Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 198: A Reason to Love Her 1
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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 198: A Reason to Love Her 1

Chapter 198: A Reason to Love Her (1)

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Even though Gong Yi Mo had always regarded herself as his guardian, there were many times that she did not do well. It was instead this child that handled his matters well, allowing her to not worry.

That was why Gong Yi Mo trusted in Gong Jue’s abilities and unconsciously relied on him. But yesterday, when he fell unconscious on her shoulder, she couldn’t help but blame herself. Perhaps she intended to hug his thigh later, but the longer she spent time with him, the more she wanted to raise this young man well as her own. At least she wouldn’t let him become so cold and cruel like he was in the last life.

“Sister Gong, are you okay? What happened to the poison in you?” Gong Jue slowly sat up in bed and asked. Gong Yi Mo replied with a smile, “I’m feeling much better. As for the poison, it’s not a major problem, so you don’t have to worry about it.”

Gong Jue appeared unconvinced. Elder Sister Gong was so careless that he couldn’t bear to ignore her situation.

Before he could reply, Gong Yi Mo pulled up his sleeves, revealing the gruesome wounds underneath. Her eyes flashed with a trace of heartache. That damned Si Wuyan was so detestable! She shouldn’t have pitied him for his sad past and let him go just like that!

“You’re still worrying about me! Look at yourself–”

Gong Yi Mo suddenly went silent as she bowed down to apply medicine on her brother.

Noticing her sullen mood, Gong Jue also dared not say a word and obediently allowed her to apply his medicine.

In fact, he has taken good care of these wounds himself. He makes sure to drink a blood tonic daily, since he can only take good care of Gong Yi Mo after he has taken care of himself.

Si Wuyan was skilled, but his medicine was far inferior to the ones in Gong Yi Mo’s space. All the medicines Gong Yi Mo had saved up all those years, along with other treasures, were unexpectedly being put into good use now.

The princess bowed her head as she silently rubbed the medicine on Gong Jue, feeling around the contours of his wounds with her fingers.

There were seven knife incisions, all of which were cut deep for her sake…

“Fool! How can you believe his words? Don’t you know what he will do if he experiments with your blood? What if I had woken up later only to find out that he had drained out all of your blood?”


Gong Jue looked up at her and smiled in embarrassment.

“I won’t let Sister Gong take the risk.”

So even if Si Wuyan was deceiving him, he dared not go against the man.

His words caused Gong Yi Mo to almost tear up. She managed to raise him when he was still young and tender, but now that he matured, he still suffered injuries for her one after another. She couldn’t help but build up anger and remorse within! She truly blamed herself.

If she had been careful about not getting hurt by the arrow, this never would’ve happened.

Gong Jue sighed in his heart. His sister had meticulously dressed his wound with medicine. Such a careful and cautious appearance somehow reminded him of that year when they first met. She was very impatient but she still applied medicine on him with much care.

Those were the early days when he suffered the greatest tribulation…

Two years after the death of his mother who was a concubine to the emperor, he was forced to grit his teeth and endure all kinds of humiliation and torture. On that day, the maidservant who swore loyalty to him sold him. He was also forced to consume poison. That day, he really thought he was going to die as his body ached with pain and his throat burned, as if pierced with a knife.


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