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Rebirth of the Tyrant’s Pet: Regent Prince is too Fierce
Author :Fēng Yǔ Zìrán 风与自然
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Chapter 76: Embrace 1

Chapter 76: Embrace (1)

“More than a decade ago, my mother harmed several pregnant concubines to secure my position. Their factions were suppressed back then, but now they have returned with evidence against the Empress.”

Gong Che spoke of his mother’s affairs as if they were not related to him at all.

Gong Yi Mo brows knitted slightly, thinking that the Queen Mother wasn’t a reliable team player. Does this mean that no matter how much she sacrifices to help the Liu family, or how she saves the Empress from suicide, the trajectory of the future will still be the same?

“How does Your Highness plan to deal with the Empress?”

Gong Che sighed deeply, but he still forced himself to laugh and say, “Today, I went to the emperor to ask for mercy, reminding him of the empress’ past contributions and affection. But Father still had her confined. As for what punishment will be given? I have yet to find out…”

Gong Yi Mo reached out and gently touched Gong Che’s swollen forehead. She no longer considered herself as an ‘orphan’ who had no relationship to him. Rather, she considered herself as his sister and friend.

“It’s not that simple, is it?” Gong Yi Mo continued to speak in a concerned voice, “Father Emperor is not good with his words, he’s used to speaking resolutely. But if that was truly his mind, why would he postpone the punishment? Prince, what are you planning to do? Or…what does His Majesty the emperor want you to do?

His Majesty…

Gong Che recalled his experience in the Zhaoyang Palace. The emperor stood high above and looked down on his kneeling posture with indifference. The words his father spoke were even more harrowing than if his position as Crown Prince had been revoked!

Gong Che raised the corners of his lips and tried to hide his dejection, but his smile made him appear more heartbroken.

“…Because Father felt that there have been many disputes recently, and since all of those cases were the result of many factions’ desire to obtain the title of Crown Prince, so…” although Gong Che smiled as he spoke, there was no longer any brightness in his eyes.

“So Father Emperor said that for the sake of gaining the right to the throne, he will give any prince an opportunity to seize it with their merits, whether they are the Crown Prince or not!”

So it still happened. In Gong Yi Mo’s previous life, because of the emperor’s decision, the competition between the princes had reached an unparalleled event in history! There was complete chaos! However, as Emperor Gong Sheng sat on his pedestal to evaluate their accomplishments, his decision ultimately brought about many advantages.

Many princes worked hard for their political achievements which helped to benefit many people.

However, this was a disaster for the Crown Prince…

Gong Yi Mo looked at her brother and easily noticed his sorrow. Gong Che turned and tried to comfort her saying, “It’s okay…for Father to do this…he’s doing it for the sake of the kingdom. He is right. If a family makes a mistake, it would only hurt their own home. But one of the royalty commits a sin, it would harm not just the Royal family, but also the entire country. That family would be a scourge to the people of the kingdom. He is right…yes…”

Gong Che explained with a grin. He didn’t know whether he was trying to convincing himself, or if he was convincing Gong Yi Mo.

Gong Yi Mo noticed that her brother’s hands were cold and trembling underneath her palms, but he still maintained a smile to appease himself. Gong Che was only sixteen years old; in Gong Yi Mo’s modern era, he would still be considered a child.

And yet, here and now, he had to use his tender shoulders to carry all responsibility.

However, his power and financial resources could not compare to Liu Xian Fei’s and Long Gui Fei’s sons. Even the title of Crown Prince has become dispensable. It can be said that all the people who used to support him, including his efforts over the past decade, have instantly vanished into foam.

As someone who shouldered the high expectations of his family, for Gong Che to fall to this point was akin to being shot down by a rage of thunder. It is suitable to say that he has no less pressure, guilt, and pain than the Empress, but he has to be responsible in comforting the Queen Mother, comforting himself, and also appeasing the Liu family.

Meanwhile, the Empress still had the freedom to weep, scream loudly, and even commit suicide.

Gong Yi Mo lifted up her hand and touched his face.

Gong Che was stunned. He laughed and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“If you don’t want to smile, then don’t push yourself.”

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