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Chapter 111 – I Will Kill For Your Sake 2

Chapter 111 – I Will Kill For Your Sake (2)

Just like a beast who was abused at its tender age, when he’s matured, he would dare to bare his fangs towards others but wouldn’t dare to reveal them to the one who hurt him in the past.

Shen Shi Ye once had a shred of hope for his family, especially towards his father.

But this last shred of hope for them was crushed completely by Gong Yi Mo!

The prince supported himself with the mountain replica and stood up.

When the Mistress saw Shen Shi Ye appear, her eyes burned with hatred! If she had known where he hid, she would have killed him long before!

Shen Shi Ye gave the mistress a strange look.

It was this type of woman, a useless selfish woman, who caused the death of his mother. And because of her…his childhood was spent under her ceaseless torment, to the point where he couldn’t even lift a finger against her. He would be scolded by his own father every time, leaving him bitter and wronged.

After growing up, he didn’t dare to disturb her; the fear from his youth must have been planted deep in his heart. The reason why he would bully people outside the house and cause trouble for his family was because he needed somewhere to vent the hatred he had built up. Deep down, he loathed this woman, but he felt that he could never win against her due to his father’s protection. She was like an unbreakable wall, and he hated himself for not being able to overcome this obstacle. Thus, it became a vicious cycle that repeated itself over and over again.

But now, the unbreakable woman that buried fear in his heart was now kneeling like a dog under Gong Yi Mo’s feet. A sour feeling crept within him; this woman was unworthy of him and his deceased mother.

Gong Yi Mo handed the blood drenched blade to him; she spoke with a smile but her voice carried endless coldness.

“Kill her,”

she said.

The consequences didn’t matter; what matters now is whether he is willing to do it or not.

Shockingly, Shen Shi Ye took the blade.

When the mistress saw his action, she quickly hugged Shen Shi Ye’s leg! She bellowed and pled, “Shi Ye… child! You can’t do this, I’m your aunt, I’m your mother’s biological sister!”

Shen Shi Ye’s pale face displayed a hint of cruelty, “It is precisely due to this fact that you have to die…”

He sighed to himself then smiled; it was a distorted smile coming from a bloody face, but it was frighteningly beautiful.

“Mother is lonely so you must go down and accompany her… remember to properly ask for her forgiveness.”

After finishing his words, he stabbed her!

Blood gushed continuously. Shen Shi Ye didn’t know why, but at this time, there was no feeling of disgust from his first killing. At that moment of cruelty, he felt as if he could massacre countless people.

Something broke free within his heart, as if he had become fearless in an instant.

Seeing the prince’s hand tremble slightly, Gong Yi Mo smiled bitterly.

The first time she killed someone in her past life was when she sliced a throat from behind. Afterwards, she dreamt this scene for an entire night, a vivid scene of her blade slicing open those muscles and tendons over and over again. It was no joy for her to repeatedly relive that moment.

She didn’t want to kill, and she wasn’t willing to, but historically, suppressing violence with the use of authority or wealth was not as effective as countering it with violence! This was the enlightenment she received after killing countless numbers of people.

Since the, she no longer feared killing and only needed act, with each action going straight to its target! With that, at least the person would feel lesser pain upon death.

When the remaining women met Shen Shi Ye’s gaze, they all shrieked in fear and some even fainted.

He slowly walked towards them, killing each and every one of them! This surprised Gong Yi Mo.

“Since they saw you, not one of them must be left behind,” Shen Shi Ye explained as he looked at the Chaoyang Princess.

Gong Yi Mo smiled and her bloody face suddenly neared him, “Aren’t you afraid of blood? Why? Is your phobia gone?

She purposely went close to him with her bloody face, thinking that he would evade, but Shen Shi Ye simply looked back at her with a deep gaze, as if trying to peer into her heart.