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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 113 – Farewell 2

Chapter 113 – Farewell (2)

Emperor Gong Sheng laughed at her antics, but deep inside his heart felt slightly grieved for her. This girl had a magnanimous heart; she didn’t bear any grudges towards him, even if he had spoken ill of her in front of everyone.

She was clearly a good child who wholeheartedly wanted to achieve meritorious service. Unfortunately, he didn’t know how many hardships and bloodshed she would give rise to in the future.

When Gong Che also saw the princess’ actions, he was initially worried that the emperor would be angered, but after seeing their father’s delighted expression he finally let out a sigh of relief. Just…who could possibly not like her? Isn’t she so loveable?

Sadly, Gong Che had to restrain himself constantly not to get too close to her. Feeling bitter, he quickly galloped towards the front of the fleet.

Shi Li Pavilion.1

This was the place where Gong Yi Mo bade farewell to Gong Jue in the past. She never thought that in her next visit here, there would once again be someone waiting for her.

Shen Shi Ye blocked the fleet’s path and declared to Gong Che with an arrogant tone, “Prince, I and some of my friends would like to see you off–after this departure who knows when our next reunion will be! Hence, we would like to take a bit of the prince’s time and share a drink to commemorate this farewell.”

This was a natural part of human relationships so Gong Che nodded in agreement. A carriage emerged from behind and Xu Yuan pulled the curtain open with a delighted smile. “Young Master Shen is truly loyal! You really came to send us off!”

Shen Shi Ye smiled and coughed a few times.

He received a fatal wound just the night before, so why was he running about instead of recuperating at home?

While the fleet was reorganizing, Gong Yi Mo jumped down from her carriage and swiftly cam over.

She was currently wearing a male outfit that gave her a foxy appearance. The lower section was mainly silver and white in color while the top was embellished with flower patterns of gold and silver threads; she wore a bright jewel crown and her shoes were made with finely stitched silver threads. Such an appearance was as dazzling as one could get. As she walked towards the group, the sunlight seemed to cast a shining glow on her presence!

Shen Shi Ye couldn’t help but cover his eyes in pain, “Hey! Are you wearing your whole fortune on you?!”

Gong Yi Mo checked her appearance; her clothes were glittering everywhere, which she thought was lovely. Anyways, isn’t it natural for girls to like sparkly things?

She lifted her chin and unyieldingly said, “This outfit is only suited for myself. Would you dare to try it on?”

Shen Shi Ye took another painful glance at her and said, “I don’t have the hobby of displaying my wealth on my body.”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help but cough in discomfort. This time, it was Gong Yi Mo’s turn to gloat.

“Ah, Young Master doesn’t look so well. Were you doing shady things yesterday?”

Shen Shi Ye rolled his eyes, “YEAH, I was doing shady things with you!”

At this time, Gong Che came over to the group. Now that everyone was gathered, Yu Zi Qing filled a number of cups with wine and handed them to everyone.

“Alright, alright, let’s stop. We’re here to bid farewell, not to quarrel. Can’t you people show a shred of sadness?”

“NO!” Shen Shi Ye snappily received his cup of liquor and turned to look at Gong Yi Mo, but she simply continued to laugh foolishly as if she was looking forward to leaving. Where was there a shred of reluctance?

Deep inside, he was really upset! She didn’t look reluctant one bit!

Gong Che stared at Shen Shi Ye meaningfully, then swiftly glanced Gong Yi Mo, before saying with a smile,

“Thank you Prince Shen for seeing us off. Once we finish drinking this cup of wine, we should give our farewells.”

After everyone had heard Gong Che’s words, their thoughts were drawn towards the long journey ahead of them. There’s no telling how long they will be away for. Thinking of their loved ones in the capital, a tinge of sadness overshadowed them as they lifted their cups.

“I, Xu Yuan, vow to attain a grand accomplishment this time! To prove myself to my brother!” he said loudly, then finished his cup in one shot.

Yu Zi Qing also smiled and said, “Then I, Yu Zi Qing, also make this vow: to record everything I see and smell in my journals and to prove to all those bookworms in the capital that ‘Reading thousands of books is not as good as traveling thousands of miles!’.” Afterwards, he also finished his cup with a smile.

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