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Chapter 235: A Kiss is Enough 2

Chapter 235: A Kiss is Enough (2)

“You can’t leave my side when you arrive in the palace and do not look at other people.”

Gong Jue said this a serious tone: she nodded in agreement. Seeing this, Gong Jue couldn’t help but sigh. He hated himself for promising her this for a kiss.

While the carriage was en route to the palace, Gong Jue continued to instruct Gong Yimo on what she should and shouldn’t do during the banquet.

The imperial palace was the same as before, nothing had changed. Gong Yimo had missed it. After all, she had lived there for almost six years and had developed feelings for it.

The main hall was gorgeous and was as warm as the springtime air. The traditional music rang from behind the curtain. Many imperial secretaries traveled back and forth with a happy expression on their face.

Gong Jue was the center of attention at this banquet. His seat was right next to the Crown Prince’s. Seeing the crowds of people, Gong Yimo hurriedly lowered her head to act like a servant.

The civil and military officials were all here. Because it was a celebratory banquet, there would be two separate banquet because of the gender difference. One would be for the princes and officials while the other was for the concubines and other family members of the officials. Gong Jue only needed to show his face in the banquet with the princess and officials.

“Crown Prince has arrived—”

With the announcement, the Crown Prince walked in quickly. He had a sallow expression, yet it was full of authority. Many officials went to welcome him. People needed to know that there was no need to pay respects at this type of banquet. From this, it could be seen that Gong Che held the people’s hearts.

Gong Yimo was a little excited. She hadn’t seen the Crown Prince for two months and didn’t know the extent of his injuries.

Gong Che’s eyes swept through the people and caught sight of Gong Jue. He hurried over and immediately looked behind him, eagerly looking for Gong Yimo. He really missed her!

Feeling Gong Che’s gaze, a tint of coldness flashed in Gong Jue’s eyes. He couldn’t help but move in front of Gong Yimo and block her completely, not wanting him to see her.

But Gong Che’s status was above him. How could he block him?

The moment Gong Che moved closer; his gaze almost immediately fell on Gong Yimo. Although her appearance and temperament were different, Gong Che knew she was Gong Yimo! She was the person he had been thinking about this whole time!



He mouthed these two words silently. However, Gong Jue immediately looked at him in warning. Gong Che knew that it wasn’t the time to speak with her. There were so many eyes staring at them and just a hint of unusualness could expose everything.

Gong Che forced himself to not look at her. Just the thought of her being only a few steps away made his heart soar up to the sky.

“The Emperor has arrived—”

The moment the Emperor arrived, everyone stood up to welcome him. The Emperor quickly walked in wearing golden-yellow robes, which made him look dignifying. But Gong Yimo’s sharp eyes noted the white hair along the sides of his head and felt a pang in her heart.

Two months ago, he didn’t have white hair. Were those hairs because of her?

Seeing that everyone was here, Gong Chenghu laughed out loud!

“This banquet is set to celebrate my son for establishing a wonderful accomplishment. We are here to enjoy ourselves, not here to talk about politics. Now, let the music begin!”

Chang Xi immediately smiled and stepped up.


“The Emperor has decreed. Let the music begin—The banquet has started—”

The voice echoed through the hall. With the start of the music, the female dancers walked in one after the other. The imperial secretaries carried different trays of delicious food in. The hall suddenly became bustling with noises.

Gong Che couldn’t help but look at Gong Yimo again, having thousands of words he wanted to say to her.