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Chapter 197: Those with a Strong Heart 2

Chapter 197: Those with a Strong Heart (2)

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Even when her life was held in the palm of his hand, she still dared to do what she said she would do, standing up for her little brother.

Such an amazing younger brother was at his mercy… But she… she was different. It wasn’t that she didn’t care about her life or that of her brother’s, it was that she had faith in herself. She had even more trust in the ones around her. If that weren’t the case, how could she act so unrestrainedly?

That’s why Si Wuyan couldn’t do anything to her. Someone who wasn’t afraid of death and had a strong heart had no weaknesses!

Seeing that he finally caught his breath, Gong Yi Mo recovered a smiling face as she patted off the dust on her hand. That smile caused even Ghost Nemesis Si Wuyan to feel his scalp crawling.

Gong Yi Mo said, “I often hear others say that Ghost Nemesis never goes back on his words: the people he says that he will save will not die. That’s why he gained the name of ‘Ghost Nemesis.’ Then for my sake, will you save me… or not?”

Si Wuyan grit his teeth.

Gong Yi Mo continued to smile. She was someone who was reborn! Know yourself and the enemy and you shall never fall in battle! If Si Wuyan declined, she had a hundred ways to make him agree!

Si Wuyan glared at her as he struggled to get up. He coldly smiled and spoke.

“Relax, I will save you and then make you die an even worse death!”

Seeing that he intended to leave, Gong Yi Mo didn’t stop him. She smiled lightly and said, “If that’s the case, then many thanks!”

Who knew why, but seeing Gong Yi Mo proud of her win caused Si Wuyan to feel greatly unreconciled! As a thought came to his mind, he paused, then broke out into a smile.


“You have no idea right? That brat on bed…not only did I trick him into slitting his wrist, I even told him that I needed his skin to make medicine. And guess what, he actually cut off a piece! Who knows what your brother’s blood and skin tastes like.”

Si Wuyan’s spirits lifted in triumph upon seeing Gong Yi Mo’s face change! He laughed loudly as he left!

His last sentence was like a thorn that pierced her heart!

Gong Yi Mo walked over to the bedside. The angry expression on her face suddenly changed to one of pain and grief when she looked upon Gong Jue’s bloodless and pale face.

Yes, what right did she have to get angry? Someone as smart as Gong Jue was led by the nose by Si Wuyan all just for her…

Thinking of this, she revealed a helpless smile as she sat by Gong Jue’s side.

Great, she just woke up and Gong Jue now collapsed. This was just…

Gong Jue opened his eyes again in the afternoon of the next day. When he woke up, he felt extremely dizzy. When he saw the purple curtains above his head, he immediately panicked.


“You’re finally awake!”

Gong Yi Mo’s voice full of vitality sounded by Gong Jue’s ears. This caused him to return to his senses, although he was still slightly confused.

It was obvious that she was so frail and pale just a little before…

Gong Yi Mo’s body was recovering and as for the poison, it didn’t seem too bad so she didn’t feel the need to show it on her face.

Gong Jue looked Gong Yi Mo up and down. Seeing that she truly appeared much better, he revealed a smile. However, his face was too pale, his eyebrows exquisite, that smile seemed to look like a beautiful porcelain doll. The beauty was fragile. Yes, fragile.

Gong Jue glanced at Gong Yi Mo from top to bottom. Seeing that she appeared much better, he unconsciously revealed a smile. However, his face was too pale; his exquisite eyebrows, that smile that was just like a beautiful porcelain doll’s; he was such a fragile beauty. Yes, fragile.

This thought made Gong Yi Mo’s heart leap.

In Gong Yi Mo’s mind, Gong Jue’s image was always that of the future Gong Jue. He also performed very well: thoughtful and sensible, knowledgeable and guarding, advancing and retreating with caution. In the Cold Palace, and in the Imperial Palace, he was like so. On some aspects, he seemed to take better care of himself.