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Chapter 199: A Reason to Love Her 2

Chapter 199: A Reason to Love Her (2)

But then, Gong Yi Mo appeared. Not only did she save him, she also left him food. At that time, food was very scarce and precious, and yet she gave it despite being more thin and miserable than he was.

Later, Gong Yi Mo left, but he fainted, hungry and beaten. His body couldn’t support him at that time.

He was awakened by the rain…On that night of thunder and lightning, the cold rain pattered on his face, causing pain. At that time, his throat was still sore. He was hungry and cold and his body burned a hot fever under the cold. When he recalled the past those many years ago, he couldn’t help but lose heart. He even thought that day that he would end up dying just like this.

That day, it was truly difficult.

As his mind grew more sluggish and he wanted to drift off into sleep, a shadow of Gong Yi Mo appeared in his sights. At that time, he thought that this Sister Gong was just a girl who had been ill for a long time, but had never given up despite her state. She was still alive, and even went forth to give him a hand. What qualifications did he have to give up as well?

So he gritted his teeth, endured the pain and powerlessness of his body, and slowly climbed up step by step to his house until he lost strength and fainted. Before fainting, he worried that his illness would kill him, or would burn off his sanity…He once met a person in the palace who became a mental patient because of a fever. If he turned out the same, he would never get any better the rest of his life. It would be better if he died.

However, he was saved again, and by that same Sister Gong whom he had met before. He pretended to be asleep the whole time while she was at his bedside. The other person wrapped him in a soft coat, driving away all the cold with its warmth…it was enough for him to treasure this memory all his life.

Later, more than once, he thought that God allowed him to suffer because– because he would send the best person in the whole world to his side. She will erase all of his pain and resentment, and bring him all the light and happiness. He thought that God was jealous to give such a person to him, so such suffering in return for her was well deserved and worth it.

This is also the woman he loves….

Gong Jue foolishly gazed at Gong Yi Mo. At this time, the princess wrapped up the last dressing. Her small lips pouted, and she appeared to be sulking. Her beautiful eyes were moist but no tears fell.

Suddenly, Gong Jue felt that his pain was worth it.

To be honest, the experience of falling for her was both sweet and painful. Sweet because her existence can bring both joy, and pain because other men can marry her in the future, but he can never.

For some time, he even resented it. Why would he fall in love with someone impossible to be with? But as time went on, the answer eventually came. Because when it comes to her, there can only be two choices: like her, and like her more! If there was a third way, it’s the same choice he’s making now: to like her…and be unable to pull away.

If there is a reason to love her, it’s because no one can resist falling in love after being with her– no one.


Just as Gong Jue was lamenting aimlessly, Gong Yi Mo pulled down his sleeve and looked at him very seriously.

“Are there any more injuries?”

Gong Jue thought for a moment and replied, “No more.”

Gong Yi Mo bit her lower lip and said with difficulty, “Si Wuyan told me yesterday! He said– he said you cut off a piece of flesh…”

She spoke, but she couldn’t bear to go on talking. With a frown she said, “You show me the wound…”

Gong Jue appeared a bit embarrassed…

“It’s alright. I’ve already taken some medicine and the wound is scabbing.”