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Chapter 129: Segmenting the Excavation 2

Chapter 129: Segmenting the Excavation (2)

When their plans were on full swing, Gong Yi Mo’s schedule was also filled up. During the day, she helped the laborers to build the canal, not simply to give them orders, but to join them in digging up the ground. Since they were dealing with soil, she was soon covered in dirt like her companions.

And these big brothers couldn’t believe that a little girl like Gong Yi Mo, someone around the same age as their daughters, actually deal with so many priorities. They couldn’t help but appreciate and admire her, and as a result, they strived to work harder.

In addition, Gong Yi Mo has three generations worth of experiences and has seen many farming tools in those lives. As a result, she is able inspect her workers’ farming tools and offer ways to improve their design and usage. This brought many benefits to the villagers and they praised her highly for a long time.

Because the laborers needed to head home to farm for their families, and because some of them were particularly poor, Gong Che never treated the workers harshly and allowed them to only work on the first half of the day. He also allowed the wives and children of the laborers to come to the camp and help with cooking. This created a lively scene at the construction site by the riverbank.

People’s shouts, the noise of cattle and horses, and the exhorting voices of women with cloth covered heads who delivered meals to the workers, all formed a joyful symphony. Children ran about and some would often stare at Gong Yi Mo with curious eyes.

On this day, Gong Yi Mo was tweaking a pulley at the craftsman’s workplace. She wanted to make a pulley that could rotate 360 degrees just like the modern day suitcase, so that the workers have an easier time moving their load.

A group of children hid behind a tree while spying on the work shed. They looked as if they were eager to take a closer look, but they dared not step forward.

Gong Yi Mo looked at them with a wide grin and approached them. “What are you children doing here?”

She asked them with a wicked smile, just like an evil mountain king. Whenever Gong Yi Mo had free time, she would often tell them stories they never hear of. But this time, she didn’t expect them to come looking for her for another reason.

“Big sister, there’s a man who asked me to pass on a message to you…” the children called Gong Yi Mo their older sister because of her urging, and the one who addressed her just now was a smart looking young boy.

“Oh? What is it?”

“He said ‘I will tell you tonight.’”

Gong Yi Mo touched her chin and stared into the child’s eyes. “Big sister is going to do business, so don’t let the others find out! Alright?”

Several little turnips nodded one after the other. Gong Yi Mo laughed and gave them a handful of candy before sending them away. She popped a sugary treat in her mouth and hummed as she walked back.

The clouds covered the moon’s light.

At this late hour, there were no workers on site. There were only a few patrols passing from time to time, with their torches illuminating the pitted wetlands.

“Well, isn’t it surprising?”

Jing Yun looked behind in surprise; he didn’t know how long Gong Yi Mo had been standing behind him.

“How did you know I’m here?”

Gong Yi Mo stood beside him and looked down at the scenery below. “Because this is the only location where you can get a good view of the landscape.

She couldn’t help but look down and exclaim in admiration, “Sometimes we find it magical to see how everything naturally changes, but I now I feel that witnessing how human being’s nature change bit by bit is quite shocking.”

The deep meaning behind her words caused Jing Yun to ponder deeply. When a thought crossed his mind, he suddenly looked up and winked at her.

“Then you take a guess, what am I going to do for you?”

Gong Yi Mo smiled. “Right now, my men are digging during the hottest time of the day, and you appear during the dark. This smuggling business, in addition to dealing with the waterway…you have brought more boats with you, haven’t you?

Jing Yun sighed and shook his head helplessly. “Fortunately, you aren’t a man…Otherwise…”

Gong Yi Mo raised her brow and smiled, “Otherwise, you’d have to devote your body to me.”