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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 202: A Deal 1

Chapter 202: A Deal (1)

“As the puppet emperor of Yu Qi who was personally raised by the Empress Dowager of Yu Qi, has the empress not gifted you with such treasured medicine?

Her words caused Si Wuyan’s face to turn pale!

Who knows which of her words angered him as he indignantly glared at Gong Yi Mo.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“You don’t know?”

Gong Yi Mo raised her chin. “Well, today’s weather is just right. Why don’t we go out on horseback?”

Feeling annoyed and sullen, Si Wuyan agreed without much thought.

Gong Yi Mo left a few words with Zhen Xi Wang. When she saw that Gong Jue rested, she felt slightly relieved. His excessive blood loss will cause him to be lethargic, but in a few days, he should be alright.

Gong Yi Mo chose a horse for herself and selected another horse for Si Wuyan as well.

Who would’ve thought that the horse would feel uneasy as soon as he came near. If Si Wuyan hadn’t pulled the reins tightly, it probably would’ve run off.

Gong Yi Mo laughed, “This horse is a worse! Unfortunately, it had to retreat from battle after suffering from excessive bleeding. Your clothes are red so you should change your outfit.”

She ordered someone to bring out a gray set of clothing.

Si Wuyan squinted and commented, “I like red!”

Gong Yi Mo replied indifferently, “That’s alright, but I’ll be heading towards the city at the frontier fortress. With you wearing something so eye-catching, it won’t be my business if you get shot dead by a soldier of Lou Ye.”


It appears that in the short time she disappeared, Gong Yi Mo had already changed into a khaki colored outfit. Knowing that her advice was no joke, he reluctantly changed into those gray clothes with a look of disgust.

It was only then that he got on the horse and left without an issue.

Seeing the man in gray, Gong Yi Mo was a bit amused. She thought that a man wearing such striking red made him look like a dirt bag, but his present appearance now complemented his handsome face. He should wear more colors that aren’t too bright.

The pair left the city and walked out of the fortress.

The weather was quite chilly. Since it snowed for quite some time, his face began to hurt from the biting wind. It didn’t matter if he offends Gong Yi Mo at this point since he could no longer stand this. He complained,

“How did you guess my identity?”

Gong Yi Mo drove her horse toward his side and replied with a laugh, “Since you know my identity, why can’t I know yours?”

After all, she had once been a ‘dead person.’

Si Wuyan choked in anger. Why is it him eating sh*t every time he spoke to this girl?


Gong Yi Mo glanced at the snowy mountains in the distance. They were truly magnificent. The top of those mountains were in such a high altitude that they must still be a pure and untouched land. No one has ever been to the top.

The grey land below had yellow and white crisscrosses that extended towards the boundless and wide plains in the distance.

Gong Yi Mo sighed deeply.

Si Wuyan didn’t have to follow her line of sight. He didn’t know why but he somehow shared the same feeling she did. What’s strange is that this wasn’t the first time he had seen the scenery outside, but for some reason, he felt his mind open up for the first time!

He couldn’t help but stare at the girl beside him. Obviously she was only dressed in a simple khaki, and yet her small face seemed to glow in this light snow. The girl suddenly glanced sideways and smiled, then gently asked,

“What caused you to treat me and Gong Jue the way you did?”

Si Wuyan was stunned. It took him a long time to reflect on her words.

An unusual expression flitted on his face before he frowned, but a slight sadness can be seen in his eyes. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“You don’t know?”

Gong Yi Mo smiled and added, “The fact that you had Gong Jue cut off his own flesh, is it because you’re unable to get near him and do it yourself, so you used me instead as a leverage to force him to commit suicide? As long as he loses too much blood, you will catch him unprepared and kill him, won’t you?”

Si Wuyan’s expression distorted upon hearing her conjecture.

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