She stuck a sword in the boulder, her head resting against the handle like she was sleeping. Even the shouts and screams couldn’t wake her earlier. She suddenly appeared in front of everyone like the miracle that happened in front of them earlier. Her mysteriousness made others feel afraid.

More and more people came, and the sun gradually rose higher and higher.

The local governor felt like he saw this girl from somewhere before, but because of the shock from the scene in front of him, he couldn’t stand up for a long time.

The moment the first beam of sunlight landed on her, that fairy-like girl’s eyelashes trembled slightly.

No one dared to breathe loudly. Instead, they carefully kneeled in front of her quietly, afraid to wake her.

At last, Gong Yi Mo opened her eyes.

Seeing so many people in front of her, she wasn’t the slightest bit surprised. Her calm eyes swept across the crowd, gaining an approximate estimate on the number of people.

At this moment, she took out a gold medallion from her clothes. That was Xu Yuan’s prince medallion. From today on, Hengshui’s officials will be commanded by her!

Quite a few people looked at the gold medallion in her hands with confusion. Isn’t that the Prince’s medallion? Shouldn’t it be with Xu Jianzhang? Why is it in the hands of this little girl?

“Have you all ever heard this line before?”

Gong Yi Mo opened her mouth to speak. Although she didn’t declare loudly, her use of internal energy caused every one of her words to resonate into the people’s ears, allowing them to hear her clearly.

The workers were still in a daze; they weren’t sure if this strange and mysterious girl was an immortal from the heavens.

Some people returned to their senses. While they wondered what her words were referring to, the princess continued to speak.

“The one who repairs the canal… will rule all under the heavens!”

Her words caused the dazed crowd to snap back to reality. That’s because they didn’t dare to say such a brazen line lightly, especially since they weren’t too far from the capital where the emperor resided. A few days ago, there was a man who was penalized with 40 lashings by Xu Jianzhang for mentioning this sentence. Xu Jianzhang even said that those who mention this topic will have their blood cover the canal. Thus, no one dared bring this subject up again.

They didn’t dare to say it publicly, but that didn’t mean they wouldn’t discuss it in private. That’s why when Gong Yi Mo mentioned it so openly, their reactions were very exaggerated. The more it was suppressed, the more it would spread.

Gong Yi Mo stood up on top of the boulder, and looked down at the people from above.

“The one who repairs the canal would rule all under the heavens!” She smiled widely, “As early as a few days ago, God let the Crown Prince unearth this cauldron. This is God’s fortune, God’s will!

“It is God using the Crown Prince’s hands to compliment the Emperor, repairing the canal, ruling all under the heavens! However…” Gong Yi Mo let out a long sigh, “the Crown Prince was falsely accused by someone, saying that the cauldron was a sign that he wants to overthrow the heavens! Now, the Crown Prince was even attacked and his life lies in the balance. Therefore, when the Emperor ordered him to return to the capital, the Crown Prince was declared guilty for disobeying imperial commands since he couldn’t move. The canal that could’ve been completed in a few months has also been delayed, receiving God’s fury!”

Gong Yi Mo pointed at the large hole in the ground and smiled, “That’s why God sent down a bolt of lightning, so that we could continue making the canal! This is the best evidence!

“The Crown Prince is innocent! The canal must be completed! Furthermore, since the Crown Prince is injured and cannot take land routes, he can only use the waterways. Since he was repairing the canal, God sent down a bolt of lightning to clear the way! This is all God’s will! He lended a helping hand to us mortals, wishing that the Crown Prince would quickly return to the capital to clear his charges! That’s why he cleared the way today! Therefore, I will carry out the Crown Prince’s orders and continue to open the way using seven days to clear the canal! Will you assist the wish of the Heavens?!”

Every word and sentence resounded clearly next to everyone’s ears. The Crown Prince suffered injustice, added in name of the heavens, it made the commoners fearful and excited at the same time!

God couldn’t keep watching so he personally opened the way. How could they dare to not extend a helping hand? They hurriedly kowtowed their heads to the ground, exclaiming ‘Long Live the Emperor’ to show their willingness.

The local governor was a fair and honest person. He admired the Crown Prince for repairing the canal, and his admiration and passion was further ignited by the people’s praises. He also kowtowed loudly.

“Hengshui’s governor, Pu Youchang, will use the full power of the city to open the canal in seven days to welcome the Crown Prince on the way back to the capital!”

“To welcome the Crown Prince back to the capital!”

Gong Yi Mo smiled, the wind lifted her hair revealing her almost transparent skin, glowing under the morning light!

She knelt on one knee and solemnly declared to the heavens.

“Those that comply with the wishes of the heavens will naturally reap good fortune and safety!”

After saying so, she waved her small hand, her expression unwavering and serious!

“And so, let us begin!”

With her order, everyone began to move. Many brought their tools with them and hurriedly began to work. Those that didn’t bring anything quickly returned home to prepare. Some pushed carts, others plowed, those that herded cattle herded cattle, those that drove horses drove horses. The construction site once again bustled about. However, unlike the previous mission-like approach to working, they were extremely energetic this time around. This was God’s will after all!

Gong Yi Mo personally met the local governor Pu Youchang, expressing her gratefulness, “Governor Pu, this little one thanks you greatly!”

Pu Youchang wouldn’t dare to have her bow to him so he quickly helped her up. He was finally able to recognize the girl in front of him. It was the famous Chaoyang Princess! He sighed in his heart and said, “Opening the canal is a good thing for the Yu Empire, so even a little governor like me is willing to assist to the best of my ability!”

Gong Yi Mo nodded her head. Even though she was very tired, she was truly grateful!

“Thank you very much! Sadly, time is tight, I cannot chat leisurely with you now. I am going to pick up the Crown Prince to return to the capital. Can Governor Pu watch over here for me and make sure everything is completed?”

(TL: Not sure if it’s a typo or something, but I’m going to keep it Governor Pu)

“Of course!”

This incident was quickly spread to the capital! Emperor Gong Sheng almost fell off his chair!

“Alright, alright, are they trying to rebel here?”

“What ordered by heaven, what God’s will? This Emperor is God’s will!”

Eunuch Chang Xi lowered his head and stood on the side. He persuaded, “Quell your anger, Your Majesty. Perhaps these are just some rumors…”

“Some rumors?” Gong Sheng refuted in anger, “What miracles? What heavenly canal? Aren’t these all just that little brat Gong Yi Mo’s gimmicks? That thing in her hands is indeed extraordinary! With her intelligence, how could she not know what this Emperor’s intention is to order the Crown Prince to return to the capital for? Just refusing to hand it over is fine, but she’s still insisting on completing the canal! Does she want to rebel? Repeating that the Crown Prince was wrongly accused over and over again, or is she trying to support the Crown Prince?”