Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Chapter 148: Betrayal and Disappointment 1
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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 148: Betrayal and Disappointment 1

Chapter 148: Betrayal and Disappointment (1)
The more Emperor Gong Sheng thought about it, the more uneasy he felt. If Gong Yi Mo still possessed a large number of such weapons in her hand, it wouldn’t be impossible for her to kill him directly and force him to abdicate. Maybe she had already reached an agreement with Gong Che to rebel against him?!

“Will Your Majesty stop Hengshui’s governor from aiding in clearing the canal?”

“No need!” Gong Sheng waved his hand coldly. Since the he wants to help repair the waterway, let him continue it. Repairing the canal will bring benefits. It’s just that Gong Yi Mo wants to wait for the project to be completed before heading back to the capital by boat. By then, he’ll be able to see if Gong Che has truly suffered multiple injuries once they have arrived!

“Chang Xi, I want you to personally deliver the imperial edict and bring back the prince immediately!”

Presumably, as long as the prince returns, Gong Yi Mo will come back with him.

Emperor Gong Sheng handed an urgent report over to eunuch Chang Xi while saying with a cold smile, “I believe Gong Yi Mo is rushing on both ends without being aware of events at Xi Zhou. You will hand this over to her!”

Chang Xi received his orders and left immediately. Since he was first-class Master in the kingdom, Gong Yi Mo would definitely be no opponent for him when he arrives!

After the local governor took over the supervision and excavation of the canal’s final section, Gong Yi Mo thanked him and left. Only this time, she was feeling much more relaxed. At the moment, her thoughts were focused on heading back to the capital.

On the other side, the prince was left under Liu Shilang’s care along with his other men. Presumably, they shouldn’t have encountered any problems while waiting for her return. Perhaps the Prince has recovered to a degree and has already awakened? Gong Yi Mo was worried at the thought that Gong Che almost died from his deep injury. She was careless! When she returns to the capital, she must make sure to deal with those who plotted behind their backs!

Her worries burdened her deeper the more she thought of those matters. Fortunately, Governor Pu arranged a boat for her journey downstream towards the Huaihe River, so she was able to relax for a little.
Gong Yi Mo couldn’t resist a smile. She was able to overcome one difficulty after the other because of the people who were there to help along the way.

When she first arrived at Hengshui, she spent more than two days working without sleep! On the way back, Pu Youchang kindly arranged a boat to ferry her when he saw how exhausted she was. Gong Yi Mo slept on the boat for several hours and had some time to think carefully about the excavations. On the third day, she finally arrived at the Huaihe River.

The atmosphere on the roads here were obviously different. Perhaps because of the assassination attempt on the prince, or because of the two decrees that were ignored. Everyone’s life was on the line.

Gong Yi Mo had no time to care for others, so she rushed straight to the prince’s residence.

However, against her wishes, he had actually left!

What about the others? Where has their company left to?! Gong Yi Mo searched around with reddened eyes! Doctor Xu Tai! Li Zhangsi! None of them are here!

At this moment, a guard rushed towards the princes and knelt right before her. “Princess! We lack competence! The Prince, he…he was sent away!”
Gong Yi Mo was stunned!

She reached out, grabbed the man’s collar and dragged him up. This was the guard saw such anguish on her young face!

“What did you say? What about Liu Shilang? Didn’t he promise that he watch over the Prince until everything was ready?!”

The guard turned pale with fear! His body trembled and his voice faltered.

“You…after you left, there wasn’t anything out of place. Who would’ve known that after a few days, Liu Shilang, who was guarding the prince day and night, was suddenly killed by Gong Gong! The man Gong Gong also rebelled against the rest and forcefully took the Prince with him yesterday!”

“Gong Gong?” She recalled the advisor who stood behind Liu Shilang. It turned out to be him…he killed Liu Shilang!

Gong Yi Mo felt as if she would vomit blood!

On the way here, she simply wanted to rest as she traveled by boat. She trusted these people so much, but she never expected them to betray her as soon as she left!


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