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Chapter 237: Are You Willing to Follow Me? 2

Chapter 237: Are You Willing to Follow Me? (2)

Gong Yimo thought that Gong Che was doing this because he had some words he wanted to tell her. She lowered her head and looked at the ground, allowing Gong Che to make all the arrangements. Little did she know how impatient Gong Che was currently feeling. The palm of his hands was sweating as he tried to restrain himself from looking at the person beside him.

The boat quickly arrived. Gong Yimo didn’t forget her identity as a servant, she promptly hopped onto the boat and supported Gong Che onto the boat. This was the first time that they had finally looked at each other face to face.

Gong Yimo had merely glanced at Gong Che, yet she felt like she was burnt by his gaze. She quickly looked away.

Gong Yimo finally felt that there was something odd going on. Gong Che’s gaze was burning hot like it was able to completely melt someone.

The boat quickly traveled to the center of the lake, the flowers and leaves in the lake had long withered. As the moonlight illuminated the lake, the water looked somewhat bleak and desolate.

In the boat, there was a cabin. Gong Yimo helped Gong Che settled down inside the cabin. Just as she was about to get up, Gong Che pulled her towards him. She was thrown into Gong Che’s embrace.

It was very dark inside the cabin because there was only one lamp. The cabin was also very narrow, so it made Gong Yimo alarmed at the sudden action.
“Crown…Crown Prince brother?”

“Don’t talk…” Gong Che’s slightly trembling voice echoed besides Gong Yimo’s ear. He was tightly hugging her, and he didn’t want to hear any words of resistance from Gong Yimo.

“You’re still alive…that’s great…”

He tightly embraced Gong Yimo; it seemed as if he wanted to make sure she wasn’t a figment of his imagination. Gong Yimo’s heart slightly warmed up. She felt like all her efforts haven’t been in vain.

Gong Che…he really cares about her…

Gong Yimo patted his shoulder, trying to help him relax. “Crown Prince brother, I’ve just returned, didn’t I? How can something happen to me? I’m someone who cherishes her life…”
However, this wasn’t the main point! The main point was that Gong Che missed her very much. Day after day, he had been bitterly waiting for her. He wanted to hold her in his embrace until she fell asleep, he wanted to have a very close relationship with her, he wanted to wake up together with her in the morning…

He had been thinking this till his heart began to hurt!

He should tell her, tell her that he cared for her not because they’re sister and brother, but because he loved her! He loved her to his very bones, every moment that they’re apart, he felt like a part of him was missing…

Gong Che’s rapid breathing was accompanied by the scent of wine as he breathed down her ear. Gong Yimo felt itchy from this, so can’t help but shrink away from him. However, when she moved, Gong Che moved even closer to her. She could almost feel his lips slightly kissing the skin below her ear, making her get goosebumps all over her body.

“Crown Prince brother!” When she pushed Gong Che away, a glint of pain flashed by his eyes. However, Gong Yimo didn’t notice, instead, she was focused on forcing herself to calm down.

It was very hot inside the cabin; it made the two people sweat. Gong Yimo took a deep breath before she forced herself to smile.

“Crown Prince brother, I’m fine. Oh right, has your injury healed yet?”

Gong Che felt a sense of loss as Gong Yimo left his embrace, he didn’t want to discuss these things with Gong Yimo. He looked at Gong Yimo a few times and each time he was about to say something, he swallowed the words back.

Why didn’t you come see me sooner…
Why did you have to go to Xizhou?

Is Gong Jue that important to you?

In your heart…is he more important than me?

Why…did you refuse my embrace…!

However, he couldn’t ask her any of those questions because they are blood-related relatives. Due to this, it seemed as if there was a wide gap that separated them, it was impossible to close the gap between them.

He suddenly remembered what the Empress had told him. He can no longer wait; he needed to quickly become more powerful. He needed to become powerful enough that he can seize her!

As a result, Gong Che’s breathing gradually calmed down, but his gaze was still firmly locked onto her.

“Would you like to go to the Huaihe River with me?”