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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 164: Profits and War 1

Chapter 164: Profits and War (1)
Her words were a subtle indication that she indeed had such a weapon in her hands!

Gong Sheng coldly said, “With the strength of mountains and rivers, capable of making the sun and moon pale!”

“Hahahaha!” Gong Yi Mo did not speak and instead laughed. After laughing, she suddenly raised an eyebrow.

“Since that’s the case… I will let everyone see what this so-called ‘strength of mountains and rivers, capable of making the sun and moon pale’ is!”

As she spoke, she took out an object that resembled a fireworks tube. The eyes of everyone were immediately drawn. They watched her light the fuse and chuck it into the water. The process was simple, anyone could do it.

Then they heard a huge bang!

The ship was blown backwards and the water in front of the ship exploded into columns of water dozens of meters tall! The sudden rise in water crashed into the people on the bank. Changxi moved in front of the Emperor, afraid of a sneak attack by Gong Yi Mo.

After the deafening boom sounded, the river churned and the ship was pushed back quite a ways before it stopped, swaying violently.

A faint dust lingered in the air, causing the gloomy sky to be even darker. Many people’s ears were still ringing as they looked excitedly at Gong Yi Mo!

So this is what the Emperor wanted!
All of the civilians were shocked speechless. It was just a small little thing, yet contained so much explosive power! That sudden water column, the strength that caused the ship to sway violently! And this was still in the water! If this was on land, what kind of destructive power would it have?

This kind of power… was it something that humans could achieve?!

Many princes couldn’t help but stare straight at Gong Yi Mo as if they wanted to tear her apart, taking all of her secrets! This kind of thing, not only did the Emperor desire, they wanted it too!

Gong Sheng’s mood was even more elated. He pushed aside Changxi and leaned against the railing, staring at the churning river waters. He kept thinking, if they had this thing, when Lou Ye attacked them, they would be able to win easily! They might even be able to win in one battle, completely establishing themselves in the Central Plains!

A powerful urge named ambition pulsed through his chest!

No, no, no… he might even be able to pursue the retreating enemy and attack their home country! Or maybe… he might be able to take over the whole of the Central Plains in his lifetime!
The fire burned in his chest. Gong Sheng wanted to speak, but found his throat hoarse.

Li Ke didn’t lie to him. This truly was something all kings would want!

Gong Yi Mo acted as if nothing had happened. As the ship came to a stop, she pat off the imaginary dust and smiled.

“Isn’t it powerful?”

Her ice-cold tone was like a bucket of cold water pouring down, amazingly calming Gong Sheng down.

He really wanted it. Not only him, he doubted that any man would be able to resist the temptation. Gong Sheng seemed to feel the suppressed, fiery breath behind him!

“However… look at them.”

Gong Yi Mo pointed at the civilians underneath the city gate.
Since Gong Yi Mo did not remind them earlier, they were the closest to it and felt its power most directly! Their faces were chalk white and they couldn’t return to their senses for a long time.

The officials saw the benefits this kind of power would bring while the people understood it even more clearly. Only they could see the disaster, massacre, destruction this kind of power would bring. Its harm far outweighed the benefits.

Gong Yi Mo sighed, her expression cold and desolate. She looked at Gong Sheng, who looked at the people. His mouth opened, his face cold, yet he could not utter a word.
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