Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 206: Testing the Medicine in Person 1
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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 206: Testing the Medicine in Person 1

Chapter 206: Testing the Medicine in Person (1)

Gong Yi Mo frowned. Does he have some kind of personality disorder?

Forget it, no matter what he says, she replied, “Well, I saved you. Shouldn’t you compensate me?”

She displayed a terrifying smile. Although she was a complete mess, she still grinned in this terrible appearance. He didn’t know why, but for some reason, his hostile heart strangely calmed down. This kind of kindness made it difficult for him to hate her, and in fact, made him feel like laughing.

“What do you want?”

He thought Gong Yi Mo would ask him to cure the scorpion poison in her body right this instant. Who would’ve thought that she would reply, “If I can only ask for one thing, I want you to create a drug for repairing muscle and bone!

His expression grew more and more solemn while his gaze became even colder. He stared deeply at Gong Yi Mo, as if trying to read something from her expression, but in the end, he said nothing. Still, he pulled out a jade box from his sleeves.

“What’s this?”

Si Wuyan replied with a low voice, “This is my mother’s ointment which can revive even the flesh and bones of a dead man.”

Gong Yi Mo smiled brightly and reached out for the box. The crystal clear paste inside exuded a fascinating scent.

Just when Si Wuyan was about to get up, Gong Yi Mo suddenly scooped up a bit of the cream and pasted it on the young man’s injured face.

It was too late for Si Wuyan to stop her! As soon as the ointment touched his wound, the scar immediately stopped bleeding, creating a light green taint.

“Are you crazy?!”

Si Wuyan snatched the box back at once and looked around in panic among his robes.


Gong Yi Mo thought it was funny. How many things does this man hide in his body? But her smile soon faded. She sighed softly while watching the panicked man’s face paralyze little by little.

“If you want others to trust you, first of all, you have to be trustworthy.”

Si Wuyan looked at her with a face full of shock. He soon averted his gaze, as if unable to look straight at her.

“If you want people to care about you, you have to pay the price first. This is human nature. Perhaps they can be selfish and cunning, but how many people are only insatiably greedy?”

“If you’re only focusing on the ugliness of human nature, then you will only see more of its terrible appearance. But if you look for goodness, you will also see how kind people can be.”

It seemed that he was walking in the dark night. His body was bruised all over, but then, someone suddenly opened a window in front of him, allowing the light to shine in. This made him both eager and afraid to face the sunshine.

At this moment, Si Wuyan didn’t know how to describe this feeling. He was shocked and helpless, but he could only continue to search for the medicine with a cold expression.

This time, he pulled out a wooden box. He took out some of the ointment and placed it on his face, allowing the muscles to relax. It was quite amazing, so it must be the muscle regenerating ointment!

Before Si Wuyan could finish applying it, Gong Yi Mo grabbed ahold of him and laughed wildly. “This must be the muscle regenerating ointment, right?!”


She wanted to praise her own wit!

Si Wuyan gazed back with a complicated look. He took a deep breath, remained silent, then finally got up and was ready to go.

“Eh? Where are you going?”

He looked down at the girl who had no care for her image.

“Do you think that scorpion venom is easy to get rid of? I don’t have the right medicine on me. I need to go back and make it again.”
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