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Chapter 75: Falling Into the Abyss 2

Chapter 75: Falling Into the Abyss (2)

If only her hands and feet were a little cleaner, if this mother had not been caught in her sin, would the emperor have driven them to this point?

Her tears quickly moistened Gong Che’s limpid shoulders. His ears were pierced, not only by his mother’s cries, but also the sobbings of the two palace ladies. The entire Fengqi palace was drenched in deep despair.

Everyone’s honor and disgrace hung upon his shoulders; it was a responsibility he must bear.

He didn’t know how long it took him to pacify the Empress and their people. When he left the palace, Gong Che looked up at the sky that had already turned dark…

In his ear…his mother’s desperate cries resounded again and again.

As he recalled these things, Gong Che’s blood seemed to run cold. His mother was powerless; when one of her crimes surfaced, the emperor completely lost his trust for her in just a few words. Even though she still lived, her heart faded like dying embers. She continued to walk lifelessly.

Just like he is now; he trudged like a wandering soul, and was like a tree that had fallen and scattered. While he did his best to comfort and appease others, who else will remember to comfort him?

“Your Highness!”

A surprised voice rang in the air. Lian Xiang held up a lantern and approached him. When she saw that it was the Prince, she sighed with relief and hurriedly said, “The Miss heard that something had happened in the palace. She ordered me to wait here, saying that you would return…Your Highness, are you alright?”

When she got close, she discovered Gong Che’s frightening appearance.

When he saw the servant’s familiar face, he seemed to snap back to reality. After hearing that Gong Yi Mo was waiting for him, Gong Che didn’t know why, but his heart felt a tinge of warmth as he imagined her upset expression.

After brooding about the day’s events, he quickly raised the corner of his lips, rubbed his tired brows, and refreshed his spirit before entering the mansion.

As soon as he entered, he noticed that all the dishes were still hot. He noticed Gong Yi Mo taking a peek at a dish before hastily picking up a meatball and stuffing it in her mouth!

When Gong Che saw this scene, he couldn’t help but laugh without restraint. Gong Yi Mo looked over with a pair of eyes filled with annoyance. Her mouth bulged with food, making it difficult for her to swallow. She looked very funny and cute.

“Hungry?” He smiled softly and sat down next to Gong Yi Mo. When he saw that all the dishes on the table were his favorites, his expression softened.

What happened in the palace was out of his control. For now, he felt at peace with himself, as if being here with her was what a real home was like.

Seeing that Gong Che sat motionless, Gong Yi Mo smiled and quickly added dishes to his plate, “The cooks at Prince Brother’s palace are very skilled. I almost died waiting to eat after smelling their aroma.”

Amused by her exaggeration and boasting, Gong Che reached out and gently touched her head. He weakly asked, “If you’re feeling hungry, why need to wait for me?”

Gong Yi Mo nodded and looked at him hesitantly, as if there was something weighing in her heart but she was unwilling to say it. She asked carefully, “Brother…what is the current situation in the palace? The empress…is she okay?”

Her words made Gong Che unable to maintain a gentle smile and his expression gradually darkened.

If he does not speak up, she could not find a solution to the problem. Thus, Gong Yi Mo gripped his hand firmly and she spoke gently, “What matter is it that the Prince cannot say?” She spoke pleadingly like a spoiled child. She didn’t care if she was acting shamelessly.

Gong Che smiled. Her small palm transmitted its warmth towards his own hands. The prince didn’t want the palace’s matters to add to her worries, so he began to speak of those issues as if they were trivial matters.