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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 114 – Oath 1

Chapter 114 – Oath (1)

Meanwhile, Fatty Qin Qing thought to himself, ‘There’s no need for me to swear to any oath. All I want in this journey is to eat all the delicious cuisines that the South and North can offer, and what unique experiences they can offer.’

As for Li Ke, he didn’t say a word. Just like Qin Qing, he simply finished his cup in one gulp.

Shen Shi Ye glanced at Gong Yi Mo and laughed loudly. “Just wait and see, I will win the position of the Imperial Army’s left capital guard! When you guys return, I will have your backs.”

Afterwards, they gave a heroic toast!

As the prince listened to his colleagues discuss enthusiastically about their futures, Gong Che’s eyes lighted with pride!

“I will repair the canal and bring happiness to the people!” He gulped down his wine as he firmly promised. At last, everyone’s gaze turned to Gong Yi Mo.

Seeing all of these ambitious and energetic teenagers before her, Gong Yi Mo smiled and said, “To each of us here, I wish success for everyone!”

They all finished their cups of with laughter.

In history, parting has always been a sad occasion. Since the electronic communication had not yet existed, even a momentary separation could become an eternal parting.

But they were young! Youth meant having endless possibilities, fearing nothing and continuing forward to battle! Only those who fight will successfully grasp what they desire most!

This was youth.

After their farewell toast at the Shiling Pavilion, the teenagers finally sank in a gloomy state. At this time, Gong Yi Mo came forward, pulled out a deck of cards and said in a mysterious voice,

“Let’s not be so gloomy. Come, come here, I’ll teach you guys a game that you’ve never played before!”

Knowing that the clever princess had something prepared, the group was once again filled with energy and their moodiness was swept away.

Seeing that these three young men were filled with anticipation, Gong Yi Mo taught them games such as ‘Dou Di Zhu’ (Fight the Landlord), ‘Pao De Kuai’ (speed), ‘Shen Ji Chao Di Pi’ and other various kinds of games to amuse them. Meanwhile, Li Ke continued to read his books on the side, being the exact description of what you would call a silent pretty boy.

The frustrating past is, while playing a trial version of ‘Dou Di Zhu’ only Gong Yi Mo kept winning. But once betting money became part of the game, all of these guys completely changed, suddenly becoming smart and calculative. At that point, the crude and careless Gong Yi Mo kept losing.

She checked every inch of her body, but not a single coin could be found. She opened up the curtain and shouted towards the front of the carriages,

“Prince Brother! Elder Prince Brother!”

Upon hearing Gong Yi Mo’s voice, Gong Che’s back suddenly tensed. Even if he tried to ignore her and continued going forward, the horse he was riding didn’t agree and instead, had slowed down until they were aligned with the princess’ carriage.

“What is it?”

His tone and demeanor were still as gentle as ever. Gong Yi Mo couldn’t find any difference with his behavior and she continued to pitifully ask,

“Prince Brother, they banded together and bullied me. I don’t have any more money; could elder brother loan me some?”

Gong Che’s demeanor didn’t change. He picked up a pouch from his waist, handed it to her and said, “If it’s not enough, just come and ask me.” After speaking, he kicked his horse and went towards the front.

Gong Yi Mo glanced at his retreating back; something felt a bit off but she didn’t give it any further thought. The girl took the pouch and went into the carriage with a smile.

“I have money now! With this much money, there is no way you guys can take it all from me!”

As she happily took her cards, Xu Yuan and Yu Zi Qing mysteriously looked at each other. Yu Zi Qing couldn’t help but say,

“Do you guys think that the Crown Prince has been acting strangely?”

“One, three.” Gong Yi Mo glanced at her cards and replied, “What’s strange?” She obviously wasn’t paying proper attention to his words.

Xu Yuan nodded his head in agreement. “One nine…it is strange. If it was in the past, normally if he saw you talking to us, much less gambling, he would come over and scold us. That’s right! He would teach us a lesson instead of scolding Gong Yi Mo!”

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