After receiving Gong Yi Mo’s letter, Gong Jue immediately put down everything and sat below a tree, carefully reading it. There were only a few lines, yet he read it so seriously. He seemed to be able to see Gong Yi Mo as she wrote the letter, shaking her pen in frustration as she debated over what to write.

Some kids chased from afar. Some of them weren’t young anymore, but they only dared look at Gong Jue from afar.

The weather was hot and humid, and their clothes were soaked with sweat. Yet, Gong Jue was cool and dry. Even though he was also wearing linen clothes, it was just different with him. Merely sitting beneath a tree made him seem elegant and noble. He was like a handsome fairy.

At this moment, Gong Jue seemed to find something funny and smiled. To the eyes of those children, it seemed more dazzling than even the sun.

Gong Jue always knew that his royal sister was not a passionate person. If you don’t go and find her, she would also just never come and meet you. However, when they meet, she would pretend that the period of time they didn’t meet didn’t happen. She was also not the type of person to like to chat about the future. She thought that people should speak using facts.

But he was different: Royal Sister cared about his feelings. For example, this ordinary letter, if she were replying to someone else, she would probably just write, “I’m well, the end.”

He burst into laughter.

A couple passing by saw Gong Jue and quickly came over and bowed.

Gong Jue smiled gently and helped them up, “No need to stand on ceremony, I am just out to check things out.”

However, the middle-aged man smiled and said, “Many thanks for your grace, virtue, and kindness! If His Highness had not arrived in time, I don’t know if we two would’ve survived the epidemic or not.”

Gong Jue smiled humbly, “That is what I should do.”

After he spoke, the couple thanked him greatly once again before finally leaving. The wife was still praising him, ‘This young adult is not only kind hearted, but also handsome like an immortal.’

This scene was seen by Bai Sheng who came in search of Gong Jue. His back broke out in cold sweat.

Originally, when His Highness found out about the Princess’ fall from grace and the fact that they hid it from him, Bai Sheng thought that even if he didn’t die, he would be demoted by the Prince to the lowest rank. Who knew that His Highness wouldn’t move him and after thinking for a while, would only assign him one mission?

One very frightening thing…

The reason why he was placed at Gong Jue’s side by the orders of the Princess was because in addition to his talents as a counselor, he was good at medicine. The Princess sent him to His Highness was because she was afraid that His Highness would be harmed or plot against by others. It was in order to save him.

However, on that day, His Highness said:

“I will not kill you, but, you must do one thing to compensate for your crimes.”

He looked up happy and hopeful to hear the other party say,

“I will delay the move by a few days and you, you head to Xi Zhou first and put poison in the river.”

The young man’s eyes lifted in a smile, “It doesn’t have to be very serious. It only has to be enough for them to think that it is epidemic and create panic. After all, the drought made the people weak and it is possible for them to be plagued by disease afterwards.”

Bai Sheng was extremely unwilling in his heart! Those people were already suffering from a drought, adding another layer now would cause them to die!

He lowered his head, “I-I learned medicine… in order to help people…”

However, his words caused the other party to laugh. Gong Jue looked down at him from above. He was obviously smiling, yet the coldness in his eyes was chilling.

“Save people? That naturally means you can kill them too, don’t you think?”