Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 207: Testing the Medicine in Person 2
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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 207: Testing the Medicine in Person 2

Chapter 207: Testing the Medicine in Person (2)

Gong Yi Mo smiled. After whistling, the horse she was riding on before quickly ran towards her. She pinched her sore muscles and looked at the wooden box in her hands.

Ai! Trying to get a box of medicine sure isn’t easy…

When they returned to the city, Gong Jue was actually awake and waiting for them at the city gates with a cold face.

Gong Yi Mo was overjoyed to see Gong Jue. She jumped off the horse and ran up to him. Rather worried, she asked, “Are you still feeling dizzy? Why did you suddenly come out?”

Gong Jue smiled at her, then took off his outer robe and wrapped it around her, “It’s so cold now. Why aren’t you wearing more when you go out?”

Gong Yi Mo smiled in embarrassment while Gong Jue picked out the dry grass from her hair. Helplessly, he said, “Sister Gong is grown up now… where did you go for a roll?”

Gong Yi Mo was too ashamed to say. After all, it wasn’t just one roll, it was many rolls. That’s why she tugged his sleeve and playfully spoke.

“Let’s return quickly… I’m so hungry!”

Gong Jue saw her deliberately skipping the quest and helplessly looked at her, “Alright, let’s go home.”

However, while he was turning, his jade-like eyes coldly looked back at Si Wuyan on his horse.

This person, if it wasn’t because he could still be used, would’ve been sliced into a thousand pieces by him already!

Si Wuyan was ten years older than Gong Jue in the end. He returned a cold smile. He knew in his heart that as long as Gong Yi Mo was there, Gong Jue couldn’t do anything to him. Therefore, he didn’t fear him.


While they were eating, Gong Yi Mo met Zhen Xi Wang’s family for the first time and felt slightly embarrassed. They’ve been bothering them for so long, but they didn’t have time to have a proper gathering.

Zhen Xi Wang was already over fifty years old. He had a son called Li Changfeng and a daughter-in-law called Li Zhang. He had two grandsons and one granddaughter. Then there was his official wife, Princess Li Ru. The family situation wasn’t complicated at all so it was quite worriless.

But during the meal, Gong Yi Mo was quite absent-minded. She waited with great difficulty for the Princess Concubine to finish chattering before quickly grabbing Gong Jue and returning to their room. Seeing that the feelings between the two siblings were good, Zhen Xi Wang smiled so hard his mouth couldn’t close. However, he was a man in the end and rather careless. It was his Princess Concubine that was worried instead.

“These two children have such a great relationship…”

She frowned slightly. In the end, Gong Yi Mo was still an unmarried noble daughter, so there was some disapproval in her voice as she said, “However, the Royal Princess and His Highness’ aren’t young anymore. Staying in the same room like that, I’m afraid there will be damage to their good names.”

Zhen Xi Wang loudly declared, “What are you afraid of?! Even though they are not brothers and sisters from the same mother, they had depended on each other for so many years. They’re as close as blood-related siblings! I’ll see who dares to say anything!”

The Princess Concubine opened her mouth but didn’t say anything.

Her husband was a rather crude man. Back when the Princess was in danger, His Highness Gong Jue’s reaction… It could be forgiven if their feelings were deep, but when they were eating earlier, when the Princess wanted to eat fish, His Highness had already removed the fish bones. Before she could finish, he would scoop out a bowl of soup and set it aside to cool. Right after drinking the soup, His Highness would hand over a handkerchief.

This… really didn’t seem like what a younger brother would do. It was more like…


She paused and didn’t dare to think about it.

Gong Jue allowed Gong Yi Mo to pull him along. Seeing her hopping and jumping around energetically, he seemed to suddenly go back a few years. However, the only difference was back in the palace, every step was treacherous. Now that they were out, no one could obstruct them any longer.
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