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Chapter 236: Are You Willing to Follow Me? 1

Chapter 236: Are You Willing to Follow Me? (1)

Gong Yimo got goosebumps from his stare. She didn’t know how she her identity was exposed, such that the other party was able to identify her with just one glance. Due to this, she can’t help but be more on guard. If other people figured out who she was, then it would be the end for her.

However, her uneasiness was somewhat unnecessary. The Emperor had known her so well, yet he was only drinking cup after cup of wine without even giving her a second look.

After Gong Che pondered for a moment, he said a few words to the person behind him. The two people who were originally following him had disappeared, it was unknown where they had disappeared to. On the other side, a lot of people wanted to give Gong Jue a toast, but he evaded their toast on the pretext that he was still young and didn’t have a high alcohol tolerance. When the Emperor saw the scene, he laughed heartily.

“Jue’er, you may be able to refuse these toasts, but later, when you are in bed with a woman, I’m afraid you won’t…”

While he was talking, the Emperor stood up and started walking towards Gong Jue’s direction.

“Everyone, please continue eating and drinking. We, father and son…will take a look at the women’s banquet…” He seemed to be a little drunk as he laughed, “I’m certain that they’re talking about your marriage! We will go take a look…to see what good family options there are!”

The Emperor had one hand on Gong Jue’s shoulder as he dragged him away, Gong Jue was extremely anxious and unwilling to leave Gong Yimo here. However, the Emperor had only allowed Chang Xi to follow him. Chang Xi’s martial arts skill was very high; if he took notice of Gong Yimo when she followed them along, she will be in even more danger.

Gong Jue was annoyed at himself for the hundredth time for giving in to her charms last night. He silently glanced at Gong Yimo before he followed behind the Emperor.

Once Gong Jue had left, Gong Che couldn’t restrain himself any longer. He was holding a wine cup as he headed towards the minister that was standing closest to Gong Yimo. However, when he reached the minister, he accidentally bumped into him, spilling the wine all over his clothes.

When the minister saw this, he repeatedly said, “The Crown Prince’s alcohol tolerance is low, so it’s best if you stop drinking. Huh? Why don’t you have an attendant with you? Who is that? Yes, I’m talking about you! Quickly help the Crown Prince return to his palace to rest.”

Gong Yimo was surprised that the minister pointed to herself, but when she remembered that she had originally come here because she wanted to tell Gong Che that she was safe and sound, she obediently complied with the minister’s request. She only hoped that Gong Jue won’t feel anxious when he returns and can’t find her…

The moment her hand touched Gong Che’s hand, his burning hot hand tightly held onto hers.


He leaned his whole body on Gong Yimo’s shoulder, his heart rapidly beating as he leaned towards her. Gong Che felt that his heart would stop beating whenever Gong Yimo wasn’t with him. He didn’t feel happy or sad or any feelings at all when she wasn’t there. However, the moment she appeared before him– he would feel alive again. It was as if energy was being poured into his soul…

Even though Gong Yimo felt that something was strange, she still helped him exit the banquet. They gradually disappear from people’s line of sight. The two of them unconsciously arrived at the lotus pond where they had released paper boats together…

When Gong Yimo recalled the embarrassing mouth to mouth, she felt somewhat awkward. On the other hand, Gong Che cherished the memory and was glad that he hadn’t hurt Gong Yimo that time. Because of that, she was able to stand next to him right now and accompany him.

This place was very quiet because everyone was helping at the banquet. However, Gong Che was still afraid that someone might be secretly spying on them, so he slightly waved his hand. Two shadows immediately scattered from their hiding place, blocking the both entrance and exit.

Gong Che was still not at ease. He didn’t want Gong Yimo to suffer any threat, so he commanded someone to get a boat for him, under the pretext that he wanted to drink wine on the boat.