Chapter 77: Embrace 2

Chapter 77: Embrace (2)

Gong Yi Mo’s words caused Gong Che’s smile to stiffen.

She stood up and walked over his side, then embraced his head. “Are you sad? Do you want to cry? If you want to…then just cry. No one else will see it if you’re hidden in my arms.”

Gong Che sat on his chair with his head surrounded by her embrace. Finally he smiled and said, “It’s not like that…why would I want to cry…”

Gong Yi Mo continued to hug him. She patted his shoulder gently and said, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to cry. Just close your eyes and have a rest…”

It was as if she was coaxing a young child. As Gong Che felt her hand softly pat his back, he felt her fragrance surround him. She was so gentle, so tolerant, such that Gong Che couldn’t help but slowly yield to her embrace and bury his head deep within her comforting arms.

He was too tired. He didn’t want to be the Crown Prince but he had to uphold his title.

But now that the title had become dispensable, he really didn’t know what else he could do. How could he repay his family’s ardent support and sacrifices for these past ten years?

He felt as if his entire being had been scorched in a raging fire. He did not even shoulder any of the blame when his relatives have committed wrongs. Everyone in his family committed sins for his sake, and yet he could not stand up to take the punishment on their behalf.

What can I do?…He also wants to…he wants to cry just like his mother. And he wanted to accuse his father openly for his partiality. And for once, he wanted to take the blame!

Gong Yi Mo felt the robes on her chest moisten. Gong Che restrained his sorrowful emotions; even if he cried, there was no sound at all.

Gong Yi Mo couldn’t help but think back to her mistakes in her last life. She blindly demanded a reward from him after achieving numerous accomplishments. She was too strong in her approach, often forgetting to be considerate.

And so…Gong Che didn’t like her.

Since he didn’t like her, she decided to abandon all feelings between them. But today, Gong Yi Mo decided to forgive him.

Gong Che, from now on I won’t care about the emotional troubles between us in our previous life. In this world, I will simply be your sister and do my best for you. Not only am I helping for the sake of making you a good emperor, I will also do so for myself. This will be my atonement for all the massacres I committed in the past. Just this time, please don’t disappoint me again…


When Gong Che woke up the next day, he looked around and found himself in his own room! He couldn’t help but think of what happened yesterday. Last night…that scene of Gong Yi Mo embracing him and comforting him. He even cried and directly fell asleep in her arms!

Gong Che’s face immediately turned red! In the end he was only sixteen years old; even if he looked more mature, in some aspects, he was still as pure and innocent as a white rabbit…

He turned in bed, then fidgeted and rolled over again! He couldn’t wait to forget everything from last night! How could he have such a stain in his life? And of all people who saw, it had to be his most beloved sister!!

What has the world come to?! The person who cried in his sister’s arms that night could never have been him!

When Gong Yi Mo walked in, she witnessed Gong Che acting as if he had lost his mind.

“What happened?”

When he heard her voice, Gong Che’s face changed from red to purple, and his heart seemed to jump out of his chest! Was he about to fall sick? Yes, he must be sick!

Gong Yi Mo squeezed a wet towel and handed it to Gong Che. He numbly accepted it and wiped his face. His motions were quite awkward and confusing, as if he didn’t know where to start.

Seeing his difficulty, Gong Yi Mo laughed to herself. No matter how wise and powerful his character will become in the future, for now, he was still just a child.