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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 203: A Deal 2

Chapter 203: A Deal (2)

Gong Yi Mo smiled and added, “The fact that you had Gong Jue cut off his own flesh, is it because you’re unable to get near him and do it yourself, so you used me instead as a leverage to force him to commit suicide? As long as he loses too much blood, you will catch him unprepared and kill him, won’t you?”

Si Wuyan’s expression distorted upon hearing her conjecture.

“As for me, if I wasn’t poisoned, Gong Jue would never let you off. If that was the case, would you have done the same thing as before? Although I’m awake now, the poison in my body still remains. Si Wuyan, others may not know, but I still know this fact: Your mother is the world’s number one master of poison. Does scorpion’s poison have little efficacy on you?

Si Wuyan suddenly retorted, “Don’t say anymore!”

His gloomy eyes focused on Gong Yi Mo, as if to pierce her through!

“So what if I did it on purpose? So what if you found out? What can you possibly do to me?”

He raised a corner of his lips before laughing in anger. “Scorpion poisoning isn’t difficult for me to deal with, however, I am the only person who can save you in this place. If you want to force my hand, you can try!”

“If you can be so rebellious to your Queen Mother, how can you possibly be a simple puppet emperor?” Gong Yi Mo said with a laugh.

His face darkened in gloom! “Gong Yi Mo! Don’t think I won’t dare to kill you! Do you dare provoke me again?”

Gong Yi Mo quickly raised her hands as if in surrender, “Well, I won’t say any more…you see, I’m so good for you, so just hand over the antidote already. See, I even prepared everything for you; you have a fast horse and your baggage!”

She pulled out a jug of water and his luggage as if by magic out of nowhere. “Your identity was discovered by me, so it’s better to make a deal. As long as you hand me a bottle of the antidote, I promise not to divulge your secret to anyone. Well, you’ll reach Lou Ye if you keep traveling this way. You can go harm the people in that direction!”

Si Wuyan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What she offered was a good and reasonable deal, but why should he listen to her?

“You’ve certain prepared well. However, if I hand over the medicine, do you dare to take it?”

“Dare!” Gong Yi Mo said with a nod. “I didn’t kill you even after what you did to Gong Jue. I also know your identity and let you go. With such kindness, you’re not going to get revenge, are you?”


She looked up with an innocent smile.

Her laughter was very pure and her bright eyes didn’t flicker in doubt. It gave him the feeling of being trusted…

…For many years, people only looked at him with eyes of disgust, hatred, or fear. Never had anyone looked at him straight on like that. As if whatever he says, she would support him and believe in his actions.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t like Gong Jue, who had close relations and blood ties.

When Gong Yi Mo saw him take out a bottle from his sleeve, her eyes shone bright.

“I knew you had a way!”

She accepted it happily, while Si Wuyan ‘hmphed’ and commented with a sneer, “Aren’t you afraid that it’s poisoned?”

Gong Yi Mo revealed a shocked expression, “Of course not. If you kill me, Gong Jue won’t let you off, not even your people…After being around him for so long, you wouldn’t be aware of my lovely brother’s personality, would you?”

Si Wuyan glared at her fiercely.


Gong Yi Mo unconsciously laughed as she poured out the pills, then swallowed them without hesitating! She acted straightaway and without doubts.

Seeing her actions really surprised Si Wuyan. His mouth hung slightly open, as if he wanted to say something.

He thought that she would take it back first to test it for poison. No way, she should’ve at least try testing its properties with a silver needle, but for her to swallow it just like this, she….really trusted him…

After Gong Yi Mo ate it, she could only feel a cool air rush down, causing the vague pain of her five Zhang organs to disappear. She looked up and smiled, her eyes filled with the vibrant color of life!

“Thank you!”

The cold wind whistled past. She suddenly noticed a hint of sadness in Si Wuyan’s indifferent face. He tightened his grasp on the reins, looked at her, and said,

“…If there is an afterlife, don’t trust people like me anymore.”
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