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Chapter 163: Conflict Between Civilians and Imperial Power 2

Chapter 163: Conflict Between Civilians and Imperial Power (2)
Gong Sheng’s mouth twitched and didn’t speak. From Changxi’s report, he might’ve really falsely blamed the Crown Prince, but those doubts were like a thorn, stabbing into his suspicious heart.

“The one who fixes the canal will rule all under the heavens,” Gong Yi Mo rubbed her chin and suddenly laughed, “Do you all… want me to be your Empress?”

This sentence was earth-shatteringly shocking. Everyone from top to bottom sharply inhaled.

Without waiting for Changxi to call her audacious, Gong Yi Mo twirled around once on the deck. She looked at herself and spoke in a troubled tone.

“I didn’t know that I had the talent to be Empress.”


Gong Sheng’s face was ashen like he was just hit by a sledgehammer! Who gave her the courage to say such words in front of the Son of Heaven?! He even wanted Changxi to kill Gong Yi Mo lest she continue to say such shocking things!

But Gong Yi Mo lifted her head and looked at the Emperor, “Is it not? Your Majesty, you should be the most clear that… repairing the canal was my idea.”

Her words caused Gong Sheng to start. Gong Yi Mo pointed to the minister who spoke earlier and coldly smiled, “And wasn’t he the one that just said that ‘the one who fixes the canal shall rule all under the heavens?’”

Then as the one who proposed the idea and planned it, wasn’t the prophecy pointing to her?
The Left Minister was dissatisfied and jumped out directly, “You don’t have to swindle the others to help the Crown Prince anymore! How many merits had the Crown Prince gained from repairing the canal? The people under this gate at this moment are the proof! He’s the one who fixed the canal and the one supported by the people. The prophecy is obviously pointing to the Crown Prince!”

With that said, he realized his slip of tongue. Before he could say anything else to cover up, Gong Yi Mo gave him a look and laughed arrogantly! Her laughter was carried by her internal energy far away, causing the others to feel uneasy.

“Then you’re wrong!”

After Gong Yi Mo finished, she suddenly got up and leaped onto the blue pillar in front of the railings!

The wind whipped her hair around making her look like she was flying, but with how straight she was standing, she seemed to reveal endless power! She stood straight up on the tip of the ship!

Quite a few citizens exclaimed, scared that she would fall off, and Gong Yi Mo smiled. In the midst of her sleeves fluttering in the wind, she raised her hand.
“Look carefully now! These people… are all here for me! I am the person who repaired the canal, the one who gained the hearts of the people! With the merits I built and my good reputation, I, Gong Yi Mo, am here! Who dares to fight with me for the peak?!”

Her words were like a bolt of lightning, her momentum soaring to the sky! It caused many to feel flustered and fearful in front of this immense, noble power!

Without any reason, the others answered!

All the scholars and civilians heeded her and respectfully knelt.

“We swear loyalty to the Princess! Ten thousands deaths shall not hinder me!”

“Ten thousands deaths shall not hinder me!”

The oaths could topple mountains and overturn seas! Quite a few people on the wall were impressed and admired this girl, even the ones that loathed her!

Was Gong Yi Mo crazy? Even if she was trying to plead for Gong Che, she shouldn’t really be directing all the blame onto her, right?
He who personally saw Gong Yi Mo’s charisma, Gong Sheng was in deep shock. He didn’t expect that a mere woman could not only gain the support of the people, but even the recognition of so many scholars!

The thing these scholars looked down on the most were women. What kind of appeal and charm did Gong Yi Mo have that would swing so many scholars to her side?

He looked deeply at Gong Yi Mo

His voice held a slight tremble.

“What about the third one?”

Gong Yi Mo’s gaze met with his at that instant. That young and tender face revealed incomparable grief that penetrated straight to the bone marrow…

“My third grievance: I am reporting you, Your Majesty!”