gong Jue once he returns at night…

She turned her head to look at the street where there was an endless stream of traffic. She wasn’t quite sure where to begin to look for Gong Che, when suddenly, a little boy ran up to her.

“Big sister…a big brother is waiting for you at Wan Xiang Restaurant.”

Gong Yimo smiled and ruffled the little boy’s head. She gave the little boy some silver and began heading towards Wan Xiang Restaurant. On the way there, she still felt puzzled about Gong Che’s actions. He seemed to be doing well since he had just prepared a feast for her, but what she couldn’t understand was the reason that he was doing this.

Filled with doubt, she soon entered the restaurant. Once inside, someone took her to the side room at the top floor of the restaurant. When she entered the room, Gong Che appeared as if he had waited quite a while for her…

“Crown Prince brother?”

Gong Yimo put her hat on the side and walked towards the window. Gong Che’s eyes were shining when he turned around to look at Gong Yimo.


“Why did you urgently look for me? Is there an urgent matter?”

Gong Yimo curiously looked out the window. Below the window was a busy street with many people walking about. There wasn’t anything interesting to look at.

Gong Che didn’t answer her question, and instead, pointed at a couple who were was selling snacks.

“Have you eaten the cloud cake from the Liushan Family? The pair of husband and wife have been doing business here for over twenty years…”

Gong Yimo felt that he was acting very strange today. She glanced at

Gong Che and found out that he had meticulously dressed up today. His moon-white robe and his silver hairpin contrasted beautifully against his handsome complexion. When he laughed in his outfit, it made him look more outstanding and magnificent than usual.

Gong Yimo shook her head, “No…” Usually, Gong Jue would tightly watch over her without allowing her to eat things from a peddler’s stand.

Gong Che smiled and continued, “They married each other when they were just youngsters. For the past twenty years, they only had one another, and their relationship is very good. Their story has been spread throughout the capital.” When he saw that Gong Yimo was still confused, he lowered his voice and faintly said:

“They are cousins.”

This sentence had inexplicably made Gong Yimo’s heart drop.

Gong Che didn’t wait for her to react, he pulled her, and they sat down on the couch together. The setup of the room was very odd. Apart from a couch and a floor mat, there wasn’t even a single chair.

Gong Yimo felt very uncomfortable sitting so close to him, but she forced herself to smile.

“Crown Prince brother, you still haven’t told me why you asked me to come here. Could it be that you had asked me to come here just to discuss the peddler’s marriage? Isn’t it normal for cousins to marry?”

When Gong Che heard what she had said, he faintly smiled and looked at her. “Yes…it’s normal for cousins to marry. But…what about siblings with the same father but different mothers?”

“Crown Prince brother!”

Gong Yimo’s eyes widened and she suddenly became timid as she looked at him. “Crown Prince brother, you still have a banquet to attend to in the afternoon. You should return to the palace.”

Gong Che softly laughed.

What was so funny? Gong Yimo was on guard as she looked at him.

The smile on Gong Che’s face became more and more bitter. His handsome face became a little pale, gloomy, and finally…he looked at her sadly.

“I don’t want anyone else because I fell in love with my half-sister. This…what should I do?”

He had originally thought that it would be difficult to confess his feelings, but after he had finally confessed his feelings, his entire body felt much lighter…

He grabbed Gong Yimo’s hand and approached her. Whenever he got closer to her, he felt like his body was much more comfortable. For over eighteen years, he had never wanted someone so desperately like this…

Gong Yimo thought that she had heard wrong. She opened and then closed her mouth. Gong Yimo didn’t dare to believe what she had just heard

“Crown Prince brother…you, do you know what you’re saying?”
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