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Chapter 89: The Kingdom’s Top Beauty 2

Chapter 89: The Kingdom’s Top Beauty (2)

Gong Yi Mo laughed at the thought of journeying south with these group of teenagers. However, such a trip won’t be a relaxed one either.

Her expression showed a bit of hesitation as she asked them, “This is going to be a lengthy journey, and we’ll be away from the capital for a long time; are all of you resolute on your decision?”

Since the group had already discussed it among themselves, they readily nodded in confirmation, but Gong Yi Mo continued to frown.

“Then you can come along…is there anything you can contribute?”

Her words stunned everyone on the spot. Their family told them that their assignments for the journey will be very beneficial to them; all they had to do was to wander about, eat delicious food and play anywhere they wanted. By the time they return, they will be rewarded for accomplishing a meritorious deed, and will be promoted to a position. And yet now, Gong Yi Mo was asking if there was anything they could contribute…Those present could only stand rooted in their place, completely speechless. They had no idea what they were good for aside from eating, drinking, and playing around.

At this time, only Li Ke spoke up: “I work as a compiler at Hanlin Academy majoring in mountain and river geology, so I’ve read many books in this regard. I should be of use when searching for water sources and for excavations.

Gong Yi Mo nodded in approval then looked at the rest of the crowd. After being swept by her gaze, the others lowered their heads in shame. They didn’t know what they could possibly offer.

Seeing their nervousness, Gong Yi Mo burst into laughter.

“Did your families tell you to go out and play?”

Her words caused them to feel even more embarrassed; they were really ready to go out and enjoy themselves on this trip.

At this time, the chubby little Qin Qing looked up at her and replied, “I am only good at eating…but I am also very obedient. Just give me something delicious before telling me what I should do.”

His words gave the others an idea of what to say. “Yes, that’s right, we’re very obedient. If you find a way to make use of us, just let us know! So…would that be okay?”

Gong Yi Mo showed a surprised expression before putting on a pondering face.

“You will be obedient…”

Several of them nodded their heads eagerly; she almost couldn’t hold in her laughter when she saw their attempts to appear neat and proper.

“Alright, alright, it’s up to you. Who was it that invited us to share a drink together?”

Her words caused these teenagers to break out in enthusiasm once again! At this time, Gong Yi Mo turned to Shen Shiye and said, “What about you, are you willing to go with me?”

Shen Shiye had remained silent from the beginning. She revealed a bit of concern as she asked him this question, but the prince only lowered his gaze and shook his head.

Gong Yi Mo laughed; she was lost for words. Why would a young man in like Shen Shiye follow them to dig a canal when he didn’t even know how long it would take and when he could return.

So they could only skip this topic and not mention it.

The sky soon began to darken and the building became even more lively. It would be harder to keep track of where everyone was with so many guests!

Gong Yi Mo sat on her luxurious chair on the second floor and looked down at the sizable crowd that gathered on the first floor. She laughed at the sight and commented, “Everyone’s full of excitement in here. I wonder how attractive the kingdom’s number one beauty is. She should be much better than the first beauty of the capital.”

A bright light shone upon the stage on the first floor as the crowd awaited the top beauty’s appearance.

The noise in the crowd became more clamorous as their enthusiasm reached its peak. The old servant walked up to the stage this time and smiled, regardless of the visitors’ jeerings.

“I know you don’t want to see an elderly woman like me, but this old woman has come on stage to introduce the kingdom’s number one beauty to you.”

Her words received a warm response from everyone.

“Tell her to come out! I can’t wait!”

“What did she just say? Even though she said…”

Seeing the audience’s passion, the old woman covered her mouth beneath her sleeve and laughed mischievously. “There’s just one matter; our top beauty has traveled from a far place this is her first time seeing the capital’s prosperity. With so many gentlemen present in this room, she is feeling quite shy. So she would like to invite the youngest gentlemen of the crowd, someone courageous and strong, to join her onstage as she performs.”